DanTDM named richest YouTuber of 2017 after making £12.3m

DanTDM named richest YouTuber of 2017 after making £12.3m

DanTDM has been named the highest-earning YouTuber of 2017 – making £12.3m this year, according to Forbes magazine. The 26-year-old, from Aldershot, started off making videos of himself playing Minecraft and Pokemon. He’s got more than 16 million subscribers and has had more than 10 billion views of all his videos. The YouTuber, whose real […]

San Francisco to restrict goods delivery robots

Image copyright Marble Image caption The Marble robot is being tested in San Francisco but currently has a member of staff walking behind it San Francisco officials have voted to restrict where delivery robots can go in the city, in a blow for the burgeoning industry. Start-ups will have to get permits to use such […]

Google’s ‘superhuman’ DeepMind AI claims chess crown

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Alpha Go Zero was more successful at playing with white pieces than black Google says its AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence program has triumphed at chess against world-leading specialist software within hours of teaching itself the game from scratch. The firm’s DeepMind division says that it played 100 games against […]

Sad poop emoji gets flushed after row

Media captionWATCH: Rory Cellan-Jones explains why the ‘sad poo’ emoji has kicked up a stink Plans to introduce a “frowning pile of poo” emoji have been flushed from the latest proposals by the group in charge of creating the symbols. The symbol was floated as one of many to be introduced in 2018, but it […]

Google Amazon row leads to restricted YouTube access

Image copyright Amazon Image caption Amazon’s Fire TV devices are advertised as providing access to YouTube Google plans to stop Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices being able to use YouTube from the start of 2018. The search giant has also blocked a workaround that Amazon introduced to restore YouTube access to a screen-based version of […]

PM’s internet safety adviser urges end to password sharing

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Baroness Shields has advised password-sharing MPs to rethink their approach to cyber-security The prime minister’s special representative on internet safety has said that MPs should not be sharing their work computer passwords with staff. Baroness Shields’s advice follows an admission by three Conservative MPs that they had given their […]

Nintendo games to appear on rival console

Image copyright Nintendo Nintendo is to release some of its popular games on a rival manufacturer’s console for the first time in decades. Some of the company’s older games from the discontinued Wii console will appear on the Nvidia Shield console in China. Historically, Nintendo has rarely licensed its original games and characters to rival […]

‘One-third of teenage girls sexually harassed online’

‘One-third of teenage girls sexually harassed online’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Girls are more likely than boys to be victims of online sexual harassment Nearly a third of teenage girls have been sexually harassed online by children their own age, a study from charity Childnet suggests. Some 31% of girls aged 13-17 have been targeted with unwanted sexual attention, compared […]

Will tech firms challenge China’s ‘open’ internet?

Image copyright AFP Image caption Beijing has a distinctly Chinese vision of the internet Sometimes you can gauge how proud someone is about being at an event by the extent to which they want to talk about it. When that event is China’s annual global internet get-together in Wuzhen there are plenty who turn up, […]

CryptoKitties craze slows down transactions on Ethereum

CryptoKitties craze slows down transactions on Ethereum

Image copyright www.cryptokitties.co A new craze for virtual kittens is slowing down trade in one of the largest crypto-currencies. CryptoKitties lets players buy and breed “crypto-pets” on Ethereum’s underlying blockchain network. The game’s developers told the Bloomberg news agency that CryptoKitties was a “key step” to making blockchains more accessible. But its popularity has underscored […]