Life-extending lung cancer drug approved

Image copyright Getty Images A life-extending lung cancer drug will be made immediately available to NHS patients in England, say advisers. Campaigners, including the late Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill, have repeatedly called for access to the pioneering immunotherapy, which can add months to life. Scotland already offers nivolumab to people with advanced disease […]

Quarter of 14-year-old girls ‘have signs of depression’

Image copyright Getty Images A quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression at the age of 14, say UK researchers. The findings come from more than 10,000 young people who shared their worries and emotions. Surveys with their parents, however, suggested many were not attuned to the true anxieties […]

Miscarriage study points to IVF success chances

Image copyright Science Photo Library Mothers-to-be who miscarry during the first round of IVF are more likely to have a baby with further treatment than those who did not get pregnant, researchers have said. The University of Aberdeen study looked at data for more than 100,000 women. The results showed that those who miscarried during […]

Nadiya Hussain opens up about her panic disorder ‘monster’

Image caption Nadiya Hussain said her “monster” is “always there” Nadiya Hussain has spoken about her constant struggle with a panic disorder, saying her “whole life revolves around not falling apart”. Speaking on John Bishop’s TV show, the former Bake Off winner described her condition as “a monster”. And she said she hadn’t become “a […]

Nerf guns can lead to serious eye injuries, doctors warn

Image copyright Jonathan Brady/PA Wire Image caption Toy guns can lead to eye injuries, particularly if the bullets are hard and travel at speed Bullets from Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries, doctors from a London eye hospital are warning. They treated three people with internal bleeding around the eye, pain and blurred vision […]

‘Eye worm infection could spread to UK’

Image copyright John Graham-Brown Image caption Fully grown worms sit on the surface of the eye and cause irritation An eye infection caused by a parasitic worm increasingly common in mainland Europe could spread to the UK, pet owners are being warned. The disease, Thelazia callipaeda or oriental eye worm, is transmitted by a type […]

‘Kinder treatments in pipeline’ for child brain cancer

Image copyright Supplied Researchers have found there are seven types of the most common malignant child brain cancer – paving the way for more precise, “kinder” treatments. Medulloblastoma affects about 70 to 80 children a year in the UK and requires intensive treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. That can leave children with life-altering injuries. […]

Southern Health NHS Trust admits guilt over Connor Sparrowhawk’s death

Image copyright JusticeforLB Image caption Connor Sparrowhawk had epilepsy and died at a Southern Health facility An NHS trust has admitted guilt over the death of a teenaged patient who drowned in the bath while in its care. Southern Health Trust pleaded guilty at Banbury Magistrates’ Court earlier to breaching health and safety law in […]

Have you got the wrong impression about schizophrenia?

Image copyright Getty Images Schizophrenia does not mean you have a split personality or automatically become violent, a mental health charity has warned. Rethink Mental Illness said a survey of 1,500 people showed that the condition is widely misunderstood. Schizophrenia commonly causes hallucinations, such as hearing voices, or delusions and can make people lose interest […]

Type 2 diabetes plan targets those at high risk

Image copyright Getty Images People with the very highest risk of developing type 2 diabetes are being prioritised for places on NHS lifestyle change programmes. Updated guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said this would cover 1.7m people in England. The programmes help people to change their diet and do […]

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