‘With neurosurgery, every day feels like a football game’ for Myron Rolle – Chicago Tribune

Myron Rolle, dressed in a light blue plaid jacket and dark slacks, was ready for his close-up. Within the hour, his life would change. For the time being, though, he waited in line with his fellow medical students for class photos. “It’s just like a football picture,” he said. “I’m not going to smile. I’m going to give a mean look.”

Rolle’s mother, Beverly, kept wiping sweat from his head, but she could do nothing to calm his nerves. This was what medical students call Match Day, the much-anticipated unveiling of where the nation’s next class of doctors would spend their residencies. Rolle likened it to the NFL draft: He had no idea who might choose him to join their team.

Rolle, 30, was the only prospective neurosurgeon in Florida State‘s graduating class — and also the only former NFL player and the only Rhodes Scholar.

“I think I was less stressed honestly with the draft,” said Rolle, who spent parts of three seasons in the NFL before enrolling in medical school. “Back then I thought, as long as I go somewhere — just one of the 32 teams, anywhere. Here, it’s binding. You’re looking at seven years in one place. The training is different, the opportunities are different.”