Sugar Bear’s Fiancée Feuds with Mama June Shannon when They Meet for the First Time — and Wants to Choke Her! –

It’s safe to say that Mama June Shannon and Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s fiancée do not get along.

On Friday evening’s all-new episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, Shannon and her ex-husband’s bride-to-be Jennifer Lamb came face-to-face for the first in a bridal salon while looking for a flower girl dress for Alana. Although Shannon was hopeful that the meeting would be cordial, it quickly turned into a feud.

As Shannon stood in a size 12 wedding gown that her daughters suggested she try on to embrace her impressive weight loss, Lamb walked into the fitting room not knowing that her fiancé’s ex would be there — and went directly to Alana, completely ignoring the reality star.

“Oh my Jesus, this woman’s in a wedding dress,” Lamb confessed to cameras about seeing Shannon for the first time. “All I want to do is snatch that dress off and choke her with it.”

“Is that the one you chose?” Lamb questioned Alana about her taupe, bejeweled dress.

To break the ice, Shannon asked, “Are you Jennifer?” which Lamb responded: “Yes, I’m Jennifer.”

But Shannon already had a clue that she was engaged to Sugar Bear: “I should already know that’s Jennifer. Sugar Bear likes them big girls.”

As Shannon attempted to explain that they came to the bridal salon for a flower girl dress, Lamb quickly turned her nose up at Alana’s pick, but still affirmed her with, “You’re beautiful in what you have on.”

“I will not be pushed over by June. I don’t even want to talk to the woman, much less look at the woman because she has no self dignity about herself,” Lamb admitted to cameras. “And I can’t deal with people like that.”

And just when it appeared that there would be no drama between the two women, Shannon decided to stir the pot!

“Do you know that me and Sugar Bear — you living in the same house that me and Sugar Bear lived in when Alana was a child? Y’all having it on the same road? Y’all having it outside?” she asked Lamb about the wedding plans.

Now, let the arguing begin!

“Do you think I come here to see anything that you had to do? I was hoping like hell you ain’t going to be here for I didn’t have to look at you. I was just hoping maybe somebody brought her here,” Lamb responded.

But Shannon and her sister were quick to assure Lamb that her children will never go anywhere without their mother — and also offered to walk Sugar Bear down the aisle and hand him over “because God always said to let underprivileged people play with your used toys.”

Lamb clearly did not approve of Shannon’s sass, and threw a jab back: “And you can’t keep a man, so there’s no use sitting there running your mouth. You need to just quit being trash and keep a steady man.”

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Though Shannon attempted to remind Lamb of Sugar Bear’s past unfaithfulness, Alana’s future stepmom did not want to hear it.

“From what I understand, you’re nothing but trash. I need to go home and put you in my burning barrel and light the damn light. I’m done with this conversation,” said Lamb, who stormed out of the salon and compared Shannon to a “whale.”

“I can’t stand that woman. That whale. … Lord, please give me some insanity from that bitch,” Lamb continued in her rant. “Alana will wear what I want her to wear and not what she wants her to wear.”

Despite Shannon self-admittedly being proud of the progress that she’s made with her physical transformation and being “very happy” in her life, Lamb’s words cut deep.

“I made so much progress and she’s going to call me a whale? Maybe I don’t look as good as I think. I mean, what’s the point?” Shannon said before diving into a tub of ice cream hours later.

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Fridays (10 p.m. ET) on WE tv.

Sugar Bear’s Fiancée Feuds with Mama June Shannon when They Meet for the First Time — and Wants to Choke Her! –