Google AI defeats human Go champion

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Chinese Go player Ke Jie has lost two games to AlphaGo Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo artificial intelligence has defeated the world’s number one Go player Ke Jie. AlphaGo secured the victory after winning the second game in a three-part match. DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis said Ke Jie had played “perfectly” and […]

Apple’s Jonathan Ive says immigration vital for UK firms

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Apple chief design officer Sir Jonathan Ive (left) reports to chief executive Tim Cook The UK must keep its doors open to top talent from around the world if its technology firms are to thrive, Apple’s chief designer has told the BBC. Sir Jonathan Ive, who has just been […]

Fitness trackers ‘poor at measuring calories burned’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Do I really deserve that ice cream or not? Most fitness trackers are good at measuring heart rate but poor at measuring calories burned, a study suggests. As a result, people should be cautious about using them to judge what to eat, Stanford University scientists said. The study recommended […]

Nokia 3310 sparks wave of nostalgia as it goes on sale

Media captionRory Cellan-Jones swaps his smartphone for a retro Nokia 3310 The rebooted Nokia 3310 has gone on sale, nearly 17 years after the original made its debut. The phone, which has a two megapixel camera and relies on 2.5G connectivity to offer only limited internet access, is being sold for £49.99. The battery is […]

Google plans to track credit card spending

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Google can use location data to close the gap between the physical and digital worlds although users can block this Google is planning to track billions of credit and debit card sales to compare online ad clicks with money spent offline. Google Attribution will allow advertisers to see whether […]

Just A Baby app matches hopeful parents

A new dating app lets people search for sperm and egg donors, surrogate mothers and lovers. The makers of Just A Baby say anybody who wants to have a child can sign up, and hope it will be useful for single people, same-sex couples or people who have not had a child but want one. […]

Samsung S8 ‘eye security’ fooled by photo

Image copyright ccc Samsung’s eye-scanning security technology, used on the new Galaxy S8 smartphone, has been fooled with a photograph and a contact lens. The iris-scanner can be used to unlock the phone simply by looking at it, which Samsung says provides “airtight security”. But researchers at Chaos Computer Club had easily tricked the device […]

Google’s AI takes on champion in fresh Go challenge

Google’s AI takes on champion in fresh Go challenge

Image copyright Google Image caption The game is being analysed and live-streamed on YouTube Google DeepMind’s AI system, AlphaGo, has won the first of three matches it is playing against the world’s number one Go player, Ke Jie. It follows its historic win against Lee Se-dol last year, described by experts as a breakthrough moment […]

Microsoft launches new Surface Pro

Image copyright Microsoft Image caption The new Surface Pro keyboard has a similar fabric finish to the Surface laptop Microsoft has launched a “faster, more powerful” Surface Pro tablet, with a battery life of 13.5 hours. The device, which weighs 770g (1.69lb) and has a 31cm (12.3in) screen, will cost from $899 in the US […]

Apple and Nokia to ‘co-operate’ after settling patent row

Image copyright PA Apple and Nokia have settled a dispute over the use of patented technology in smartphones and agreed to “co-operate”. In December, Nokia sued Apple claiming the company had breached 32 technology patents covering displays, user interfaces and video encoding. The two companies have now signed a deal allowing Apple to use the […]

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