Trump: Transgender people ‘can’t serve’ in US military

Media captionRiley Dosh wanted to defend her country and the rights of those who disagree with her US President Donald Trump says transgender people cannot serve in “any capacity” in the military. He tweeted that he had consulted with military experts and cited “tremendous medical costs and disruption”. The Obama administration decided last year to […]

Venezuela crisis: US sanctions 13 top officials

Venezuela crisis: US sanctions 13 top officials

Media captionProtesters run for their lives as shots ring out during Caracas demonstration The US government has imposed sanctions on 13 senior Venezuelan officials as pressure mounts on President Nicol├ís Maduro ahead of a controversial vote for a new constituent assembly. The sanctions freeze the US assets of those affected, and US entities are barred […]

Pakistan village council orders ‘revenge rape’ of girl

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption A villager points to the house where a teenage girl was raped in Muzaffarabad, Multan Some 20 people from Multan, Pakistan, have been arrested for ordering the rape of a teenage girl, in revenge for a rape her brother allegedly committed. Police said the families of the two girls […]

Senate rejects plan to repeal Obamacare without replacement

Image copyright EPA Image caption Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says senators had a “duty to act” The US Senate has failed to pass a Republican proposal to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare policy without replacing it. The 45-55 vote marks the second defeat for Republicans aiming to pass a bill this week to […]

Italy drought: Water cuts pose Rome ‘health risk’

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A sand spit has emerged in Lake Bracciano because the water levels are so low Italy’s Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin has warned of health consequences if water rationing is imposed in Rome. Parts of Italy, including the Lazio region around Rome, are suffering from drought. The water company that serves […]

US moves one step closer to imposing fresh Russia sanctions

Image copyright AFP Image caption The new bill may complicate President Trump’s plans to improve relations with Russia The US House of Representatives has voted to impose fresh sanctions on Russia, despite President Donald Trump objecting to the legislation. Senior officials will be targeted in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the US 2016 election. […]

Switzerland chainsaw attack: Suspect arrested in Thalwil

Image copyright Swiss Police Image caption A new image of suspect Franz Wrousis was issued by police on Tuesday A man who sparked one of the biggest manhunts in Swiss history after allegedly attacking people with a chainsaw has been arrested, police say. Franz Wrousis, 50, was arrested in Thalwil, a town about 60km (37 […]

Libya crisis: Rival governments commit to ceasefire

Image copyright AFP Image caption Libyan National Army’s chief Khalifa Hafta (left) and UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj (right) met in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron Libya’s opposing governments have committed to a conditional ceasefire following talks in France. UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and Khalifa Haftar, the rival military commander who controls the […]

Ethiopia urges illegal workers in Saudi Arabia to come home

Image copyright AFP Image caption Migrant labourers from around the work in areas like construction Ethiopia says that only a fraction of its citizens working illegally in Saudi Arabia have returned home before today’s amnesty deadline. In March, the Gulf state said that those without papers would not be arrested if they left within 90 […]

Nigeria has ‘largest number of children out-of-school’ in the world

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nigeria’s government says the country has 10.5 million children out of school. Nigeria has the largest number of children in the world who are not being educated, the government has said. Acknowledging the scale of the problem the education ministry’s permanent secretary Adamu Hussaini said it was “sad to […]

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