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\"\"Kevin Morris texted his principal last Wednesday night and asked that she not come by for an evaluation the following morning—he wouldn’t be teaching. Instead, Morris, the boys basketball coach at Apalachee High School in Winder, Georgia, had something else in mind.


So on Thursday he pulled out the bleachers in the gymnasium, rolled out the projector, pulled down the big screen and found the site he was searching for on his laptop. The 150 students who arrived at 1 p.m. were there for weightlifting or aerobics or P.E., but by 1:30 they all had settled in for the show: Former Apalachee star Kamar Baldwin was about to make his NCAA tournament debut.


Some of these students had sat in these same bleachers and watched as Baldwin collected accolade after accolade. He had started on the Wildcats varsity squad as a freshman, had been named all-state from his sophomore through senior seasons, had earned Georgia’s Region 8-AAAAA Player of the Year award twice and had left school with 2,593 points—the most ever for a Barrow County player. From their seats, they could see his framed No. 44 jersey on the wall above a basket, retired before he graduated. But they weren’t looking at the ceiling; they were staring at the screen as Baldwin and his Butler Bulldogs took on the Winthrop Eagles in Milwaukee.




They whooped and hollered as Baldwin snagged a steal off Winthrop’s Bjorn Broman not a minute into the game, as he blocked a shot not five minutes in and as he drained the three that extended Butler’s lead to 11 with about six minutes to go in the first half. As the halftime buzzer sounded, so did the bell signaling the end of the school day. But after the crowd had dispersed and the projector had been disassembled, Morris and five current players huddled in his office and crowded around his 15-inch laptop to watch Butler advance with a 12-point win.


Baldwin finished with seven points, six rebounds, two assists and two steals. His statistics weren’t amazing, but the group nonetheless left Morris’ office in awe. The players had believed all along that Baldwin would succeed in college basketball one day, but now they marveled anew at how a 6-foot 3-star recruit from their tiny, 15,000-person town had become an impact Division I starter so soon.


Before Kamar Baldwin could form words or even memories, basketball was central to his life. His mother, Kay Holloway, who had played point guard in high school and for a year at Shorter University in nearby Rome, Georgia, was the girls coach at Winder-Barrow, the only other high school in Barrow County—and Apalachee’s chief rival. By the time he turned two and could string a sentence together, Kamar implored his mother to let him start playing basketball.


\”Eventually,\” she jokes, \”I had to put a ball in his hands just to shut him up.\”




At three, Kamar was so hooked that he talked the director of his day care into buying him a ball and a hoop so that he wouldn’t have to spend the better part of each day away from the game. His mother would come to collect him after work and find him instructing his peers on proper dribbling technique. When she brought him home, he’d step in front of the Fisher-Price hoop in his bedroom and hoist shots until his tiny arms failed. By the time he turned four, he was playing organized basketball at the YMCA. His mother coached the team.


Just two years later, Morris brought his son, Ethan, to the YMCA for a game. As Ethan played, Morris found himself distracted by a kid on the next court over—he couldn’t tell whether the boy was left-handed or right-handed, but he knew for certain he was going to be a big-time player. Since there are only two schools in Barrow County, he knew he had to find the boy’s family and ask an important question: Did they live in Winder-Barrow’s district or Apalachee’s? His mother, herself a special education teacher, gave him the good news about her son.


\”I wouldn’t say I was recruiting then,\” Morris says, \”but I was definitely excited.\”




Around that time, Kay—who hadn’t married Kamar’s father, Greg Baldwin—began dating Jamie Holloway, a sheriff she’d first met when they were both basketball players at Shorter. As their relationship grew serious, Holloway invested more and more time refining Kamar’s burgeoning basketball skills. They’d pass hours on the driveway, mimicking Chris Paul’s dribbling techniques and forming a sharp shooting stroke.


\”At first, I hated it,\” Kamar says. \”I’d feel like I mastered something, and then we’d do it again and again—for hours, for days. Now I understand how much that helped to shape me.\”


The only gap in his young career came in third grade. Two times that year, his mother was called in for a teacher’s conference: Kamar was becoming the class clown. She told him that if she had to make another trip to the school, she wouldn’t allow him to to play basketball that year. When the third call came, he protested the suspension, but it stood.


\”I hated not being able to play, but I’m glad they didn’t give in,\” Kamar says. \”I carry that lesson with me to this day.\”


When Morris finally got Kamar on his court, for a four-day camp the summer after Kamar’s suspension, he played him with fifth- and sixth-graders and marveled at how ahead of the curve he was. Morris gave Kamar a nickname that year: The Franchise.



\”When we heard Kamar was coming, we celebrated like we’d just gotten into the Sweet 16.\”
—Butler head coach Chris Holtmann



But Baldwin soon learned that being the best player in Barrow County wasn’t enough to help him achieve his dream of playing college basketball. In eighth grade, after having dabbled in football (as a quarterback) and track (he ran the 400-meter dash and hurdles), he decided to focus exclusively on hoops.


He and Jamie Holloway, by now his stepfather, drove to Atlanta, about 45 minutes away, to try out for the Atlanta Celtics AAU team—a program that had helped develop NBA stars like Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. At the tryout, coach Derrick Dickerson pushed Baldwin to his limits, physically and psychologically. Dickerson made him do pushups until his arms felt like spaghetti noodles and told him he might never make it on this team—or even out of Barrow County.


\”He came into my practice like he was pretty good,\” Dickerson says, \”and I blasted him. I got in his face. I called him a prima donna.\”


In the truck on the way back to Winder, Holloway cut the silence with a question: \”Do you want to go back?\”


How Baldwin responded convinced Holloway that his stepson would reach his basketball potential: \”Yes, sir.\”


For the rest of high school, Baldwin learned to balance his experience with his two basketball teams. With the Celtics, he developed slowly, coming off the bench behind highly touted recruits like Kobi Simmons, a 5-star who plays for Arizona, and Alterique Gilbert, a 4-star who plays for UConn.




At Apalachee, Baldwin was a legend, sometimes scoring as many as 23 points in a row for his team and averaging a double-double in his final three seasons. In his senior year alone, he scored 29.6 points per game and added 10.8 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 3.7 steals.


As his game grew, so too did the crowds. Morris estimates attendance went from about 400 fans a game in Baldwin’s freshman year to nearly 1,000 during his senior season. And when Winder-Barrow came to the gym, it was standing room only.


But with each passing year, two things about Baldwin’s game remained consistent: He was stellar on defense and a consummate teammate. Newspaper clippings, Dickerson says, often misstated Baldwin’s height as 6’3\” or 6’4\”—he was 5’11\” in high school—because his 6’6\” wingspan and penchant for picking pockets made him appear taller than he was. And Baldwin never pouted when he was pulled from games.


\”In fact,\” Dickerson says, \”he’d often whisper to the guy who replaced him, ‘Pick up where I left off. Go get ’em!’ That’s just how he was raised. His family worked for everything they had. His game, like his upbringing, is blue-collar.\”


There was one time each year when Baldwin was a little selfish: March. Whether he was with his mom or his dad, everyone in each family—he has three younger siblings on his mother’s side and two on his father’s—knew not to expect much TV time. Baldwin spent every free minute taking in the NCAA tournament. And one particular year now stands out in his memory: 2010.




That March, a scrappy Horizon League team made its first of two consecutive trips to the national championship game, and Baldwin begged his mom to let him stay up past his bedtime to watch the spellbinding finish. After Gordon Hayward missed what would have been the game-winning shot by inches, Baldwin went to bed deflated.


\”I was rooting so hard for Butler to beat Duke,\” Baldwin says. \”I always loved the Cinderella story.\”


Baldwin didn’t think much about Butler, a school 9.5 hours north of Winder, until he received a call from Butler staffer Emerson Kampen during the summer before his senior year. Emerson had gone to Dallas to scout some other players but decided on a whim to stick around for an Atlanta Celtics game instead of heading back to his hotel room to relax. Even though Baldwin was coming off the bench, Emerson was captivated by the player who was displaying ferocious defensive intensity during his third game of the afternoon.


\”He wasn’t a self-promoter,\” Emerson, now Butler’s men’s basketball analyst, says. \”But he played the game the right way. I knew as soon as I saw him that he would fit in at Butler.\”


When head coach Chris Holtmann visited Winder later that summer, he agreed. The Bulldogs were playing catch-up in recruiting because Holtmann had only been promoted from interim coach to the permanent job in January, and it had been challenging to get players to commit to a coach to whom the school hadn’t yet committed.



\”Anyone who thinks this team is an underdog doesn’t know the history of Butler basketball.\”
—Kamar Baldwin



For Baldwin, the only challenge was convincing himself that he could handle living so far away from family—and living in the snow. He accepted Butler’s scholarship in August of his senior year.


\”We had just lost two all-conference guards,\” Holtmann says. \”So when we heard Kamar was coming, we celebrated like we’d just gotten into the Sweet 16.\”


Baldwin soon gave them even more cause to celebrate. In the second game of this season, Butler was tied at 68 at home against Northwestern with 12.9 seconds left. Baldwin calmly handled the inbounds pass, slipped behind a screen, crossed over his defender, the 6’8\” Gavin Skelly, and hit a 20-foot step-back jumper to seal the win. In the process, he also earned his first \”Onions!\” call from Bill Raftery.


In their dorm room suite later that night, Joey Brunk, a freshman forward, and Avery Woodson, a senior guard, wanted to celebrate, but Baldwin demurred. He had no interest in spending any time talking about himself.


The next day, when Holtmann called Baldwin into his office to explain that there would be a comedown, that he wouldn’t end every game of his college career with the winning shot, he found a freshman who had already comfortably moved on from the biggest moment of his college basketball career.




Though he never begged to be in the starting lineup—\”I’m just as happy being a cheerleader on the bench as I am being on the floor,\” he says—Baldwin’s play made the argument for him early on. After just nine games, he had wormed his way into the starting lineup, capable of combining stellar defense—watch him help seal Butler’s home upset of Villanova on January 4 by snagging a steal off Big East Player of the Year Josh Hart and finishing with a reverse layup—with impossibly athletic offense, like his behind-the-head-layup in a win at Xavier on February 26.


As he became Butler’s biggest impact freshman since Hayward in 2008-09, the Bulldogs surpassed some expectations of their own. Picked to finish sixth in the preseason Big East poll, they wound up in second place, behind only NCAA tournament No. 1 overall seed Villanova.


Though it’d be easy for a player like Baldwin, undersized and under-recruited, to buy into the notion that he and his team are the sleepers in this tournament, he doesn’t think about labels.


\”I’ve never thought about myself as an underdog,\” Baldwin says. \”I just love to play, so I play. And anyone who thinks this team is an underdog doesn’t know the history of Butler basketball.\”


Milwaukee was too far a drive—or too expensive a flight—for most folks from Winder. But Friday afternoon, Kay and Jamie will drive to Memphis, Tennessee, for the South Regional semifinals to see their boy play in person for the third time this season. And on the road beside them will be Morris, who has coordinated a caravan that will carry 10 of the Apalachee faithful.


\”We may not be many from Winder in the stands,\” Morris says, \”but they’ll hear us rooting for Kamar. And we plan to stay through Sunday.\”


Staying through Sunday would mean Baldwin and the Bulldogs knocked out No. 1-seeded North Carolina in the Sweet 16. Analytics and oddsmakers make such a win out to be a long shot, but the road-trippers from Winder are buoyant.


They know Butler has a secret weapon, a player who was an afterthought to blue-chip schools like Carolina but has so far outperformed so many of their 4- and 5-star freshmen. More than anything else, though, they learned long ago that there’s no use in setting limits on Kamar Baldwin. They believe his journey to stardom has only just begun.




David Gardner is a staff writer for B/R Mag. Follow him on Twitter: @byDavidGardner.


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St”,”id”:”kansas-state-basketball”},”oklahoma-sooners-basketball”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-sooners-basketball”,”title”:”Oklahoma”,”id”:”oklahoma-sooners-basketball”},”oklahoma-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-state-basketball”,”title”:”Oklahoma St”,”id”:”oklahoma-state-basketball”},”tcu-basketball”:{“url”:”/tcu-basketball”,”title”:”TCU”,”id”:”tcu-basketball”},”texas-longhorns-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-longhorns-basketball”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-longhorns-basketball”},”texas-tech-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-tech-basketball”,”title”:”Texas Tech”,”id”:”texas-tech-basketball”},”wvu-basketball”:{“url”:”/wvu-basketball”,”title”:”West Virginia”,”id”:”wvu-basketball”},”big-east-basketball”:{“url”:”/big-east-basketball”,”title”:”Big East”,”id”:”big-east-basketball”,”subLists”:[“butler-basketball”,”creighton-basketball”,”depaul-basketball”,”georgetown-basketball”,”marquette-basketball”,”providence-friars-basketball”,”seton-hall-basketball”,”st-johns-basketball”,”villanova-basketball”,”xavier-basketball”],”subLinks”:[“big-east-basketball”,”big-east-basketball/archives”]},”butler-basketball”:{“url”:”/butler-basketball”,”title”:”Butler”,”id”:”butler-basketball”},”creighton-basketball”:{“url”:”/creighton-basketball”,”title”:”Creighton”,”id”:”creighton-basketball”},”depaul-basketball”:{“url”:”/depaul-basketball”,”title”:”DePaul”,”id”:”depaul-basketball”},”georgetown-basketball”:{“url”:”/georgetown-basketball”,”title”:”Georgetown”,”id”:”georgetown-basketball”},”marquette-basketball”:{“url”:”/marquette-basketball”,”title”:”Marquette”,”id”:”marquette-basketball”},”providence-friars-basketball”:{“url”:”/providence-friars-basketball”,”title”:”Providence”,”id”:”providence-friars-basketball”},”seton-hall-basketball”:{“url”:”/seton-hall-basketball”,”title”:”Seton Hall”,”id”:”seton-hall-basketball”},”st-johns-basketball”:{“url”:”/st-johns-basketball”,”title”:”St John’s”,”id”:”st-johns-basketball”},”villanova-basketball”:{“url”:”/villanova-basketball”,”title”:”Villanova”,”id”:”villanova-basketball”},”xavier-basketball”:{“url”:”/xavier-basketball”,”title”:”Xavier”,”id”:”xavier-basketball”},”big-10-basketball”:{“url”:”/big-10-basketball”,”title”:”Big Ten”,”id”:”big-10-basketball”,”subLists”:[“illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”,”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”,”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”,”maryland-terrapins-basketball”,”michigan-wolverines-basketball”,”michigan-state-basketball”,”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”,”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”,”northwestern-basketball”,”ohio-state-basketball”,”penn-state-basketball”,”purdue-basketball”,”rutgers-basketball”,”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”],”subLinks”:[“big-10-basketball”,”big-10-basketball/archives”]},”illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”:{“url”:”/illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”,”title”:”Illinois”,”id”:”illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”},”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”:{“url”:”/indiana-hoosiers-basketball”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”},”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”:{“url”:”/iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”,”title”:”Iowa”,”id”:”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”},”maryland-terrapins-basketball”:{“url”:”/maryland-terrapins-basketball”,”title”:”Maryland”,”id”:”maryland-terrapins-basketball”},”michigan-wolverines-basketball”:{“url”:”/michigan-wolverines-basketball”,”title”:”Michigan”,”id”:”michigan-wolverines-basketball”},”michigan-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/michigan-state-basketball”,”title”:”Michigan St”,”id”:”michigan-state-basketball”},”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”:{“url”:”/minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”},”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”:{“url”:”/nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”,”title”:”Nebraska”,”id”:”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”},”northwestern-basketball”:{“url”:”/northwestern-basketball”,”title”:”Northwestern”,”id”:”northwestern-basketball”},”ohio-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/ohio-state-basketball”,”title”:”Ohio St”,”id”:”ohio-state-basketball”},”penn-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/penn-state-basketball”,”title”:”Penn St”,”id”:”penn-state-basketball”},”purdue-basketball”:{“url”:”/purdue-basketball”,”title”:”Purdue”,”id”:”purdue-basketball”},”rutgers-basketball”:{“url”:”/rutgers-basketball”,”title”:”Rutgers”,”id”:”rutgers-basketball”},”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”:{“url”:”/wisconsin-badgers-basketball”,”title”:”Wisconsin”,”id”:”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”},”pac-12-basketball”:{“url”:”/pac-12-basketball”,”title”:”Pacific-12″,”id”:”pac-12-basketball”,”subLists”:[“arizona-wildcats-basketball”,”arizona-state-basketball”,”cal-bears-basketball”,”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”,”oregon-ducks-basketball”,”oregon-state-basketball”,”stanford-basketball”,”ucla-basketball”,”usc-basketball”,”utah-utes-basketball”,”washington-huskies-basketball”,”washington-state-basketball”],”subLinks”:[“pac-12-basketball”,”pac-10-basketball/archives”]},”arizona-wildcats-basketball”:{“url”:”/arizona-wildcats-basketball”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-wildcats-basketball”},”arizona-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/arizona-state-basketball”,”title”:”Arizona St”,”id”:”arizona-state-basketball”},”cal-bears-basketball”:{“url”:”/cal-bears-basketball”,”title”:”California”,”id”:”cal-bears-basketball”},”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”:{“url”:”/colorado-buffaloes-basketball”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”},”oregon-ducks-basketball”:{“url”:”/oregon-ducks-basketball”,”title”:”Oregon”,”id”:”oregon-ducks-basketball”},”oregon-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/oregon-state-basketball”,”title”:”Oregon St”,”id”:”oregon-state-basketball”},”stanford-basketball”:{“url”:”/stanford-basketball”,”title”:”Stanford”,”id”:”stanford-basketball”},”ucla-basketball”:{“url”:”/ucla-basketball”,”title”:”UCLA”,”id”:”ucla-basketball”},”usc-basketball”:{“url”:”/usc-basketball”,”title”:”USC”,”id”:”usc-basketball”},”utah-utes-basketball”:{“url”:”/utah-utes-basketball”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-utes-basketball”},”washington-huskies-basketball”:{“url”:”/washington-huskies-basketball”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-huskies-basketball”},”washington-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/washington-state-basketball”,”title”:”Washington St”,”id”:”washington-state-basketball”},”sec-basketball”:{“url”:”/sec-basketball”,”title”:”SEC”,”id”:”sec-basketball”,”subLists”:[“alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”,”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”,”auburn-basketball”,”florida-gators-basketball”,”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”,”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”,”lsu-basketball”,”ole-miss-basketball”,”mississippi-state-basketball”,”missouri-tigers-basketball”,”south-carolina-basketball”,”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”,”texas-am-basketball”,”vanderbilt-basketball”],”subLinks”:[“sec-basketball”,”sec-basketball/archives”]},”alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”:{“url”:”/alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”,”title”:”Alabama”,”id”:”alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”},”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”:{“url”:”/arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”,”title”:”Arkansas”,”id”:”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”},”auburn-basketball”:{“url”:”/auburn-basketball”,”title”:”Auburn”,”id”:”auburn-basketball”},”florida-gators-basketball”:{“url”:”/florida-gators-basketball”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-gators-basketball”},”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”:{“url”:”/georgia-bulldogs-basketball”,”title”:”Georgia”,”id”:”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”},”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”:{“url”:”/kentucky-wildcats-basketball”,”title”:”Kentucky”,”id”:”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”},”lsu-basketball”:{“url”:”/lsu-basketball”,”title”:”LSU”,”id”:”lsu-basketball”},”ole-miss-basketball”:{“url”:”/ole-miss-basketball”,”title”:”Mississippi”,”id”:”ole-miss-basketball”},”mississippi-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/mississippi-state-basketball”,”title”:”Mississippi St”,”id”:”mississippi-state-basketball”},”missouri-tigers-basketball”:{“url”:”/missouri-tigers-basketball”,”title”:”Missouri”,”id”:”missouri-tigers-basketball”},”south-carolina-basketball”:{“url”:”/south-carolina-basketball”,”title”:”South Carolina”,”id”:”south-carolina-basketball”},”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”:{“url”:”/tennessee-volunteers-basketball”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”},”texas-am-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-am-basketball”,”title”:”Texas A&M”,”id”:”texas-am-basketball”},”vanderbilt-basketball”:{“url”:”/vanderbilt-basketball”,”title”:”Vanderbilt”,”id”:”vanderbilt-basketball”},”nba”:{“url”:”/nba”,”title”:”NBA”,”id”:”nba”,”subLists”:[“atlantic”,”central”,”northwest”,”pacific”,”southeast”,”southwest”],”subLinks”:[“nba”,”nba-draft”,”nba/teams”,”nba-200″,”nba/archives”,”nba/odds”,””]},”atlantic”:{“title”:”Atlantic”,”id”:”atlantic”,”subLists”:[“boston-celtics”,”brooklyn-nets”,”new-york-knicks”,”philadelphia-76ers”,”toronto-raptors”]},”boston-celtics”:{“url”:”/boston-celtics”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-celtics”},”brooklyn-nets”:{“url”:”/brooklyn-nets”,”title”:”Brooklyn”,”id”:”brooklyn-nets”},”new-york-knicks”:{“url”:”/new-york-knicks”,”title”:”New York”,”id”:”new-york-knicks”},”philadelphia-76ers”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-76ers”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-76ers”},”toronto-raptors”:{“url”:”/toronto-raptors”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-raptors”},”central”:{“title”:”Central”,”id”:”central”,”subLists”:[“chicago-bulls”,”cleveland-cavaliers”,”detroit-pistons”,”indiana-pacers”,”milwaukee-bucks”]},”chicago-bulls”:{“url”:”/chicago-bulls”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-bulls”},”cleveland-cavaliers”:{“url”:”/cleveland-cavaliers”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-cavaliers”},”detroit-pistons”:{“url”:”/detroit-pistons”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-pistons”},”indiana-pacers”:{“url”:”/indiana-pacers”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-pacers”},”milwaukee-bucks”:{“url”:”/milwaukee-bucks”,”title”:”Milwaukee”,”id”:”milwaukee-bucks”},”northwest”:{“title”:”Northwest”,”id”:”northwest”,”subLists”:[“denver-nuggets”,”minnesota-timberwolves”,”oklahoma-city-thunder”,”portland-trail-blazers”,”utah-jazz”]},”denver-nuggets”:{“url”:”/denver-nuggets”,”title”:”Denver”,”id”:”denver-nuggets”},”minnesota-timberwolves”:{“url”:”/minnesota-timberwolves”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-timberwolves”},”oklahoma-city-thunder”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-city-thunder”,”title”:”Oklahoma City”,”id”:”oklahoma-city-thunder”},”portland-trail-blazers”:{“url”:”/portland-trail-blazers”,”title”:”Portland”,”id”:”portland-trail-blazers”},”utah-jazz”:{“url”:”/utah-jazz”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-jazz”},”pacific”:{“title”:”Pacific”,”id”:”pacific”,”subLists”:[“golden-state-warriors”,”los-angeles-clippers”,”los-angeles-lakers”,”phoenix-suns”,”sacramento-kings”]},”golden-state-warriors”:{“url”:”/golden-state-warriors”,”title”:”Golden St”,”id”:”golden-state-warriors”},”los-angeles-clippers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-clippers”,”title”:”LA Clippers”,”id”:”los-angeles-clippers”},”los-angeles-lakers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-lakers”,”title”:”LA Lakers”,”id”:”los-angeles-lakers”},”phoenix-suns”:{“url”:”/phoenix-suns”,”title”:”Phoenix”,”id”:”phoenix-suns”},”sacramento-kings”:{“url”:”/sacramento-kings”,”title”:”Sacramento”,”id”:”sacramento-kings”},”southeast”:{“title”:”Southeast”,”id”:”southeast”,”subLists”:[“atlanta-hawks”,”charlotte-hornets”,”miami-heat”,”orlando-magic”,”washington-wizards”]},”atlanta-hawks”:{“url”:”/atlanta-hawks”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-hawks”},”charlotte-hornets”:{“url”:”/charlotte-hornets”,”title”:”Charlotte”,”id”:”charlotte-hornets”},”miami-heat”:{“url”:”/miami-heat”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-heat”},”orlando-magic”:{“url”:”/orlando-magic”,”title”:”Orlando”,”id”:”orlando-magic”},”washington-wizards”:{“url”:”/washington-wizards”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-wizards”},”southwest”:{“title”:”Southwest”,”id”:”southwest”,”subLists”:[“dallas-mavericks”,”houston-rockets”,”memphis-grizzlies”,”new-orleans-pelicans”,”san-antonio-spurs”]},”dallas-mavericks”:{“url”:”/dallas-mavericks”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-mavericks”},”houston-rockets”:{“url”:”/houston-rockets”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-rockets”},”memphis-grizzlies”:{“url”:”/memphis-grizzlies”,”title”:”Memphis”,”id”:”memphis-grizzlies”},”new-orleans-pelicans”:{“url”:”/new-orleans-pelicans”,”title”:”New Orleans”,”id”:”new-orleans-pelicans”},”san-antonio-spurs”:{“url”:”/san-antonio-spurs”,”title”:”San Antonio”,”id”:”san-antonio-spurs”},”nfl”:{“url”:”/nfl”,”title”:”NFL”,”id”:”nfl”,”subLists”:[“afc-east”,”afc-north”,”afc-south”,”afc-west”,”nfc-east”,”nfc-north”,”nfc-south”,”nfc-west”],”subLinks”:[“nfl”,”fantasy-football”,”nfl/teams”,”nfl-draft”,”nfl/archives”,”nfl/odds”,””]},”afc-east”:{“title”:”AFC East”,”id”:”afc-east”,”subLists”:[“buffalo-bills”,”miami-dolphins”,”new-england-patriots”,”new-york-jets”]},”buffalo-bills”:{“url”:”/buffalo-bills”,”title”:”Buffalo”,”id”:”buffalo-bills”},”miami-dolphins”:{“url”:”/miami-dolphins”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-dolphins”},”new-england-patriots”:{“url”:”/new-england-patriots”,”title”:”New England”,”id”:”new-england-patriots”},”new-york-jets”:{“url”:”/new-york-jets”,”title”:”NY Jets”,”id”:”new-york-jets”},”afc-north”:{“title”:”AFC North”,”id”:”afc-north”,”subLists”:[“baltimore-ravens”,”cincinnati-bengals”,”cleveland-browns”,”pittsburgh-steelers”]},”baltimore-ravens”:{“url”:”/baltimore-ravens”,”title”:”Baltimore”,”id”:”baltimore-ravens”},”cincinnati-bengals”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-bengals”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-bengals”},”cleveland-browns”:{“url”:”/cleveland-browns”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-browns”},”pittsburgh-steelers”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-steelers”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-steelers”},”afc-south”:{“title”:”AFC South”,”id”:”afc-south”,”subLists”:[“houston-texans”,”indianapolis-colts”,”jacksonville-jaguars”,”tennessee-titans”]},”houston-texans”:{“url”:”/houston-texans”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-texans”},”indianapolis-colts”:{“url”:”/indianapolis-colts”,”title”:”Indianapolis”,”id”:”indianapolis-colts”},”jacksonville-jaguars”:{“url”:”/jacksonville-jaguars”,”title”:”Jacksonville”,”id”:”jacksonville-jaguars”},”tennessee-titans”:{“url”:”/tennessee-titans”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-titans”},”afc-west”:{“title”:”AFC West”,”id”:”afc-west”,”subLists”:[“denver-broncos”,”kansas-city-chiefs”,”los-angeles-chargers”,”oakland-raiders”]},”denver-broncos”:{“url”:”/denver-broncos”,”title”:”Denver”,”id”:”denver-broncos”},”kansas-city-chiefs”:{“url”:”/kansas-city-chiefs”,”title”:”Kansas City”,”id”:”kansas-city-chiefs”},”los-angeles-chargers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-chargers”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-chargers”},”oakland-raiders”:{“url”:”/oakland-raiders”,”title”:”Oakland”,”id”:”oakland-raiders”},”nfc-east”:{“title”:”NFC East”,”id”:”nfc-east”,”subLists”:[“dallas-cowboys”,”new-york-giants”,”philadelphia-eagles”,”washington-redskins”]},”dallas-cowboys”:{“url”:”/dallas-cowboys”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-cowboys”},”new-york-giants”:{“url”:”/new-york-giants”,”title”:”NY Giants”,”id”:”new-york-giants”},”philadelphia-eagles”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-eagles”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-eagles”},”washington-redskins”:{“url”:”/washington-redskins”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-redskins”},”nfc-north”:{“title”:”NFC North”,”id”:”nfc-north”,”subLists”:[“chicago-bears”,”detroit-lions”,”green-bay-packers”,”minnesota-vikings”]},”chicago-bears”:{“url”:”/chicago-bears”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-bears”},”detroit-lions”:{“url”:”/detroit-lions”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-lions”},”green-bay-packers”:{“url”:”/green-bay-packers”,”title”:”Green Bay”,”id”:”green-bay-packers”},”minnesota-vikings”:{“url”:”/minnesota-vikings”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-vikings”},”nfc-south”:{“title”:”NFC South”,”id”:”nfc-south”,”subLists”:[“atlanta-falcons”,”carolina-panthers”,”new-orleans-saints”,”tampa-bay-buccaneers”]},”atlanta-falcons”:{“url”:”/atlanta-falcons”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-falcons”},”carolina-panthers”:{“url”:”/carolina-panthers”,”title”:”Carolina”,”id”:”carolina-panthers”},”new-orleans-saints”:{“url”:”/new-orleans-saints”,”title”:”New Orleans”,”id”:”new-orleans-saints”},”tampa-bay-buccaneers”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-buccaneers”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-buccaneers”},”nfc-west”:{“title”:”NFC West”,”id”:”nfc-west”,”subLists”:[“arizona-cardinals”,”los-angeles-rams”,”san-francisco-49ers”,”seattle-seahawks”]},”arizona-cardinals”:{“url”:”/arizona-cardinals”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-cardinals”},”los-angeles-rams”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-rams”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-rams”},”san-francisco-49ers”:{“url”:”/san-francisco-49ers”,”title”:”San Francisco”,”id”:”san-francisco-49ers”},”seattle-seahawks”:{“url”:”/seattle-seahawks”,”title”:”Seattle”,”id”:”seattle-seahawks”},”world-football”:{“url”:”/world-football”,”title”:”Soccer”,”id”:”world-football”,”subLists”:[“international-football”,”epl”,”serie-a”,”la-liga”,”mls”,”sports-odds”],”subLinks”:[“world-football”,”world-football/archives”]},”international-football”:{“url”:”/international-football”,”title”:”International Football”,”id”:”international-football”,”subLists”:[“albania-national-football”,”algeria-national-football”,”argentina”,”austria”,”australia-national-football”,”belgium-national-football”,”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”,”brazilian-football”,”cameroon-national-football”,”chile-national-football”,”colombia-national-football”,”costa-rica-national-football”,”croatia-international-football”,”czech-republic-national-football”,”denmark-national-football”,”ecuador-national-football”,”england”,”france”,”germany”,”ghana-national-football”,”greece-national-football”,”honduras-national-football”,”hungary-national-football”,”iceland-national-football”,”iran-national-football”,”ireland”,”italy”,”ivory-coast-national-football”,”japan-national-football”,”mexico-national-football”,”namibia-national-football”,”netherlands”,”new-zealand-national-football”,”nigeria-national-football”,”north-korea-national-football”,”northern-ireland”,”norway-national-football”,”paraguay-national-football”,”poland”,”portugal-national-football”,”romania-national-football”,”russia”,”scotland”,”serbia-national-football”,”slovakia-national-football”,”slovenia-national-football”,”south-africa-national-football”,”south-korea-national-football”,”spain”,”sweden”,”switzerland”,”turkey-national-football”,”ukraine”,”united-states”,”uruguay-national-football”,”venezuela-national-football”,”wales-national-football”],”subLinks”:[“international-football”,”international-football/archives”]},”albania-national-football”:{“url”:”/albania-national-football”,”title”:”Albania”,”id”:”albania-national-football”},”algeria-national-football”:{“url”:”/algeria-national-football”,”title”:”Algeria”,”id”:”algeria-national-football”},”argentina”:{“url”:”/argentina”,”title”:”Argentina”,”id”:”argentina”},”austria”:{“url”:”/austria”,”title”:”Austria”,”id”:”austria”},”australia-national-football”:{“url”:”/australia-national-football”,”title”:”Australia”,”id”:”australia-national-football”},”belgium-national-football”:{“url”:”/belgium-national-football”,”title”:”Belgium”,”id”:”belgium-national-football”},”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”:{“url”:”/bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”,”title”:”Bosnia-Herzegovina”,”id”:”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”},”brazilian-football”:{“url”:”/brazilian-football”,”title”:”Brazil”,”id”:”brazilian-football”},”cameroon-national-football”:{“url”:”/cameroon-national-football”,”title”:”Cameroon”,”id”:”cameroon-national-football”},”chile-national-football”:{“url”:”/chile-national-football”,”title”:”Chile”,”id”:”chile-national-football”},”colombia-national-football”:{“url”:”/colombia-national-football”,”title”:”Colombia”,”id”:”colombia-national-football”},”costa-rica-national-football”:{“url”:”/costa-rica-national-football”,”title”:”Costa Rica”,”id”:”costa-rica-national-football”},”croatia-international-football”:{“url”:”/croatia-international-football”,”title”:”Croatia”,”id”:”croatia-international-football”},”czech-republic-national-football”:{“url”:”/czech-republic-national-football”,”title”:”Czech Republic”,”id”:”czech-republic-national-football”},”denmark-national-football”:{“url”:”/denmark-national-football”,”title”:”Denmark”,”id”:”denmark-national-football”},”ecuador-national-football”:{“url”:”/ecuador-national-football”,”title”:”Ecuador”,”id”:”ecuador-national-football”},”england”:{“url”:”/england”,”title”:”England”,”id”:”england”},”france”:{“url”:”/france”,”title”:”France”,”id”:”france”},”germany”:{“url”:”/germany”,”title”:”Germany”,”id”:”germany”},”ghana-national-football”:{“url”:”/ghana-national-football”,”title”:”Ghana”,”id”:”ghana-national-football”},”greece-national-football”:{“url”:”/greece-national-football”,”title”:”Greece”,”id”:”greece-national-football”},”honduras-national-football”:{“url”:”/honduras-national-football”,”title”:”Honduras”,”id”:”honduras-national-football”},”hungary-national-football”:{“url”:”/hungary-national-football”,”title”:”Hungary”,”id”:”hungary-national-football”},”iceland-national-football”:{“url”:”/iceland-national-football”,”title”:”Iceland”,”id”:”iceland-national-football”},”iran-national-football”:{“url”:”/iran-national-football”,”title”:”Iran”,”id”:”iran-national-football”},”ireland”:{“url”:”/ireland”,”title”:”Ireland”,”id”:”ireland”},”italy”:{“url”:”/italy”,”title”:”Italy”,”id”:”italy”},”ivory-coast-national-football”:{“url”:”/ivory-coast-national-football”,”title”:”Ivory Coast”,”id”:”ivory-coast-national-football”},”japan-national-football”:{“url”:”/japan-national-football”,”title”:”Japan”,”id”:”japan-national-football”},”mexico-national-football”:{“url”:”/mexico-national-football”,”title”:”Mexico”,”id”:”mexico-national-football”},”namibia-national-football”:{“url”:”/namibia-national-football”,”title”:”Namibia”,”id”:”namibia-national-football”},”netherlands”:{“url”:”/netherlands”,”title”:”Netherlands”,”id”:”netherlands”},”new-zealand-national-football”:{“url”:”/new-zealand-national-football”,”title”:”New Zealand”,”id”:”new-zealand-national-football”},”nigeria-national-football”:{“url”:”/nigeria-national-football”,”title”:”Nigeria”,”id”:”nigeria-national-football”},”north-korea-national-football”:{“url”:”/north-korea-national-football”,”title”:”North Korea”,”id”:”north-korea-national-football”},”northern-ireland”:{“url”:”/northern-ireland”,”title”:”Northern Ireland”,”id”:”northern-ireland”},”norway-national-football”:{“url”:”/norway-national-football”,”title”:”Norway”,”id”:”norway-national-football”},”paraguay-national-football”:{“url”:”/paraguay-national-football”,”title”:”Paraguay”,”id”:”paraguay-national-football”},”poland”:{“url”:”/poland”,”title”:”Poland”,”id”:”poland”},”portugal-national-football”:{“url”:”/portugal-national-football”,”title”:”Portugal”,”id”:”portugal-national-football”},”romania-national-football”:{“url”:”/romania-national-football”,”title”:”Romania”,”id”:”romania-national-football”},”russia”:{“url”:”/russia”,”title”:”Russia”,”id”:”russia”},”scotland”:{“url”:”/scotland”,”title”:”Scotland”,”id”:”scotland”},”serbia-national-football”:{“url”:”/serbia-national-football”,”title”:”Serbia”,”id”:”serbia-national-football”},”slovakia-national-football”:{“url”:”/slovakia-national-football”,”title”:”Slovakia”,”id”:”slovakia-national-football”},”slovenia-national-football”:{“url”:”/slovenia-national-football”,”title”:”Slovenia”,”id”:”slovenia-national-football”},”south-africa-national-football”:{“url”:”/south-africa-national-football”,”title”:”South Africa”,”id”:”south-africa-national-football”},”south-korea-national-football”:{“url”:”/south-korea-national-football”,”title”:”South Korea”,”id”:”south-korea-national-football”},”spain”:{“url”:”/spain”,”title”:”Spain”,”id”:”spain”},”sweden”:{“url”:”/sweden”,”title”:”Sweden”,”id”:”sweden”},”switzerland”:{“url”:”/switzerland”,”title”:”Switzerland”,”id”:”switzerland”},”turkey-national-football”:{“url”:”/turkey-national-football”,”title”:”Turkey”,”id”:”turkey-national-football”},”ukraine”:{“url”:”/ukraine”,”title”:”Ukraine”,”id”:”ukraine”},”united-states”:{“url”:”/united-states”,”title”:”United States”,”id”:”united-states”},”uruguay-national-football”:{“url”:”/uruguay-national-football”,”title”:”Uruguay”,”id”:”uruguay-national-football”},”venezuela-national-football”:{“url”:”/venezuela-national-football”,”title”:”Venezuela”,”id”:”venezuela-national-football”},”wales-national-football”:{“url”:”/wales-national-football”,”title”:”Wales”,”id”:”wales-national-football”},”epl”:{“url”:”/epl”,”title”:”Premier League”,”id”:”epl”,”subLists”:[“arsenal”,”bournemouth”,”burnley”,”chelsea”,”crystal-palace”,”everton”,”hull-city”,”leicester-city”,”liverpool”,”manchester-city”,”manchester-united”,”middlesbrough”,”southampton”,”stoke-city”,”sunderland”,”swansea-city”,”tottenham-hotspur”,”watford-fc”,”west-bromwich”,”west-ham-united”],”subLinks”:[“epl”,”transfer-window”,”epl/archives”]},”arsenal”:{“url”:”/arsenal”,”title”:”Arsenal”,”id”:”arsenal”},”bournemouth”:{“url”:”/bournemouth”,”title”:”Bournemouth”,”id”:”bournemouth”},”burnley”:{“url”:”/burnley”,”title”:”Burnley”,”id”:”burnley”},”chelsea”:{“url”:”/chelsea”,”title”:”Chelsea”,”id”:”chelsea”},”crystal-palace”:{“url”:”/crystal-palace”,”title”:”Crystal Palace”,”id”:”crystal-palace”},”everton”:{“url”:”/everton”,”title”:”Everton”,”id”:”everton”},”hull-city”:{“url”:”/hull-city”,”title”:”Hull City”,”id”:”hull-city”},”leicester-city”:{“url”:”/leicester-city”,”title”:”Leicester City”,”id”:”leicester-city”},”liverpool”:{“url”:”/liverpool”,”title”:”Liverpool”,”id”:”liverpool”},”manchester-city”:{“url”:”/manchester-city”,”title”:”Manchester City”,”id”:”manchester-city”},”manchester-united”:{“url”:”/manchester-united”,”title”:”Manchester United”,”id”:”manchester-united”},”middlesbrough”:{“url”:”/middlesbrough”,”title”:”Middlesbrough”,”id”:”middlesbrough”},”southampton”:{“url”:”/southampton”,”title”:”Southampton”,”id”:”southampton”},”stoke-city”:{“url”:”/stoke-city”,”title”:”Stoke City”,”id”:”stoke-city”},”sunderland”:{“url”:”/sunderland”,”title”:”Sunderland”,”id”:”sunderland”},”swansea-city”:{“url”:”/swansea-city”,”title”:”Swansea City”,”id”:”swansea-city”},”tottenham-hotspur”:{“url”:”/tottenham-hotspur”,”title”:”Tottenham Hotspur”,”id”:”tottenham-hotspur”},”watford-fc”:{“url”:”/watford-fc”,”title”:”Watford”,”id”:”watford-fc”},”west-bromwich”:{“url”:”/west-bromwich”,”title”:”West Bromwich Albion”,”id”:”west-bromwich”},”west-ham-united”:{“url”:”/west-ham-united”,”title”:”West Ham United”,”id”:”west-ham-united”},”serie-a”:{“url”:”/serie-a”,”title”:”Serie A”,”id”:”serie-a”,”subLists”:[“ac-milan”,”as-roma”,”atalanta”,”bologna”,”cagliari”,”chievo-verona”,”fc-crotone”,”empoli”,”fiorentina”,”genoa”,”inter-milan”,”juventus”,”lazio”,”napoli”,”palermo”,”pescara”,”sampdoria”,”sassuolo”,”torino”,”udinese”],”subLinks”:[“serie-a”,”transfer-window”,”serie-a/archives”]},”ac-milan”:{“url”:”/ac-milan”,”title”:”AC Milan”,”id”:”ac-milan”},”as-roma”:{“url”:”/as-roma”,”title”:”AS Roma”,”id”:”as-roma”},”atalanta”:{“url”:”/atalanta”,”title”:”Atalanta”,”id”:”atalanta”},”bologna”:{“url”:”/bologna”,”title”:”Bologna”,”id”:”bologna”},”cagliari”:{“url”:”/cagliari”,”title”:”Cagliari”,”id”:”cagliari”},”chievo-verona”:{“url”:”/chievo-verona”,”title”:”Chievo Verona”,”id”:”chievo-verona”},”fc-crotone”:{“url”:”/fc-crotone”,”title”:”Crotone”,”id”:”fc-crotone”},”empoli”:{“url”:”/empoli”,”title”:”Empoli”,”id”:”empoli”},”fiorentina”:{“url”:”/fiorentina”,”title”:”Fiorentina”,”id”:”fiorentina”},”genoa”:{“url”:”/genoa”,”title”:”Genoa”,”id”:”genoa”},”inter-milan”:{“url”:”/inter-milan”,”title”:”Inter Milan”,”id”:”inter-milan”},”juventus”:{“url”:”/juventus”,”title”:”Juventus”,”id”:”juventus”},”lazio”:{“url”:”/lazio”,”title”:”Lazio”,”id”:”lazio”},”napoli”:{“url”:”/napoli”,”title”:”Napoli”,”id”:”napoli”},”palermo”:{“url”:”/palermo”,”title”:”Palermo”,”id”:”palermo”},”pescara”:{“url”:”/pescara”,”title”:”Pescara”,”id”:”pescara”},”sampdoria”:{“url”:”/sampdoria”,”title”:”Sampdoria”,”id”:”sampdoria”},”sassuolo”:{“url”:”/sassuolo”,”title”:”Sassuolo”,”id”:”sassuolo”},”torino”:{“url”:”/torino”,”title”:”Torino”,”id”:”torino”},”udinese”:{“url”:”/udinese”,”title”:”Udinese”,”id”:”udinese”},”la-liga”:{“url”:”/la-liga”,”title”:”La Liga”,”id”:”la-liga”,”subLists”:[“cd-alaves”,”athletic-club”,”atletico-madrid”,”celta-da-vigo”,”eibar”,”fc-barcelona”,”granada”,”las-palmas-ud”,”cd-leganes”,”malaga-cf”,”ca-Osasuna”,”rc-deportivo”,”rcd-espanyol”,”real-betis”,”real-madrid”,”real-sociedad”,”sevilla”,”real-sporting”,”valencia-cf”,”villarreal-cf”],”subLinks”:[“la-liga”,”transfer-window”,”la-liga/archives”]},”cd-alaves”:{“url”:”/cd-alaves”,”title”:”Alaves”,”id”:”cd-alaves”},”athletic-club”:{“url”:”/athletic-club”,”title”:”Athletic Club Bilbao”,”id”:”athletic-club”},”atletico-madrid”:{“url”:”/atletico-madrid”,”title”:”Atletico Madrid”,”id”:”atletico-madrid”},”celta-da-vigo”:{“url”:”/celta-da-vigo”,”title”:”Celta de Vigo”,”id”:”celta-da-vigo”},”eibar”:{“url”:”/eibar”,”title”:”Eibar”,”id”:”eibar”},”fc-barcelona”:{“url”:”/fc-barcelona”,”title”:”FC Barcelona”,”id”:”fc-barcelona”},”granada”:{“url”:”/granada”,”title”:”Granada”,”id”:”granada”},”las-palmas-ud”:{“url”:”/las-palmas-ud”,”title”:”Las Palmas”,”id”:”las-palmas-ud”},”cd-leganes”:{“url”:”/cd-leganes”,”title”:”Leganes”,”id”:”cd-leganes”},”malaga-cf”:{“url”:”/malaga-cf”,”title”:”Malaga CF”,”id”:”malaga-cf”},”ca-Osasuna”:{“url”:”/ca-Osasuna”,”title”:”Osasuna”,”id”:”ca-Osasuna”},”rc-deportivo”:{“url”:”/rc-deportivo”,”title”:”RC Deportivo”,”id”:”rc-deportivo”},”rcd-espanyol”:{“url”:”/rcd-espanyol”,”title”:”RCD Espanyol”,”id”:”rcd-espanyol”},”real-betis”:{“url”:”/real-betis”,”title”:”Real Betis”,”id”:”real-betis”},”real-madrid”:{“url”:”/real-madrid”,”title”:”Real Madrid”,”id”:”real-madrid”},”real-sociedad”:{“url”:”/real-sociedad”,”title”:”Real Sociedad”,”id”:”real-sociedad”},”sevilla”:{“url”:”/sevilla”,”title”:”Sevilla”,”id”:”sevilla”},”real-sporting”:{“url”:”/real-sporting”,”title”:”Sporting Gijon”,”id”:”real-sporting”},”valencia-cf”:{“url”:”/valencia-cf”,”title”:”Valencia CF”,”id”:”valencia-cf”},”villarreal-cf”:{“url”:”/villarreal-cf”,”title”:”Villarreal CF”,”id”:”villarreal-cf”},”mls”:{“url”:”/mls”,”title”:”MLS”,”id”:”mls”,”subLists”:[“atlanta-united-fc”,”chicago-fire”,”colorado-rapids”,”columbus-crew”,”dc-united”,”fc-dallas”,”houston-dynamo”,”los-angeles-galaxy”,”minnesota-united”,”montreal-impact”,”new-england-revolution”,”new-york-red-bulls”,”new-york-city-fc”,”orlando-city”,”philadelphia-union”,”real-salt-lake”,”san-jose-earthquakes”,”seattle-sounders-fc”,”toronto-fc”,”sporting-kansas-city”,”portland-timbers”,”vancouver-whitecaps”],”subLinks”:[“mls”,”mls/archives”]},”atlanta-united-fc”:{“url”:”/atlanta-united-fc”,”title”:”Atlanta United”,”id”:”atlanta-united-fc”},”chicago-fire”:{“url”:”/chicago-fire”,”title”:”Chicago Fire”,”id”:”chicago-fire”},”colorado-rapids”:{“url”:”/colorado-rapids”,”title”:”Colorado Rapids”,”id”:”colorado-rapids”},”columbus-crew”:{“url”:”/columbus-crew”,”title”:”Columbus Crew”,”id”:”columbus-crew”},”dc-united”:{“url”:”/dc-united”,”title”:”DC United”,”id”:”dc-united”},”fc-dallas”:{“url”:”/fc-dallas”,”title”:”FC Dallas”,”id”:”fc-dallas”},”houston-dynamo”:{“url”:”/houston-dynamo”,”title”:”Houston Dynamo”,”id”:”houston-dynamo”},”los-angeles-galaxy”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-galaxy”,”title”:”Los Angeles Galaxy”,”id”:”los-angeles-galaxy”},”minnesota-united”:{“url”:”/minnesota-united”,”title”:”Minnesota United”,”id”:”minnesota-united”},”montreal-impact”:{“url”:”/montreal-impact”,”title”:”Montreal Impact”,”id”:”montreal-impact”},”new-england-revolution”:{“url”:”/new-england-revolution”,”title”:”New England Revolution”,”id”:”new-england-revolution”},”new-york-red-bulls”:{“url”:”/new-york-red-bulls”,”title”:”New York Red Bulls”,”id”:”new-york-red-bulls”},”new-york-city-fc”:{“url”:”/new-york-city-fc”,”title”:”NYCFC”,”id”:”new-york-city-fc”},”orlando-city”:{“url”:”/orlando-city”,”title”:”Orlando City”,”id”:”orlando-city”},”philadelphia-union”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-union”,”title”:”Philadelphia Union”,”id”:”philadelphia-union”},”real-salt-lake”:{“url”:”/real-salt-lake”,”title”:”Real Salt Lake”,”id”:”real-salt-lake”},”san-jose-earthquakes”:{“url”:”/san-jose-earthquakes”,”title”:”San Jose Earthquakes”,”id”:”san-jose-earthquakes”},”seattle-sounders-fc”:{“url”:”/seattle-sounders-fc”,”title”:”Seattle Sounders”,”id”:”seattle-sounders-fc”},”toronto-fc”:{“url”:”/toronto-fc”,”title”:”Toronto FC”,”id”:”toronto-fc”},”sporting-kansas-city”:{“url”:”/sporting-kansas-city”,”title”:”Sporting Kansas City”,”id”:”sporting-kansas-city”},”portland-timbers”:{“url”:”/portland-timbers”,”title”:”Portland Timbers”,”id”:”portland-timbers”},”vancouver-whitecaps”:{“url”:”/vancouver-whitecaps”,”title”:”Vancouver Whitecaps”,”id”:”vancouver-whitecaps”},”sports-odds”:{“url”:”/sports-odds”,”title”:”Odds”,”id”:”sports-odds”},”mlb”:{“url”:”/mlb”,”title”:”MLB”,”id”:”mlb”,”subLists”:[“al-east”,”al-central”,”al-west”,”nl-east”,”nl-central”,”nl-west”],”subLinks”:[“mlb”,”fantasy-baseball”,”mlb/teams”,”mlb/archives”,”mlb/odds”,””]},”al-east”:{“title”:”AL East”,”id”:”al-east”,”subLists”:[“baltimore-orioles”,”boston-red-sox”,”new-york-yankees”,”tampa-bay-rays”,”toronto-blue-jays”]},”baltimore-orioles”:{“url”:”/baltimore-orioles”,”title”:”Baltimore”,”id”:”baltimore-orioles”},”boston-red-sox”:{“url”:”/boston-red-sox”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-red-sox”},”new-york-yankees”:{“url”:”/new-york-yankees”,”title”:”NY Yankees”,”id”:”new-york-yankees”},”tampa-bay-rays”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-rays”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-rays”},”toronto-blue-jays”:{“url”:”/toronto-blue-jays”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-blue-jays”},”al-central”:{“title”:”AL Central”,”id”:”al-central”,”subLists”:[“chicago-white-sox”,”cleveland-indians”,”detroit-tigers”,”kansas-city-royals”,”minnesota-twins”]},”chicago-white-sox”:{“url”:”/chicago-white-sox”,”title”:”Chi White Sox”,”id”:”chicago-white-sox”},”cleveland-indians”:{“url”:”/cleveland-indians”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-indians”},”detroit-tigers”:{“url”:”/detroit-tigers”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-tigers”},”kansas-city-royals”:{“url”:”/kansas-city-royals”,”title”:”Kansas City”,”id”:”kansas-city-royals”},”minnesota-twins”:{“url”:”/minnesota-twins”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-twins”},”al-west”:{“title”:”AL West”,”id”:”al-west”,”subLists”:[“houston-astros”,”los-angeles-angels”,”oakland-athletics”,”seattle-mariners”,”texas-rangers”]},”houston-astros”:{“url”:”/houston-astros”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-astros”},”los-angeles-angels”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-angels”,”title”:”LA Angels”,”id”:”los-angeles-angels”},”oakland-athletics”:{“url”:”/oakland-athletics”,”title”:”Oakland”,”id”:”oakland-athletics”},”seattle-mariners”:{“url”:”/seattle-mariners”,”title”:”Seattle”,”id”:”seattle-mariners”},”texas-rangers”:{“url”:”/texas-rangers”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-rangers”},”nl-east”:{“title”:”NL East”,”id”:”nl-east”,”subLists”:[“atlanta-braves”,”miami-marlins”,”new-york-mets”,”philadelphia-phillies”,”washington-nationals”]},”atlanta-braves”:{“url”:”/atlanta-braves”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-braves”},”miami-marlins”:{“url”:”/miami-marlins”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-marlins”},”new-york-mets”:{“url”:”/new-york-mets”,”title”:”NY Mets”,”id”:”new-york-mets”},”philadelphia-phillies”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-phillies”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-phillies”},”washington-nationals”:{“url”:”/washington-nationals”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-nationals”},”nl-central”:{“title”:”NL Central”,”id”:”nl-central”,”subLists”:[“chicago-cubs”,”cincinnati-reds”,”milwaukee-brewers”,”pittsburgh-pirates”,”st-louis-cardinals”]},”chicago-cubs”:{“url”:”/chicago-cubs”,”title”:”Chi Cubs”,”id”:”chicago-cubs”},”cincinnati-reds”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-reds”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-reds”},”milwaukee-brewers”:{“url”:”/milwaukee-brewers”,”title”:”Milwaukee”,”id”:”milwaukee-brewers”},”pittsburgh-pirates”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-pirates”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-pirates”},”st-louis-cardinals”:{“url”:”/st-louis-cardinals”,”title”:”St Louis”,”id”:”st-louis-cardinals”},”nl-west”:{“title”:”NL West”,”id”:”nl-west”,”subLists”:[“arizona-diamondbacks”,”colorado-rockies”,”los-angeles-dodgers”,”san-diego-padres”,”san-francisco-giants”]},”arizona-diamondbacks”:{“url”:”/arizona-diamondbacks”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-diamondbacks”},”colorado-rockies”:{“url”:”/colorado-rockies”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-rockies”},”los-angeles-dodgers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-dodgers”,”title”:”LA Dodgers”,”id”:”los-angeles-dodgers”},”san-diego-padres”:{“url”:”/san-diego-padres”,”title”:”San Diego”,”id”:”san-diego-padres”},”san-francisco-giants”:{“url”:”/san-francisco-giants”,”title”:”San Francisco”,”id”:”san-francisco-giants”},”nhl”:{“url”:”/nhl”,”title”:”NHL”,”id”:”nhl”,”subLists”:[“nhl-atlantic”,”nhl-central”,”nhl-pacific”,”nhl-metropolitan”],”subLinks”:[“nhl”,”nhl-draft”,”nhl/teams”,”nhl/archives”,”sports-odds”,””]},”nhl-atlantic”:{“title”:”NHL Atlantic”,”id”:”nhl-atlantic”,”subLists”:[“boston-bruins”,”buffalo-sabres”,”detroit-red-wings”,”florida-panthers”,”montreal-canadiens”,”ottawa-senators”,”tampa-bay-lightning”,”toronto-maple-leafs”]},”boston-bruins”:{“url”:”/boston-bruins”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-bruins”},”buffalo-sabres”:{“url”:”/buffalo-sabres”,”title”:”Buffalo”,”id”:”buffalo-sabres”},”detroit-red-wings”:{“url”:”/detroit-red-wings”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-red-wings”},”florida-panthers”:{“url”:”/florida-panthers”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-panthers”},”montreal-canadiens”:{“url”:”/montreal-canadiens”,”title”:”Montreal”,”id”:”montreal-canadiens”},”ottawa-senators”:{“url”:”/ottawa-senators”,”title”:”Ottawa”,”id”:”ottawa-senators”},”tampa-bay-lightning”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-lightning”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-lightning”},”toronto-maple-leafs”:{“url”:”/toronto-maple-leafs”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-maple-leafs”},”nhl-central”:{“title”:”NHL Central”,”id”:”nhl-central”,”subLists”:[“chicago-blackhawks”,”colorado-avalanche”,”dallas-stars”,”minnesota-wild”,”nashville-predators”,”st-louis-blues”,”winnipeg-jets”]},”chicago-blackhawks”:{“url”:”/chicago-blackhawks”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-blackhawks”},”colorado-avalanche”:{“url”:”/colorado-avalanche”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-avalanche”},”dallas-stars”:{“url”:”/dallas-stars”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-stars”},”minnesota-wild”:{“url”:”/minnesota-wild”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-wild”},”nashville-predators”:{“url”:”/nashville-predators”,”title”:”Nashville”,”id”:”nashville-predators”},”st-louis-blues”:{“url”:”/st-louis-blues”,”title”:”St. Louis”,”id”:”st-louis-blues”},”winnipeg-jets”:{“url”:”/winnipeg-jets”,”title”:”Winnipeg”,”id”:”winnipeg-jets”},”nhl-pacific”:{“title”:”NHL Pacific”,”id”:”nhl-pacific”,”subLists”:[“anaheim-ducks”,”arizona-coyotes”,”calgary-flames”,”edmonton-oilers”,”los-angeles-kings”,”san-jose-sharks”,”vancouver-canucks”]},”anaheim-ducks”:{“url”:”/anaheim-ducks”,”title”:”Anaheim”,”id”:”anaheim-ducks”},”arizona-coyotes”:{“url”:”/arizona-coyotes”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-coyotes”},”calgary-flames”:{“url”:”/calgary-flames”,”title”:”Calgary”,”id”:”calgary-flames”},”edmonton-oilers”:{“url”:”/edmonton-oilers”,”title”:”Edmonton”,”id”:”edmonton-oilers”},”los-angeles-kings”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-kings”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-kings”},”san-jose-sharks”:{“url”:”/san-jose-sharks”,”title”:”San Jose”,”id”:”san-jose-sharks”},”vancouver-canucks”:{“url”:”/vancouver-canucks”,”title”:”Vancouver”,”id”:”vancouver-canucks”},”nhl-metropolitan”:{“title”:”NHL Metropolitan”,”id”:”nhl-metropolitan”,”subLists”:[“carolina-hurricanes”,”columbus-blue-jackets”,”new-jersey-devils”,”new-york-islanders”,”new-york-rangers”,”philadelphia-flyers”,”pittsburgh-penguins”,”washington-capitals”]},”carolina-hurricanes”:{“url”:”/carolina-hurricanes”,”title”:”Carolina”,”id”:”carolina-hurricanes”},”columbus-blue-jackets”:{“url”:”/columbus-blue-jackets”,”title”:”Columbus”,”id”:”columbus-blue-jackets”},”new-jersey-devils”:{“url”:”/new-jersey-devils”,”title”:”New Jersey”,”id”:”new-jersey-devils”},”new-york-islanders”:{“url”:”/new-york-islanders”,”title”:”NY Islanders”,”id”:”new-york-islanders”},”new-york-rangers”:{“url”:”/new-york-rangers”,”title”:”NY Rangers”,”id”:”new-york-rangers”},”philadelphia-flyers”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-flyers”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-flyers”},”pittsburgh-penguins”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-penguins”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-penguins”},”washington-capitals”:{“url”:”/washington-capitals”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-capitals”},”mma”:{“url”:”/mma”,”title”:”MMA”,”id”:”mma”,”subLists”:[],”subLinks”:[“mma”,”mma/teams”,”ufc/archives”,”sports-odds”]},”wwe”:{“url”:”/wwe”,”title”:”WWE”,”id”:”wwe”,”subLists”:[“pro-wrestling”,”tna-wrestling”],”subLinks”:[“pro-wrestling/teams”,”pro-wrestling/archives”]},”pro-wrestling”:{“url”:”/pro-wrestling”,”title”:”More Wrestling”,”id”:”pro-wrestling”,”subLists”:[“pro-wrestling”,”pro-wrestling/archives”]},”pro-wrestling/archives”:{“url”:”/pro-wrestling/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”pro-wrestling/archives”},”tna-wrestling”:{“url”:”/tna-wrestling”,”title”:”TNA”,”id”:”tna-wrestling”,”subLists”:[“tna-wrestling”,”tna-wrestling/archives”]},”tna-wrestling/archives”:{“url”:”/tna-wrestling/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”tna-wrestling/archives”},”college-football”:{“url”:”/college-football”,”title”:”CFB”,”id”:”college-football”,”subLists”:[“american-athletic-conference-football”,”acc-football”,”big-12-football”,”big-10-football”,”pac-12-football”,”sec-football”,”independents-football”],”subLinks”:[“college-football”,”recruiting”,”cfb-recruiting-200″,”college-football/teams”,”college-football/archives”,””]},”american-athletic-conference-football”:{“url”:”/american-athletic-conference-football”,”title”:”AAC”,”id”:”american-athletic-conference-football”,”subLists”:[“cincinnati-bearcats-football”,”uconn-football”,”east-carolina-football”,”houston-cougars-football”,”memphis-tigers-football”,”navy-football”,”smu-mustangs-football”,”south-florida-bulls-football”,”temple-football”,”tulane-football”,”tulsa-football”,”ucf-knights-football”]},”cincinnati-bearcats-football”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-bearcats-football”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-bearcats-football”},”uconn-football”:{“url”:”/uconn-football”,”title”:”Connecticut”,”id”:”uconn-football”},”east-carolina-football”:{“url”:”/east-carolina-football”,”title”:”East Carolina”,”id”:”east-carolina-football”},”houston-cougars-football”:{“url”:”/houston-cougars-football”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-cougars-football”},”memphis-tigers-football”:{“url”:”/memphis-tigers-football”,”title”:”Memphis”,”id”:”memphis-tigers-football”},”navy-football”:{“url”:”/navy-football”,”title”:”Navy”,”id”:”navy-football”},”smu-mustangs-football”:{“url”:”/smu-mustangs-football”,”title”:”SMU”,”id”:”smu-mustangs-football”},”south-florida-bulls-football”:{“url”:”/south-florida-bulls-football”,”title”:”South Florida”,”id”:”south-florida-bulls-football”},”temple-football”:{“url”:”/temple-football”,”title”:”Temple”,”id”:”temple-football”},”tulane-football”:{“url”:”/tulane-football”,”title”:”Tulane”,”id”:”tulane-football”},”tulsa-football”:{“url”:”/tulsa-football”,”title”:”Tulsa”,”id”:”tulsa-football”},”ucf-knights-football”:{“url”:”/ucf-knights-football”,”title”:”UCF”,”id”:”ucf-knights-football”},”acc-football”:{“url”:”/acc-football”,”title”:”ACC”,”id”:”acc-football”,”subLists”:[“boston-college-football”,”clemson-football”,”duke-football”,”florida-state-football”,”georgia-tech-football”,”louisville-cardinals-football”,”miami-hurricanes-football”,”unc-football”,”nc-state-football”,”pitt-football”,”syracuse-football”,”uva-football”,”virginia-tech-football”,”wake-forest-football”],”subLinks”:[“acc-football”,”acc-football/archives”]},”boston-college-football”:{“url”:”/boston-college-football”,”title”:”Boston College”,”id”:”boston-college-football”},”clemson-football”:{“url”:”/clemson-football”,”title”:”Clemson”,”id”:”clemson-football”},”duke-football”:{“url”:”/duke-football”,”title”:”Duke”,”id”:”duke-football”},”florida-state-football”:{“url”:”/florida-state-football”,”title”:”Florida St”,”id”:”florida-state-football”},”georgia-tech-football”:{“url”:”/georgia-tech-football”,”title”:”Georgia Tech”,”id”:”georgia-tech-football”},”louisville-cardinals-football”:{“url”:”/louisville-cardinals-football”,”title”:”Louisville”,”id”:”louisville-cardinals-football”},”miami-hurricanes-football”:{“url”:”/miami-hurricanes-football”,”title”:”Miami (FL)”,”id”:”miami-hurricanes-football”},”unc-football”:{“url”:”/unc-football”,”title”:”North Carolina”,”id”:”unc-football”},”nc-state-football”:{“url”:”/nc-state-football”,”title”:”NC State”,”id”:”nc-state-football”},”pitt-football”:{“url”:”/pitt-football”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pitt-football”},”syracuse-football”:{“url”:”/syracuse-football”,”title”:”Syracuse”,”id”:”syracuse-football”},”uva-football”:{“url”:”/uva-football”,”title”:”Virginia”,”id”:”uva-football”},”virginia-tech-football”:{“url”:”/virginia-tech-football”,”title”:”Virginia Tech”,”id”:”virginia-tech-football”},”wake-forest-football”:{“url”:”/wake-forest-football”,”title”:”Wake Forest”,”id”:”wake-forest-football”},”big-12-football”:{“url”:”/big-12-football”,”title”:”Big 12″,”id”:”big-12-football”,”subLists”:[“baylor-football”,”iowa-state-football”,”kansas-jayhawks-football”,”kansas-state-football”,”oklahoma-sooners-football”,”oklahoma-state-football”,”tcu-football”,”texas-longhorns-football”,”texas-tech-football”,”wvu-football”],”subLinks”:[“big-12-football”,”big-12-football/archives”]},”baylor-football”:{“url”:”/baylor-football”,”title”:”Baylor”,”id”:”baylor-football”},”iowa-state-football”:{“url”:”/iowa-state-football”,”title”:”Iowa St”,”id”:”iowa-state-football”},”kansas-jayhawks-football”:{“url”:”/kansas-jayhawks-football”,”title”:”Kansas”,”id”:”kansas-jayhawks-football”},”kansas-state-football”:{“url”:”/kansas-state-football”,”title”:”Kansas St”,”id”:”kansas-state-football”},”oklahoma-sooners-football”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-sooners-football”,”title”:”Oklahoma”,”id”:”oklahoma-sooners-football”},”oklahoma-state-football”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-state-football”,”title”:”Oklahoma St”,”id”:”oklahoma-state-football”},”tcu-football”:{“url”:”/tcu-football”,”title”:”TCU”,”id”:”tcu-football”},”texas-longhorns-football”:{“url”:”/texas-longhorns-football”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-longhorns-football”},”texas-tech-football”:{“url”:”/texas-tech-football”,”title”:”Texas Tech”,”id”:”texas-tech-football”},”wvu-football”:{“url”:”/wvu-football”,”title”:”West Virginia”,”id”:”wvu-football”},”big-10-football”:{“url”:”/big-10-football”,”title”:”Big Ten”,”id”:”big-10-football”,”subLists”:[“illinois-fighting-illini-football”,”indiana-hoosiers-football”,”iowa-hawkeyes-football”,”maryland-terrapins-football”,”michigan-wolverines-football”,”michigan-state-football”,”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”,”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”,”northwestern-football”,”ohio-state-football”,”penn-state-football”,”purdue-football”,”rutgers-football”,”wisconsin-badgers-football”],”subLinks”:[“big-10-football”,”big-10-football/archives”]},”illinois-fighting-illini-football”:{“url”:”/illinois-fighting-illini-football”,”title”:”Illinois”,”id”:”illinois-fighting-illini-football”},”indiana-hoosiers-football”:{“url”:”/indiana-hoosiers-football”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-hoosiers-football”},”iowa-hawkeyes-football”:{“url”:”/iowa-hawkeyes-football”,”title”:”Iowa”,”id”:”iowa-hawkeyes-football”},”maryland-terrapins-football”:{“url”:”/maryland-terrapins-football”,”title”:”Maryland”,”id”:”maryland-terrapins-football”},”michigan-wolverines-football”:{“url”:”/michigan-wolverines-football”,”title”:”Michigan”,”id”:”michigan-wolverines-football”},”michigan-state-football”:{“url”:”/michigan-state-football”,”title”:”Michigan St”,”id”:”michigan-state-football”},”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”:{“url”:”/minnesota-golden-gophers-football”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”},”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”:{“url”:”/nebraska-cornhuskers-football”,”title”:”Nebraska”,”id”:”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”},”northwestern-football”:{“url”:”/northwestern-football”,”title”:”Northwestern”,”id”:”northwestern-football”},”ohio-state-football”:{“url”:”/ohio-state-football”,”title”:”Ohio St”,”id”:”ohio-state-football”},”penn-state-football”:{“url”:”/penn-state-football”,”title”:”Penn St”,”id”:”penn-state-football”},”purdue-football”:{“url”:”/purdue-football”,”title”:”Purdue”,”id”:”purdue-football”},”rutgers-football”:{“url”:”/rutgers-football”,”title”:”Rutgers”,”id”:”rutgers-football”},”wisconsin-badgers-football”:{“url”:”/wisconsin-badgers-football”,”title”:”Wisconsin”,”id”:”wisconsin-badgers-football”},”pac-12-football”:{“url”:”/pac-12-football”,”title”:”Pacific-12″,”id”:”pac-12-football”,”subLists”:[“arizona-wildcats-football”,”arizona-state-football”,”cal-bears-football”,”colorado-buffaloes-football”,”oregon-ducks-football”,”oregon-state-football”,”stanford-football”,”ucla-football”,”usc-football”,”utah-utes-football”,”washington-huskies-football”,”washington-state-football”],”subLinks”:[“pac-12-football”,”pac-10-football/archives”]},”arizona-wildcats-football”:{“url”:”/arizona-wildcats-football”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-wildcats-football”},”arizona-state-football”:{“url”:”/arizona-state-football”,”title”:”Arizona St”,”id”:”arizona-state-football”},”cal-bears-football”:{“url”:”/cal-bears-football”,”title”:”California”,”id”:”cal-bears-football”},”colorado-buffaloes-football”:{“url”:”/colorado-buffaloes-football”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-buffaloes-football”},”oregon-ducks-football”:{“url”:”/oregon-ducks-football”,”title”:”Oregon”,”id”:”oregon-ducks-football”},”oregon-state-football”:{“url”:”/oregon-state-football”,”title”:”Oregon St”,”id”:”oregon-state-football”},”stanford-football”:{“url”:”/stanford-football”,”title”:”Stanford”,”id”:”stanford-football”},”ucla-football”:{“url”:”/ucla-football”,”title”:”UCLA”,”id”:”ucla-football”},”usc-football”:{“url”:”/usc-football”,”title”:”USC”,”id”:”usc-football”},”utah-utes-football”:{“url”:”/utah-utes-football”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-utes-football”},”washington-huskies-football”:{“url”:”/washington-huskies-football”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-huskies-football”},”washington-state-football”:{“url”:”/washington-state-football”,”title”:”Washington St”,”id”:”washington-state-football”},”sec-football”:{“url”:”/sec-football”,”title”:”SEC”,”id”:”sec-football”,”subLists”:[“alabama-crimson-tide-football”,”arkansas-razorbacks-football”,”auburn-football”,”florida-gators-football”,”georgia-bulldogs-football”,”kentucky-wildcats-football”,”lsu-football”,”ole-miss-football”,”mississippi-state-football”,”missouri-tigers-football”,”south-carolina-football”,”tennessee-volunteers-football”,”texas-am-football”,”vanderbilt-football”],”subLinks”:[“sec-football”,”sec-football/archives”]},”alabama-crimson-tide-football”:{“url”:”/alabama-crimson-tide-football”,”title”:”Alabama”,”id”:”alabama-crimson-tide-football”},”arkansas-razorbacks-football”:{“url”:”/arkansas-razorbacks-football”,”title”:”Arkansas”,”id”:”arkansas-razorbacks-football”},”auburn-football”:{“url”:”/auburn-football”,”title”:”Auburn”,”id”:”auburn-football”},”florida-gators-football”:{“url”:”/florida-gators-football”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-gators-football”},”georgia-bulldogs-football”:{“url”:”/georgia-bulldogs-football”,”title”:”Georgia”,”id”:”georgia-bulldogs-football”},”kentucky-wildcats-football”:{“url”:”/kentucky-wildcats-football”,”title”:”Kentucky”,”id”:”kentucky-wildcats-football”},”lsu-football”:{“url”:”/lsu-football”,”title”:”LSU”,”id”:”lsu-football”},”ole-miss-football”:{“url”:”/ole-miss-football”,”title”:”Mississippi”,”id”:”ole-miss-football”},”mississippi-state-football”:{“url”:”/mississippi-state-football”,”title”:”Mississippi St”,”id”:”mississippi-state-football”},”missouri-tigers-football”:{“url”:”/missouri-tigers-football”,”title”:”Missouri”,”id”:”missouri-tigers-football”},”south-carolina-football”:{“url”:”/south-carolina-football”,”title”:”South Carolina”,”id”:”south-carolina-football”},”tennessee-volunteers-football”:{“url”:”/tennessee-volunteers-football”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-volunteers-football”},”texas-am-football”:{“url”:”/texas-am-football”,”title”:”Texas A&M”,”id”:”texas-am-football”},”vanderbilt-football”:{“url”:”/vanderbilt-football”,”title”:”Vanderbilt”,”id”:”vanderbilt-football”},”independents-football”:{“url”:”/independents-football”,”title”:”Independents”,”id”:”independents-football”,”subLists”:[“army-football”,”byu-football”,”notre-dame-football”],”subLinks”:[“independents-football”,”independents-football/archives”]},”army-football”:{“url”:”/army-football”,”title”:”Army”,”id”:”army-football”},”byu-football”:{“url”:”/byu-football”,”title”:”Brigham Young”,”id”:”byu-football”},”notre-dame-football”:{“url”:”/notre-dame-football”,”title”:”Notre Dame”,”id”:”notre-dame-football”},”nascar”:{“url”:”/nascar”,”title”:”NASCAR”,”id”:”nascar”},”golf”:{“url”:”/golf”,”title”:”Golf”,”id”:”golf”,”subLinks”:[“golf”,”golf/teams”,”golf/archives”]},”tennis”:{“url”:”/tennis”,”title”:”Tennis”,”id”:”tennis”,”subLinks”:[“tennis”,”tennis/teams”,”tennis/archives”]},”boxing”:{“url”:”/boxing”,”title”:”Boxing”,”id”:”boxing”,”subLinks”:[“boxing”,”boxing/archives”,”sports-odds”]},”more”:{“url”:”/more”,”title”:”More”,”id”:”more”,”subLists”:[“combat-sports”,”motorsports”,”outdoor-sports”,”more-sports”]},”combat-sports”:{“title”:”Combat Sports”,”id”:”combat-sports”,”subLists”:[“boxing”,”mma”,”wwe”]},”motorsports”:{“title”:”Motorsports”,”id”:”motorsports”,”subLists”:[“auto-racing”,”formula-1″,”nascar”,”indycar-series”]},”auto-racing”:{“url”:”/auto-racing”,”title”:”All Motorsports”,”id”:”auto-racing”},”formula-1″:{“url”:”/formula-1″,”title”:”F1″,”id”:”formula-1″},”indycar-series”:{“url”:”/indycar-series”,”title”:”IndyCar”,”id”:”indycar-series”},”outdoor-sports”:{“title”:”Outdoor Sports”,”id”:”outdoor-sports”,”subLists”:[“Action-sports”,”cycling”,”fishing”,”horse-racing”,”track-and-field”]},”Action-sports”:{“url”:”/Action-sports”,”title”:”Action sports”,”id”:”Action-sports”},”cycling”:{“url”:”/cycling”,”title”:”Cycling”,”id”:”cycling”},”fishing”:{“url”:”/fishing”,”title”:”Fishing”,”id”:”fishing”},”horse-racing”:{“url”:”/horse-racing”,”title”:”Horse Racing”,”id”:”horse-racing”},”track-and-field”:{“url”:”/track-and-field”,”title”:”Track and Field”,”id”:”track-and-field”},”more-sports”:{“title”:”More Sports”,”id”:”more-sports”,”subLists”:[“esports”,”cricket”,”rugby”,”rugby-league”,”wnba”,”womens-college-basketball”,”united-states-womens-national-team”,”united-states”,”cfl”,”college-baseball”,”lacrosse”,”sports-odds”]},”esports”:{“url”:”/esports”,”title”:”esports”,”id”:”esports”},”cricket”:{“url”:”/cricket”,”title”:”Cricket”,”id”:”cricket”},”rugby”:{“url”:”/rugby”,”title”:”Rugby Union”,”id”:”rugby”},”rugby-league”:{“url”:”/rugby-league”,”title”:”Rugby League”,”id”:”rugby-league”},”wnba”:{“url”:”/wnba”,”title”:”WNBA”,”id”:”wnba”},”womens-college-basketball”:{“url”:”/womens-college-basketball”,”title”:”Women’s College Basketball”,”id”:”womens-college-basketball”},”united-states-womens-national-team”:{“url”:”/united-states-womens-national-team”,”title”:”USWNT”,”id”:”united-states-womens-national-team”},”cfl”:{“url”:”/cfl”,”title”:”CFL”,”id”:”cfl”},”college-baseball”:{“url”:”/college-baseball”,”title”:”College Baseball”,”id”:”college-baseball”},”lacrosse”:{“url”:”/lacrosse”,”title”:”Lacrosse”,”id”:”lacrosse”},”trending”:{“url”:”/trending”,”title”:”Trending”,”id”:”trending”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Mag”,”id”:””},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”mobile”:{“url”:”/mobile”,”title”:”Get The App”,”id”:”mobile”}},”lists”:{“college-basketball”:[“american-athletic-conference-basketball”,”acc-basketball”,”atlantic-ten-basketball”,”big-12-basketball”,”big-east-basketball”,”big-10-basketball”,”pac-12-basketball”,”sec-basketball”],”american-athletic-conference-basketball”:[“cincinnati-bearcats-basketball”,”uconn-basketball”,”east-carolina-basketball”,”houston-cougars-basketball”,”memphis-tigers-basketball”,”south-florida-bulls-basketball”,”smu-basketball”,”temple-basketball”,”tulane-basketball”,”tulsa-golden-hurricane-basketball”,”ucf-basketball”],”acc-basketball”:[“boston-college-basketball”,”clemson-basketball”,”duke-basketball”,”florida-state-basketball”,”georgia-tech-basketball”,”louisville-cardinals-basketball”,”miami-hurricanes-basketball”,”unc-basketball”,”nc-state-basketball”,”notre-dame-basketball”,”pitt-basketball”,”syracuse-basketball”,”uva-basketball”,”virginia-tech-basketball”,”wake-forest-basketball”],”atlantic-ten-basketball”:[“davidson-basketball”,”dayton-basketball”,”duquesne-basketball”,”fordham-basketball”,”george-mason-basketball”,”gw-basketball”,”la-salle-basketball”,”umass-basketball”,”rhode-island-rams-basketball”,”richmond-spiders-basketball”,”saint-louis-billikens-basketball”,”st-josephs-basketball”,”st-bonaventure-basketball”,”virginia-commonwealth-basketball”],”big-12-basketball”:[“baylor-basketball”,”iowa-state-basketball”,”kansas-jayhawks-basketball”,”kansas-state-basketball”,”oklahoma-sooners-basketball”,”oklahoma-state-basketball”,”tcu-basketball”,”texas-longhorns-basketball”,”texas-tech-basketball”,”wvu-basketball”],”big-east-basketball”:[“butler-basketball”,”creighton-basketball”,”depaul-basketball”,”georgetown-basketball”,”marquette-basketball”,”providence-friars-basketball”,”seton-hall-basketball”,”st-johns-basketball”,”villanova-basketball”,”xavier-basketball”],”big-10-basketball”:[“illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”,”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”,”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”,”maryland-terrapins-basketball”,”michigan-wolverines-basketball”,”michigan-state-basketball”,”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”,”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”,”northwestern-basketball”,”ohio-state-basketball”,”penn-state-basketball”,”purdue-basketball”,”rutgers-basketball”,”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”],”pac-12-basketball”:[“arizona-wildcats-basketball”,”arizona-state-basketball”,”cal-bears-basketball”,”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”,”oregon-ducks-basketball”,”oregon-state-basketball”,”stanford-basketball”,”ucla-basketball”,”usc-basketball”,”utah-utes-basketball”,”washington-huskies-basketball”,”washington-state-basketball”],”sec-basketball”:[“alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”,”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”,”auburn-basketball”,”florida-gators-basketball”,”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”,”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”,”lsu-basketball”,”ole-miss-basketball”,”mississippi-state-basketball”,”missouri-tigers-basketball”,”south-carolina-basketball”,”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”,”texas-am-basketball”,”vanderbilt-basketball”],”nba”:[“atlantic”,”central”,”northwest”,”pacific”,”southeast”,”southwest”],”atlantic”:[“boston-celtics”,”brooklyn-nets”,”new-york-knicks”,”philadelphia-76ers”,”toronto-raptors”],”central”:[“chicago-bulls”,”cleveland-cavaliers”,”detroit-pistons”,”indiana-pacers”,”milwaukee-bucks”],”northwest”:[“denver-nuggets”,”minnesota-timberwolves”,”oklahoma-city-thunder”,”portland-trail-blazers”,”utah-jazz”],”pacific”:[“golden-state-warriors”,”los-angeles-clippers”,”los-angeles-lakers”,”phoenix-suns”,”sacramento-kings”],”southeast”:[“atlanta-hawks”,”charlotte-hornets”,”miami-heat”,”orlando-magic”,”washington-wizards”],”southwest”:[“dallas-mavericks”,”houston-rockets”,”memphis-grizzlies”,”new-orleans-pelicans”,”san-antonio-spurs”],”nfl”:[“afc-east”,”afc-north”,”afc-south”,”afc-west”,”nfc-east”,”nfc-north”,”nfc-south”,”nfc-west”],”afc-east”:[“buffalo-bills”,”miami-dolphins”,”new-england-patriots”,”new-york-jets”],”afc-north”:[“baltimore-ravens”,”cincinnati-bengals”,”cleveland-browns”,”pittsburgh-steelers”],”afc-south”:[“houston-texans”,”indianapolis-colts”,”jacksonville-jaguars”,”tennessee-titans”],”afc-west”:[“denver-broncos”,”kansas-city-chiefs”,”los-angeles-chargers”,”oakland-raiders”],”nfc-east”:[“dallas-cowboys”,”new-york-giants”,”philadelphia-eagles”,”washington-redskins”],”nfc-north”:[“chicago-bears”,”detroit-lions”,”green-bay-packers”,”minnesota-vikings”],”nfc-south”:[“atlanta-falcons”,”carolina-panthers”,”new-orleans-saints”,”tampa-bay-buccaneers”],”nfc-west”:[“arizona-cardinals”,”los-angeles-rams”,”san-francisco-49ers”,”seattle-seahawks”],”world-football”:[“international-football”,”epl”,”serie-a”,”la-liga”,”mls”,”sports-odds”],”international-football”:[“albania-national-football”,”algeria-national-football”,”argentina”,”austria”,”australia-national-football”,”belgium-national-football”,”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”,”brazilian-football”,”cameroon-national-football”,”chile-national-football”,”colombia-national-football”,”costa-rica-national-football”,”croatia-international-football”,”czech-republic-national-football”,”denmark-national-football”,”ecuador-national-football”,”england”,”france”,”germany”,”ghana-national-football”,”greece-national-football”,”honduras-national-football”,”hungary-national-football”,”iceland-national-football”,”iran-national-football”,”ireland”,”italy”,”ivory-coast-national-football”,”japan-national-football”,”mexico-national-football”,”namibia-national-football”,”netherlands”,”new-zealand-national-football”,”nigeria-national-football”,”north-korea-national-football”,”northern-ireland”,”norway-national-football”,”paraguay-national-football”,”poland”,”portugal-national-football”,”romania-national-football”,”russia”,”scotland”,”serbia-national-football”,”slovakia-national-football”,”slovenia-national-football”,”south-africa-national-football”,”south-korea-national-football”,”spain”,”sweden”,”switzerland”,”turkey-national-football”,”ukraine”,”united-states”,”uruguay-national-football”,”venezuela-national-football”,”wales-national-football”],”epl”:[“arsenal”,”bournemouth”,”burnley”,”chelsea”,”crystal-palace”,”everton”,”hull-city”,”leicester-city”,”liverpool”,”manchester-city”,”manchester-united”,”middlesbrough”,”southampton”,”stoke-city”,”sunderland”,”swansea-city”,”tottenham-hotspur”,”watford-fc”,”west-bromwich”,”west-ham-united”],”serie-a”:[“ac-milan”,”as-roma”,”atalanta”,”bologna”,”cagliari”,”chievo-verona”,”fc-crotone”,”empoli”,”fiorentina”,”genoa”,”inter-milan”,”juventus”,”lazio”,”napoli”,”palermo”,”pescara”,”sampdoria”,”sassuolo”,”torino”,”udinese”],”la-liga”:[“cd-alaves”,”athletic-club”,”atletico-madrid”,”celta-da-vigo”,”eibar”,”fc-barcelona”,”granada”,”las-palmas-ud”,”cd-leganes”,”malaga-cf”,”ca-Osasuna”,”rc-deportivo”,”rcd-espanyol”,”real-betis”,”real-madrid”,”real-sociedad”,”sevilla”,”real-sporting”,”valencia-cf”,”villarreal-cf”],”mls”:[“atlanta-united-fc”,”chicago-fire”,”colorado-rapids”,”columbus-crew”,”dc-united”,”fc-dallas”,”houston-dynamo”,”los-angeles-galaxy”,”minnesota-united”,”montreal-impact”,”new-england-revolution”,”new-york-red-bulls”,”new-york-city-fc”,”orlando-city”,”philadelphia-union”,”real-salt-lake”,”san-jose-earthquakes”,”seattle-sounders-fc”,”toronto-fc”,”sporting-kansas-city”,”portland-timbers”,”vancouver-whitecaps”],”mlb”:[“al-east”,”al-central”,”al-west”,”nl-east”,”nl-central”,”nl-west”],”al-east”:[“baltimore-orioles”,”boston-red-sox”,”new-york-yankees”,”tampa-bay-rays”,”toronto-blue-jays”],”al-central”:[“chicago-white-sox”,”cleveland-indians”,”detroit-tigers”,”kansas-city-royals”,”minnesota-twins”],”al-west”:[“houston-astros”,”los-angeles-angels”,”oakland-athletics”,”seattle-mariners”,”texas-rangers”],”nl-east”:[“atlanta-braves”,”miami-marlins”,”new-york-mets”,”philadelphia-phillies”,”washington-nationals”],”nl-central”:[“chicago-cubs”,”cincinnati-reds”,”milwaukee-brewers”,”pittsburgh-pirates”,”st-louis-cardinals”],”nl-west”:[“arizona-diamondbacks”,”colorado-rockies”,”los-angeles-dodgers”,”san-diego-padres”,”san-francisco-giants”],”nhl”:[“nhl-atlantic”,”nhl-central”,”nhl-pacific”,”nhl-metropolitan”],”nhl-atlantic”:[“boston-bruins”,”buffalo-sabres”,”detroit-red-wings”,”florida-panthers”,”montreal-canadiens”,”ottawa-senators”,”tampa-bay-lightning”,”toronto-maple-leafs”],”nhl-central”:[“chicago-blackhawks”,”colorado-avalanche”,”dallas-stars”,”minnesota-wild”,”nashville-predators”,”st-louis-blues”,”winnipeg-jets”],”nhl-pacific”:[“anaheim-ducks”,”arizona-coyotes”,”calgary-flames”,”edmonton-oilers”,”los-angeles-kings”,”san-jose-sharks”,”vancouver-canucks”],”nhl-metropolitan”:[“carolina-hurricanes”,”columbus-blue-jackets”,”new-jersey-devils”,”new-york-islanders”,”new-york-rangers”,”philadelphia-flyers”,”pittsburgh-penguins”,”washington-capitals”],”mma”:[],”wwe”:[“pro-wrestling”,”tna-wrestling”],”pro-wrestling”:[“pro-wrestling”,”pro-wrestling/archives”],”tna-wrestling”:[“tna-wrestling”,”tna-wrestling/archives”],”college-football”:[“american-athletic-conference-football”,”acc-football”,”big-12-football”,”big-10-football”,”pac-12-football”,”sec-football”,”independents-football”],”american-athletic-conference-football”:[“cincinnati-bearcats-football”,”uconn-football”,”east-carolina-football”,”houston-cougars-football”,”memphis-tigers-football”,”navy-football”,”smu-mustangs-football”,”south-florida-bulls-football”,”temple-football”,”tulane-football”,”tulsa-football”,”ucf-knights-football”],”acc-football”:[“boston-college-football”,”clemson-football”,”duke-football”,”florida-state-football”,”georgia-tech-football”,”louisville-cardinals-football”,”miami-hurricanes-football”,”unc-football”,”nc-state-football”,”pitt-football”,”syracuse-football”,”uva-football”,”virginia-tech-football”,”wake-forest-football”],”big-12-football”:[“baylor-football”,”iowa-state-football”,”kansas-jayhawks-football”,”kansas-state-football”,”oklahoma-sooners-football”,”oklahoma-state-football”,”tcu-football”,”texas-longhorns-football”,”texas-tech-football”,”wvu-football”],”big-10-football”:[“illinois-fighting-illini-football”,”indiana-hoosiers-football”,”iowa-hawkeyes-football”,”maryland-terrapins-football”,”michigan-wolverines-football”,”michigan-state-football”,”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”,”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”,”northwestern-football”,”ohio-state-football”,”penn-state-football”,”purdue-football”,”rutgers-football”,”wisconsin-badgers-football”],”pac-12-football”:[“arizona-wildcats-football”,”arizona-state-football”,”cal-bears-football”,”colorado-buffaloes-football”,”oregon-ducks-football”,”oregon-state-football”,”stanford-football”,”ucla-football”,”usc-football”,”utah-utes-football”,”washington-huskies-football”,”washington-state-football”],”sec-football”:[“alabama-crimson-tide-football”,”arkansas-razorbacks-football”,”auburn-football”,”florida-gators-football”,”georgia-bulldogs-football”,”kentucky-wildcats-football”,”lsu-football”,”ole-miss-football”,”mississippi-state-football”,”missouri-tigers-football”,”south-carolina-football”,”tennessee-volunteers-football”,”texas-am-football”,”vanderbilt-football”],”independents-football”:[“army-football”,”byu-football”,”notre-dame-football”],”golf”:[“golf”,”golf/teams”,”golf/archives”],”tennis”:[“tennis”,”tennis/teams”,”tennis/archives”],”boxing”:[“boxing”,”boxing/archives”,”sports-odds”],”more”:[“combat-sports”,”motorsports”,”outdoor-sports”,”more-sports”],”combat-sports”:[“boxing”,”mma”,”wwe”],”motorsports”:[“auto-racing”,”formula-1″,”nascar”,”indycar-series”],”outdoor-sports”:[“Action-sports”,”cycling”,”fishing”,”horse-racing”,”track-and-field”],”more-sports”:[“esports”,”cricket”,”rugby”,”rugby-league”,”wnba”,”womens-college-basketball”,”united-states-womens-national-team”,”united-states”,”cfl”,”college-baseball”,”lacrosse”,”sports-odds”],”topLevelLinks”:[“”,”college-basketball”,”nba”,”nfl”,”world-football”,”mlb”,”nhl”,”mma”,”wwe”,”college-football”,”nascar”,”golf”,”tennis”,”boxing”,”more”],”leagueLinks”:[“”,”college-basketball”,”nba”,”nfl”,”world-football”,”mlb”,”nhl”,”mma”,”wwe”,”college-football”,”nascar”,”golf”,”tennis”,”boxing”,”more”],”nonLeagueLinks”:[“trending”,””,””,”mobile”],”dropdownStack”:[],”leagueOverflow”:[]},”links”:{“”:{“url”:””,”title”:”Bracket Game”,”id”:””},”college-basketball”:{“url”:”/college-basketball”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”college-basketball”},”college-basketball/teams”:{“url”:”/college-basketball/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”college-basketball/teams”},”college-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/college-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”college-basketball/archives”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Buy Tickets”,”id”:””},”womens-college-basketball”:{“url”:”/womens-college-basketball”,”title”:”Women’s CBB”,”id”:”womens-college-basketball”},”cincinnati-bearcats-basketball”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-bearcats-basketball”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-bearcats-basketball”},”uconn-basketball”:{“url”:”/uconn-basketball”,”title”:”Connecticut”,”id”:”uconn-basketball”},”east-carolina-basketball”:{“url”:”/east-carolina-basketball”,”title”:”East Carolina”,”id”:”east-carolina-basketball”},”houston-cougars-basketball”:{“url”:”/houston-cougars-basketball”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-cougars-basketball”},”memphis-tigers-basketball”:{“url”:”/memphis-tigers-basketball”,”title”:”Memphis”,”id”:”memphis-tigers-basketball”},”south-florida-bulls-basketball”:{“url”:”/south-florida-bulls-basketball”,”title”:”South Florida”,”id”:”south-florida-bulls-basketball”},”smu-basketball”:{“url”:”/smu-basketball”,”title”:”SMU”,”id”:”smu-basketball”},”temple-basketball”:{“url”:”/temple-basketball”,”title”:”Temple”,”id”:”temple-basketball”},”tulane-basketball”:{“url”:”/tulane-basketball”,”title”:”Tulane”,”id”:”tulane-basketball”},”tulsa-golden-hurricane-basketball”:{“url”:”/tulsa-golden-hurricane-basketball”,”title”:”Tulsa”,”id”:”tulsa-golden-hurricane-basketball”},”ucf-basketball”:{“url”:”/ucf-basketball”,”title”:”UCF”,”id”:”ucf-basketball”},”acc-basketball”:{“url”:”/acc-basketball”,”title”:”ACC Home”,”id”:”acc-basketball”},”acc-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/acc-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”acc-basketball/archives”},”boston-college-basketball”:{“url”:”/boston-college-basketball”,”title”:”Boston College”,”id”:”boston-college-basketball”},”clemson-basketball”:{“url”:”/clemson-basketball”,”title”:”Clemson”,”id”:”clemson-basketball”},”duke-basketball”:{“url”:”/duke-basketball”,”title”:”Duke”,”id”:”duke-basketball”},”florida-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/florida-state-basketball”,”title”:”Florida St”,”id”:”florida-state-basketball”},”georgia-tech-basketball”:{“url”:”/georgia-tech-basketball”,”title”:”Georgia Tech”,”id”:”georgia-tech-basketball”},”louisville-cardinals-basketball”:{“url”:”/louisville-cardinals-basketball”,”title”:”Louisville”,”id”:”louisville-cardinals-basketball”},”miami-hurricanes-basketball”:{“url”:”/miami-hurricanes-basketball”,”title”:”Miami (FL)”,”id”:”miami-hurricanes-basketball”},”unc-basketball”:{“url”:”/unc-basketball”,”title”:”North Carolina”,”id”:”unc-basketball”},”nc-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/nc-state-basketball”,”title”:”NC State”,”id”:”nc-state-basketball”},”notre-dame-basketball”:{“url”:”/notre-dame-basketball”,”title”:”Notre Dame”,”id”:”notre-dame-basketball”},”pitt-basketball”:{“url”:”/pitt-basketball”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pitt-basketball”},”syracuse-basketball”:{“url”:”/syracuse-basketball”,”title”:”Syracuse”,”id”:”syracuse-basketball”},”uva-basketball”:{“url”:”/uva-basketball”,”title”:”Virginia”,”id”:”uva-basketball”},”virginia-tech-basketball”:{“url”:”/virginia-tech-basketball”,”title”:”Virginia Tech”,”id”:”virginia-tech-basketball”},”wake-forest-basketball”:{“url”:”/wake-forest-basketball”,”title”:”Wake Forest”,”id”:”wake-forest-basketball”},”atlantic-ten-basketball”:{“url”:”/atlantic-ten-basketball”,”title”:”Atlantic 10 Home”,”id”:”atlantic-ten-basketball”},”atlantic-ten-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/atlantic-ten-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”atlantic-ten-basketball/archives”},”davidson-basketball”:{“url”:”/davidson-basketball”,”title”:”Davidson”,”id”:”davidson-basketball”},”dayton-basketball”:{“url”:”/dayton-basketball”,”title”:”Dayton”,”id”:”dayton-basketball”},”duquesne-basketball”:{“url”:”/duquesne-basketball”,”title”:”Duquesne”,”id”:”duquesne-basketball”},”fordham-basketball”:{“url”:”/fordham-basketball”,”title”:”Fordham”,”id”:”fordham-basketball”},”george-mason-basketball”:{“url”:”/george-mason-basketball”,”title”:”George Mason “,”id”:”george-mason-basketball”},”gw-basketball”:{“url”:”/gw-basketball”,”title”:”George Washington”,”id”:”gw-basketball”},”la-salle-basketball”:{“url”:”/la-salle-basketball”,”title”:”La Salle”,”id”:”la-salle-basketball”},”umass-basketball”:{“url”:”/umass-basketball”,”title”:”Massachusetts”,”id”:”umass-basketball”},”rhode-island-rams-basketball”:{“url”:”/rhode-island-rams-basketball”,”title”:”Rhode Island”,”id”:”rhode-island-rams-basketball”},”richmond-spiders-basketball”:{“url”:”/richmond-spiders-basketball”,”title”:”Richmond”,”id”:”richmond-spiders-basketball”},”saint-louis-billikens-basketball”:{“url”:”/saint-louis-billikens-basketball”,”title”:”Saint Louis”,”id”:”saint-louis-billikens-basketball”},”st-josephs-basketball”:{“url”:”/st-josephs-basketball”,”title”:”St. Joseph’s”,”id”:”st-josephs-basketball”},”st-bonaventure-basketball”:{“url”:”/st-bonaventure-basketball”,”title”:”St. Bonaventure”,”id”:”st-bonaventure-basketball”},”virginia-commonwealth-basketball”:{“url”:”/virginia-commonwealth-basketball”,”title”:”Virginia Commonwealth”,”id”:”virginia-commonwealth-basketball”},”big-12-basketball”:{“url”:”/big-12-basketball”,”title”:”Big 12 Home”,”id”:”big-12-basketball”},”big-12-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/big-12-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”big-12-basketball/archives”},”baylor-basketball”:{“url”:”/baylor-basketball”,”title”:”Baylor”,”id”:”baylor-basketball”},”iowa-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/iowa-state-basketball”,”title”:”Iowa St”,”id”:”iowa-state-basketball”},”kansas-jayhawks-basketball”:{“url”:”/kansas-jayhawks-basketball”,”title”:”Kansas”,”id”:”kansas-jayhawks-basketball”},”kansas-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/kansas-state-basketball”,”title”:”Kansas St”,”id”:”kansas-state-basketball”},”oklahoma-sooners-basketball”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-sooners-basketball”,”title”:”Oklahoma”,”id”:”oklahoma-sooners-basketball”},”oklahoma-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-state-basketball”,”title”:”Oklahoma St”,”id”:”oklahoma-state-basketball”},”tcu-basketball”:{“url”:”/tcu-basketball”,”title”:”TCU”,”id”:”tcu-basketball”},”texas-longhorns-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-longhorns-basketball”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-longhorns-basketball”},”texas-tech-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-tech-basketball”,”title”:”Texas Tech”,”id”:”texas-tech-basketball”},”wvu-basketball”:{“url”:”/wvu-basketball”,”title”:”West Virginia”,”id”:”wvu-basketball”},”big-east-basketball”:{“url”:”/big-east-basketball”,”title”:”Big East Home”,”id”:”big-east-basketball”},”big-east-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/big-east-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”big-east-basketball/archives”},”butler-basketball”:{“url”:”/butler-basketball”,”title”:”Butler”,”id”:”butler-basketball”},”creighton-basketball”:{“url”:”/creighton-basketball”,”title”:”Creighton”,”id”:”creighton-basketball”},”depaul-basketball”:{“url”:”/depaul-basketball”,”title”:”DePaul”,”id”:”depaul-basketball”},”georgetown-basketball”:{“url”:”/georgetown-basketball”,”title”:”Georgetown”,”id”:”georgetown-basketball”},”marquette-basketball”:{“url”:”/marquette-basketball”,”title”:”Marquette”,”id”:”marquette-basketball”},”providence-friars-basketball”:{“url”:”/providence-friars-basketball”,”title”:”Providence”,”id”:”providence-friars-basketball”},”seton-hall-basketball”:{“url”:”/seton-hall-basketball”,”title”:”Seton Hall”,”id”:”seton-hall-basketball”},”st-johns-basketball”:{“url”:”/st-johns-basketball”,”title”:”St John’s”,”id”:”st-johns-basketball”},”villanova-basketball”:{“url”:”/villanova-basketball”,”title”:”Villanova”,”id”:”villanova-basketball”},”xavier-basketball”:{“url”:”/xavier-basketball”,”title”:”Xavier”,”id”:”xavier-basketball”},”big-10-basketball”:{“url”:”/big-10-basketball”,”title”:”Big Ten Home”,”id”:”big-10-basketball”},”big-10-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/big-10-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”big-10-basketball/archives”},”illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”:{“url”:”/illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”,”title”:”Illinois”,”id”:”illinois-fighting-illini-basketball”},”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”:{“url”:”/indiana-hoosiers-basketball”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-hoosiers-basketball”},”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”:{“url”:”/iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”,”title”:”Iowa”,”id”:”iowa-hawkeyes-basketball”},”maryland-terrapins-basketball”:{“url”:”/maryland-terrapins-basketball”,”title”:”Maryland”,”id”:”maryland-terrapins-basketball”},”michigan-wolverines-basketball”:{“url”:”/michigan-wolverines-basketball”,”title”:”Michigan”,”id”:”michigan-wolverines-basketball”},”michigan-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/michigan-state-basketball”,”title”:”Michigan St”,”id”:”michigan-state-basketball”},”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”:{“url”:”/minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-golden-gophers-basketball”},”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”:{“url”:”/nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”,”title”:”Nebraska”,”id”:”nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball”},”northwestern-basketball”:{“url”:”/northwestern-basketball”,”title”:”Northwestern”,”id”:”northwestern-basketball”},”ohio-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/ohio-state-basketball”,”title”:”Ohio St”,”id”:”ohio-state-basketball”},”penn-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/penn-state-basketball”,”title”:”Penn St”,”id”:”penn-state-basketball”},”purdue-basketball”:{“url”:”/purdue-basketball”,”title”:”Purdue”,”id”:”purdue-basketball”},”rutgers-basketball”:{“url”:”/rutgers-basketball”,”title”:”Rutgers”,”id”:”rutgers-basketball”},”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”:{“url”:”/wisconsin-badgers-basketball”,”title”:”Wisconsin”,”id”:”wisconsin-badgers-basketball”},”pac-12-basketball”:{“url”:”/pac-12-basketball”,”title”:”Pacific-12 Home”,”id”:”pac-12-basketball”},”pac-10-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/pac-10-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”pac-10-basketball/archives”},”arizona-wildcats-basketball”:{“url”:”/arizona-wildcats-basketball”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-wildcats-basketball”},”arizona-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/arizona-state-basketball”,”title”:”Arizona St”,”id”:”arizona-state-basketball”},”cal-bears-basketball”:{“url”:”/cal-bears-basketball”,”title”:”California”,”id”:”cal-bears-basketball”},”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”:{“url”:”/colorado-buffaloes-basketball”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-buffaloes-basketball”},”oregon-ducks-basketball”:{“url”:”/oregon-ducks-basketball”,”title”:”Oregon”,”id”:”oregon-ducks-basketball”},”oregon-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/oregon-state-basketball”,”title”:”Oregon St”,”id”:”oregon-state-basketball”},”stanford-basketball”:{“url”:”/stanford-basketball”,”title”:”Stanford”,”id”:”stanford-basketball”},”ucla-basketball”:{“url”:”/ucla-basketball”,”title”:”UCLA”,”id”:”ucla-basketball”},”usc-basketball”:{“url”:”/usc-basketball”,”title”:”USC”,”id”:”usc-basketball”},”utah-utes-basketball”:{“url”:”/utah-utes-basketball”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-utes-basketball”},”washington-huskies-basketball”:{“url”:”/washington-huskies-basketball”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-huskies-basketball”},”washington-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/washington-state-basketball”,”title”:”Washington St”,”id”:”washington-state-basketball”},”sec-basketball”:{“url”:”/sec-basketball”,”title”:”SEC Home”,”id”:”sec-basketball”},”sec-basketball/archives”:{“url”:”/sec-basketball/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”sec-basketball/archives”},”alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”:{“url”:”/alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”,”title”:”Alabama”,”id”:”alabama-crimson-tide-basketball”},”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”:{“url”:”/arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”,”title”:”Arkansas”,”id”:”arkansas-razorbacks-basketball”},”auburn-basketball”:{“url”:”/auburn-basketball”,”title”:”Auburn”,”id”:”auburn-basketball”},”florida-gators-basketball”:{“url”:”/florida-gators-basketball”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-gators-basketball”},”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”:{“url”:”/georgia-bulldogs-basketball”,”title”:”Georgia”,”id”:”georgia-bulldogs-basketball”},”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”:{“url”:”/kentucky-wildcats-basketball”,”title”:”Kentucky”,”id”:”kentucky-wildcats-basketball”},”lsu-basketball”:{“url”:”/lsu-basketball”,”title”:”LSU”,”id”:”lsu-basketball”},”ole-miss-basketball”:{“url”:”/ole-miss-basketball”,”title”:”Mississippi”,”id”:”ole-miss-basketball”},”mississippi-state-basketball”:{“url”:”/mississippi-state-basketball”,”title”:”Mississippi St”,”id”:”mississippi-state-basketball”},”missouri-tigers-basketball”:{“url”:”/missouri-tigers-basketball”,”title”:”Missouri”,”id”:”missouri-tigers-basketball”},”south-carolina-basketball”:{“url”:”/south-carolina-basketball”,”title”:”South Carolina”,”id”:”south-carolina-basketball”},”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”:{“url”:”/tennessee-volunteers-basketball”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-volunteers-basketball”},”texas-am-basketball”:{“url”:”/texas-am-basketball”,”title”:”Texas A&M”,”id”:”texas-am-basketball”},”vanderbilt-basketball”:{“url”:”/vanderbilt-basketball”,”title”:”Vanderbilt”,”id”:”vanderbilt-basketball”},”nba”:{“url”:”/nba”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”nba”},”nba-draft”:{“url”:”/nba-draft”,”title”:”Draft”,”id”:”nba-draft”},”nba/teams”:{“url”:”/nba/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”nba/teams”},”nba-200″:{“url”:”/nba-200″,”title”:”NBA 200″,”id”:”nba-200″},”nba/archives”:{“url”:”/nba/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”nba/archives”},”nba/odds”:{“url”:”/nba/odds”,”title”:”Odds”,”id”:”nba/odds”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”boston-celtics”:{“url”:”/boston-celtics”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-celtics”},”brooklyn-nets”:{“url”:”/brooklyn-nets”,”title”:”Brooklyn”,”id”:”brooklyn-nets”},”new-york-knicks”:{“url”:”/new-york-knicks”,”title”:”New York”,”id”:”new-york-knicks”},”philadelphia-76ers”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-76ers”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-76ers”},”toronto-raptors”:{“url”:”/toronto-raptors”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-raptors”},”chicago-bulls”:{“url”:”/chicago-bulls”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-bulls”},”cleveland-cavaliers”:{“url”:”/cleveland-cavaliers”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-cavaliers”},”detroit-pistons”:{“url”:”/detroit-pistons”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-pistons”},”indiana-pacers”:{“url”:”/indiana-pacers”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-pacers”},”milwaukee-bucks”:{“url”:”/milwaukee-bucks”,”title”:”Milwaukee”,”id”:”milwaukee-bucks”},”denver-nuggets”:{“url”:”/denver-nuggets”,”title”:”Denver”,”id”:”denver-nuggets”},”minnesota-timberwolves”:{“url”:”/minnesota-timberwolves”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-timberwolves”},”oklahoma-city-thunder”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-city-thunder”,”title”:”Oklahoma City”,”id”:”oklahoma-city-thunder”},”portland-trail-blazers”:{“url”:”/portland-trail-blazers”,”title”:”Portland”,”id”:”portland-trail-blazers”},”utah-jazz”:{“url”:”/utah-jazz”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-jazz”},”golden-state-warriors”:{“url”:”/golden-state-warriors”,”title”:”Golden St”,”id”:”golden-state-warriors”},”los-angeles-clippers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-clippers”,”title”:”LA Clippers”,”id”:”los-angeles-clippers”},”los-angeles-lakers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-lakers”,”title”:”LA Lakers”,”id”:”los-angeles-lakers”},”phoenix-suns”:{“url”:”/phoenix-suns”,”title”:”Phoenix”,”id”:”phoenix-suns”},”sacramento-kings”:{“url”:”/sacramento-kings”,”title”:”Sacramento”,”id”:”sacramento-kings”},”atlanta-hawks”:{“url”:”/atlanta-hawks”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-hawks”},”charlotte-hornets”:{“url”:”/charlotte-hornets”,”title”:”Charlotte”,”id”:”charlotte-hornets”},”miami-heat”:{“url”:”/miami-heat”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-heat”},”orlando-magic”:{“url”:”/orlando-magic”,”title”:”Orlando”,”id”:”orlando-magic”},”washington-wizards”:{“url”:”/washington-wizards”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-wizards”},”dallas-mavericks”:{“url”:”/dallas-mavericks”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-mavericks”},”houston-rockets”:{“url”:”/houston-rockets”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-rockets”},”memphis-grizzlies”:{“url”:”/memphis-grizzlies”,”title”:”Memphis”,”id”:”memphis-grizzlies”},”new-orleans-pelicans”:{“url”:”/new-orleans-pelicans”,”title”:”New Orleans”,”id”:”new-orleans-pelicans”},”san-antonio-spurs”:{“url”:”/san-antonio-spurs”,”title”:”San Antonio”,”id”:”san-antonio-spurs”},”nfl”:{“url”:”/nfl”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”nfl”},”fantasy-football”:{“url”:”/fantasy-football”,”title”:”Fantasy”,”id”:”fantasy-football”},”nfl/teams”:{“url”:”/nfl/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”nfl/teams”},”nfl-draft”:{“url”:”/nfl-draft”,”title”:”NFL Draft”,”id”:”nfl-draft”},”nfl/archives”:{“url”:”/nfl/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”nfl/archives”},”nfl/odds”:{“url”:”/nfl/odds”,”title”:”Odds”,”id”:”nfl/odds”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”buffalo-bills”:{“url”:”/buffalo-bills”,”title”:”Buffalo”,”id”:”buffalo-bills”},”miami-dolphins”:{“url”:”/miami-dolphins”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-dolphins”},”new-england-patriots”:{“url”:”/new-england-patriots”,”title”:”New England”,”id”:”new-england-patriots”},”new-york-jets”:{“url”:”/new-york-jets”,”title”:”NY Jets”,”id”:”new-york-jets”},”baltimore-ravens”:{“url”:”/baltimore-ravens”,”title”:”Baltimore”,”id”:”baltimore-ravens”},”cincinnati-bengals”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-bengals”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-bengals”},”cleveland-browns”:{“url”:”/cleveland-browns”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-browns”},”pittsburgh-steelers”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-steelers”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-steelers”},”houston-texans”:{“url”:”/houston-texans”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-texans”},”indianapolis-colts”:{“url”:”/indianapolis-colts”,”title”:”Indianapolis”,”id”:”indianapolis-colts”},”jacksonville-jaguars”:{“url”:”/jacksonville-jaguars”,”title”:”Jacksonville”,”id”:”jacksonville-jaguars”},”tennessee-titans”:{“url”:”/tennessee-titans”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-titans”},”denver-broncos”:{“url”:”/denver-broncos”,”title”:”Denver”,”id”:”denver-broncos”},”kansas-city-chiefs”:{“url”:”/kansas-city-chiefs”,”title”:”Kansas City”,”id”:”kansas-city-chiefs”},”los-angeles-chargers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-chargers”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-chargers”},”oakland-raiders”:{“url”:”/oakland-raiders”,”title”:”Oakland”,”id”:”oakland-raiders”},”dallas-cowboys”:{“url”:”/dallas-cowboys”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-cowboys”},”new-york-giants”:{“url”:”/new-york-giants”,”title”:”NY Giants”,”id”:”new-york-giants”},”philadelphia-eagles”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-eagles”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-eagles”},”washington-redskins”:{“url”:”/washington-redskins”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-redskins”},”chicago-bears”:{“url”:”/chicago-bears”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-bears”},”detroit-lions”:{“url”:”/detroit-lions”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-lions”},”green-bay-packers”:{“url”:”/green-bay-packers”,”title”:”Green Bay”,”id”:”green-bay-packers”},”minnesota-vikings”:{“url”:”/minnesota-vikings”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-vikings”},”atlanta-falcons”:{“url”:”/atlanta-falcons”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-falcons”},”carolina-panthers”:{“url”:”/carolina-panthers”,”title”:”Carolina”,”id”:”carolina-panthers”},”new-orleans-saints”:{“url”:”/new-orleans-saints”,”title”:”New Orleans”,”id”:”new-orleans-saints”},”tampa-bay-buccaneers”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-buccaneers”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-buccaneers”},”arizona-cardinals”:{“url”:”/arizona-cardinals”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-cardinals”},”los-angeles-rams”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-rams”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-rams”},”san-francisco-49ers”:{“url”:”/san-francisco-49ers”,”title”:”San Francisco”,”id”:”san-francisco-49ers”},”seattle-seahawks”:{“url”:”/seattle-seahawks”,”title”:”Seattle”,”id”:”seattle-seahawks”},”world-football”:{“url”:”/world-football”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”world-football”},”world-football/archives”:{“url”:”/world-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”world-football/archives”},”international-football”:{“url”:”/international-football”,”title”:”International Football Home”,”id”:”international-football”},”international-football/archives”:{“url”:”/international-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”international-football/archives”},”albania-national-football”:{“url”:”/albania-national-football”,”title”:”Albania”,”id”:”albania-national-football”},”algeria-national-football”:{“url”:”/algeria-national-football”,”title”:”Algeria”,”id”:”algeria-national-football”},”argentina”:{“url”:”/argentina”,”title”:”Argentina”,”id”:”argentina”},”austria”:{“url”:”/austria”,”title”:”Austria”,”id”:”austria”},”australia-national-football”:{“url”:”/australia-national-football”,”title”:”Australia”,”id”:”australia-national-football”},”belgium-national-football”:{“url”:”/belgium-national-football”,”title”:”Belgium”,”id”:”belgium-national-football”},”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”:{“url”:”/bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”,”title”:”Bosnia-Herzegovina”,”id”:”bosnia-herzegovina-national-football”},”brazilian-football”:{“url”:”/brazilian-football”,”title”:”Brazil”,”id”:”brazilian-football”},”cameroon-national-football”:{“url”:”/cameroon-national-football”,”title”:”Cameroon”,”id”:”cameroon-national-football”},”chile-national-football”:{“url”:”/chile-national-football”,”title”:”Chile”,”id”:”chile-national-football”},”colombia-national-football”:{“url”:”/colombia-national-football”,”title”:”Colombia”,”id”:”colombia-national-football”},”costa-rica-national-football”:{“url”:”/costa-rica-national-football”,”title”:”Costa Rica”,”id”:”costa-rica-national-football”},”croatia-international-football”:{“url”:”/croatia-international-football”,”title”:”Croatia”,”id”:”croatia-international-football”},”czech-republic-national-football”:{“url”:”/czech-republic-national-football”,”title”:”Czech Republic”,”id”:”czech-republic-national-football”},”denmark-national-football”:{“url”:”/denmark-national-football”,”title”:”Denmark”,”id”:”denmark-national-football”},”ecuador-national-football”:{“url”:”/ecuador-national-football”,”title”:”Ecuador”,”id”:”ecuador-national-football”},”england”:{“url”:”/england”,”title”:”England”,”id”:”england”},”france”:{“url”:”/france”,”title”:”France”,”id”:”france”},”germany”:{“url”:”/germany”,”title”:”Germany”,”id”:”germany”},”ghana-national-football”:{“url”:”/ghana-national-football”,”title”:”Ghana”,”id”:”ghana-national-football”},”greece-national-football”:{“url”:”/greece-national-football”,”title”:”Greece”,”id”:”greece-national-football”},”honduras-national-football”:{“url”:”/honduras-national-football”,”title”:”Honduras”,”id”:”honduras-national-football”},”hungary-national-football”:{“url”:”/hungary-national-football”,”title”:”Hungary”,”id”:”hungary-national-football”},”iceland-national-football”:{“url”:”/iceland-national-football”,”title”:”Iceland”,”id”:”iceland-national-football”},”iran-national-football”:{“url”:”/iran-national-football”,”title”:”Iran”,”id”:”iran-national-football”},”ireland”:{“url”:”/ireland”,”title”:”Ireland”,”id”:”ireland”},”italy”:{“url”:”/italy”,”title”:”Italy”,”id”:”italy”},”ivory-coast-national-football”:{“url”:”/ivory-coast-national-football”,”title”:”Ivory Coast”,”id”:”ivory-coast-national-football”},”japan-national-football”:{“url”:”/japan-national-football”,”title”:”Japan”,”id”:”japan-national-football”},”mexico-national-football”:{“url”:”/mexico-national-football”,”title”:”Mexico”,”id”:”mexico-national-football”},”namibia-national-football”:{“url”:”/namibia-national-football”,”title”:”Namibia”,”id”:”namibia-national-football”},”netherlands”:{“url”:”/netherlands”,”title”:”Netherlands”,”id”:”netherlands”},”new-zealand-national-football”:{“url”:”/new-zealand-national-football”,”title”:”New Zealand”,”id”:”new-zealand-national-football”},”nigeria-national-football”:{“url”:”/nigeria-national-football”,”title”:”Nigeria”,”id”:”nigeria-national-football”},”north-korea-national-football”:{“url”:”/north-korea-national-football”,”title”:”North Korea”,”id”:”north-korea-national-football”},”northern-ireland”:{“url”:”/northern-ireland”,”title”:”Northern Ireland”,”id”:”northern-ireland”},”norway-national-football”:{“url”:”/norway-national-football”,”title”:”Norway”,”id”:”norway-national-football”},”paraguay-national-football”:{“url”:”/paraguay-national-football”,”title”:”Paraguay”,”id”:”paraguay-national-football”},”poland”:{“url”:”/poland”,”title”:”Poland”,”id”:”poland”},”portugal-national-football”:{“url”:”/portugal-national-football”,”title”:”Portugal”,”id”:”portugal-national-football”},”romania-national-football”:{“url”:”/romania-national-football”,”title”:”Romania”,”id”:”romania-national-football”},”russia”:{“url”:”/russia”,”title”:”Russia”,”id”:”russia”},”scotland”:{“url”:”/scotland”,”title”:”Scotland”,”id”:”scotland”},”serbia-national-football”:{“url”:”/serbia-national-football”,”title”:”Serbia”,”id”:”serbia-national-football”},”slovakia-national-football”:{“url”:”/slovakia-national-football”,”title”:”Slovakia”,”id”:”slovakia-national-football”},”slovenia-national-football”:{“url”:”/slovenia-national-football”,”title”:”Slovenia”,”id”:”slovenia-national-football”},”south-africa-national-football”:{“url”:”/south-africa-national-football”,”title”:”South Africa”,”id”:”south-africa-national-football”},”south-korea-national-football”:{“url”:”/south-korea-national-football”,”title”:”South Korea”,”id”:”south-korea-national-football”},”spain”:{“url”:”/spain”,”title”:”Spain”,”id”:”spain”},”sweden”:{“url”:”/sweden”,”title”:”Sweden”,”id”:”sweden”},”switzerland”:{“url”:”/switzerland”,”title”:”Switzerland”,”id”:”switzerland”},”turkey-national-football”:{“url”:”/turkey-national-football”,”title”:”Turkey”,”id”:”turkey-national-football”},”ukraine”:{“url”:”/ukraine”,”title”:”Ukraine”,”id”:”ukraine”},”united-states”:{“url”:”/united-states”,”title”:”United States”,”id”:”united-states”},”uruguay-national-football”:{“url”:”/uruguay-national-football”,”title”:”Uruguay”,”id”:”uruguay-national-football”},”venezuela-national-football”:{“url”:”/venezuela-national-football”,”title”:”Venezuela”,”id”:”venezuela-national-football”},”wales-national-football”:{“url”:”/wales-national-football”,”title”:”Wales”,”id”:”wales-national-football”},”epl”:{“url”:”/epl”,”title”:”Premier League Home”,”id”:”epl”},”transfer-window”:{“url”:”/transfer-window”,”title”:”Transfers”,”id”:”transfer-window”},”epl/archives”:{“url”:”/epl/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”epl/archives”},”arsenal”:{“url”:”/arsenal”,”title”:”Arsenal”,”id”:”arsenal”},”bournemouth”:{“url”:”/bournemouth”,”title”:”Bournemouth”,”id”:”bournemouth”},”burnley”:{“url”:”/burnley”,”title”:”Burnley”,”id”:”burnley”},”chelsea”:{“url”:”/chelsea”,”title”:”Chelsea”,”id”:”chelsea”},”crystal-palace”:{“url”:”/crystal-palace”,”title”:”Crystal Palace”,”id”:”crystal-palace”},”everton”:{“url”:”/everton”,”title”:”Everton”,”id”:”everton”},”hull-city”:{“url”:”/hull-city”,”title”:”Hull City”,”id”:”hull-city”},”leicester-city”:{“url”:”/leicester-city”,”title”:”Leicester City”,”id”:”leicester-city”},”liverpool”:{“url”:”/liverpool”,”title”:”Liverpool”,”id”:”liverpool”},”manchester-city”:{“url”:”/manchester-city”,”title”:”Manchester City”,”id”:”manchester-city”},”manchester-united”:{“url”:”/manchester-united”,”title”:”Manchester United”,”id”:”manchester-united”},”middlesbrough”:{“url”:”/middlesbrough”,”title”:”Middlesbrough”,”id”:”middlesbrough”},”southampton”:{“url”:”/southampton”,”title”:”Southampton”,”id”:”southampton”},”stoke-city”:{“url”:”/stoke-city”,”title”:”Stoke City”,”id”:”stoke-city”},”sunderland”:{“url”:”/sunderland”,”title”:”Sunderland”,”id”:”sunderland”},”swansea-city”:{“url”:”/swansea-city”,”title”:”Swansea City”,”id”:”swansea-city”},”tottenham-hotspur”:{“url”:”/tottenham-hotspur”,”title”:”Tottenham Hotspur”,”id”:”tottenham-hotspur”},”watford-fc”:{“url”:”/watford-fc”,”title”:”Watford”,”id”:”watford-fc”},”west-bromwich”:{“url”:”/west-bromwich”,”title”:”West Bromwich Albion”,”id”:”west-bromwich”},”west-ham-united”:{“url”:”/west-ham-united”,”title”:”West Ham United”,”id”:”west-ham-united”},”serie-a”:{“url”:”/serie-a”,”title”:”Serie A Home”,”id”:”serie-a”},”serie-a/archives”:{“url”:”/serie-a/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”serie-a/archives”},”ac-milan”:{“url”:”/ac-milan”,”title”:”AC Milan”,”id”:”ac-milan”},”as-roma”:{“url”:”/as-roma”,”title”:”AS Roma”,”id”:”as-roma”},”atalanta”:{“url”:”/atalanta”,”title”:”Atalanta”,”id”:”atalanta”},”bologna”:{“url”:”/bologna”,”title”:”Bologna”,”id”:”bologna”},”cagliari”:{“url”:”/cagliari”,”title”:”Cagliari”,”id”:”cagliari”},”chievo-verona”:{“url”:”/chievo-verona”,”title”:”Chievo Verona”,”id”:”chievo-verona”},”fc-crotone”:{“url”:”/fc-crotone”,”title”:”Crotone”,”id”:”fc-crotone”},”empoli”:{“url”:”/empoli”,”title”:”Empoli”,”id”:”empoli”},”fiorentina”:{“url”:”/fiorentina”,”title”:”Fiorentina”,”id”:”fiorentina”},”genoa”:{“url”:”/genoa”,”title”:”Genoa”,”id”:”genoa”},”inter-milan”:{“url”:”/inter-milan”,”title”:”Inter Milan”,”id”:”inter-milan”},”juventus”:{“url”:”/juventus”,”title”:”Juventus”,”id”:”juventus”},”lazio”:{“url”:”/lazio”,”title”:”Lazio”,”id”:”lazio”},”napoli”:{“url”:”/napoli”,”title”:”Napoli”,”id”:”napoli”},”palermo”:{“url”:”/palermo”,”title”:”Palermo”,”id”:”palermo”},”pescara”:{“url”:”/pescara”,”title”:”Pescara”,”id”:”pescara”},”sampdoria”:{“url”:”/sampdoria”,”title”:”Sampdoria”,”id”:”sampdoria”},”sassuolo”:{“url”:”/sassuolo”,”title”:”Sassuolo”,”id”:”sassuolo”},”torino”:{“url”:”/torino”,”title”:”Torino”,”id”:”torino”},”udinese”:{“url”:”/udinese”,”title”:”Udinese”,”id”:”udinese”},”la-liga”:{“url”:”/la-liga”,”title”:”La Liga Home”,”id”:”la-liga”},”la-liga/archives”:{“url”:”/la-liga/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”la-liga/archives”},”cd-alaves”:{“url”:”/cd-alaves”,”title”:”Alaves”,”id”:”cd-alaves”},”athletic-club”:{“url”:”/athletic-club”,”title”:”Athletic Club Bilbao”,”id”:”athletic-club”},”atletico-madrid”:{“url”:”/atletico-madrid”,”title”:”Atletico Madrid”,”id”:”atletico-madrid”},”celta-da-vigo”:{“url”:”/celta-da-vigo”,”title”:”Celta de Vigo”,”id”:”celta-da-vigo”},”eibar”:{“url”:”/eibar”,”title”:”Eibar”,”id”:”eibar”},”fc-barcelona”:{“url”:”/fc-barcelona”,”title”:”FC Barcelona”,”id”:”fc-barcelona”},”granada”:{“url”:”/granada”,”title”:”Granada”,”id”:”granada”},”las-palmas-ud”:{“url”:”/las-palmas-ud”,”title”:”Las Palmas”,”id”:”las-palmas-ud”},”cd-leganes”:{“url”:”/cd-leganes”,”title”:”Leganes”,”id”:”cd-leganes”},”malaga-cf”:{“url”:”/malaga-cf”,”title”:”Malaga CF”,”id”:”malaga-cf”},”ca-Osasuna”:{“url”:”/ca-Osasuna”,”title”:”Osasuna”,”id”:”ca-Osasuna”},”rc-deportivo”:{“url”:”/rc-deportivo”,”title”:”RC Deportivo”,”id”:”rc-deportivo”},”rcd-espanyol”:{“url”:”/rcd-espanyol”,”title”:”RCD Espanyol”,”id”:”rcd-espanyol”},”real-betis”:{“url”:”/real-betis”,”title”:”Real Betis”,”id”:”real-betis”},”real-madrid”:{“url”:”/real-madrid”,”title”:”Real Madrid”,”id”:”real-madrid”},”real-sociedad”:{“url”:”/real-sociedad”,”title”:”Real Sociedad”,”id”:”real-sociedad”},”sevilla”:{“url”:”/sevilla”,”title”:”Sevilla”,”id”:”sevilla”},”real-sporting”:{“url”:”/real-sporting”,”title”:”Sporting Gijon”,”id”:”real-sporting”},”valencia-cf”:{“url”:”/valencia-cf”,”title”:”Valencia CF”,”id”:”valencia-cf”},”villarreal-cf”:{“url”:”/villarreal-cf”,”title”:”Villarreal CF”,”id”:”villarreal-cf”},”mls”:{“url”:”/mls”,”title”:”MLS Home”,”id”:”mls”},”mls/archives”:{“url”:”/mls/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”mls/archives”},”atlanta-united-fc”:{“url”:”/atlanta-united-fc”,”title”:”Atlanta United”,”id”:”atlanta-united-fc”},”chicago-fire”:{“url”:”/chicago-fire”,”title”:”Chicago Fire”,”id”:”chicago-fire”},”colorado-rapids”:{“url”:”/colorado-rapids”,”title”:”Colorado Rapids”,”id”:”colorado-rapids”},”columbus-crew”:{“url”:”/columbus-crew”,”title”:”Columbus Crew”,”id”:”columbus-crew”},”dc-united”:{“url”:”/dc-united”,”title”:”DC United”,”id”:”dc-united”},”fc-dallas”:{“url”:”/fc-dallas”,”title”:”FC Dallas”,”id”:”fc-dallas”},”houston-dynamo”:{“url”:”/houston-dynamo”,”title”:”Houston Dynamo”,”id”:”houston-dynamo”},”los-angeles-galaxy”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-galaxy”,”title”:”Los Angeles Galaxy”,”id”:”los-angeles-galaxy”},”minnesota-united”:{“url”:”/minnesota-united”,”title”:”Minnesota United”,”id”:”minnesota-united”},”montreal-impact”:{“url”:”/montreal-impact”,”title”:”Montreal Impact”,”id”:”montreal-impact”},”new-england-revolution”:{“url”:”/new-england-revolution”,”title”:”New England Revolution”,”id”:”new-england-revolution”},”new-york-red-bulls”:{“url”:”/new-york-red-bulls”,”title”:”New York Red Bulls”,”id”:”new-york-red-bulls”},”new-york-city-fc”:{“url”:”/new-york-city-fc”,”title”:”NYCFC”,”id”:”new-york-city-fc”},”orlando-city”:{“url”:”/orlando-city”,”title”:”Orlando City”,”id”:”orlando-city”},”philadelphia-union”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-union”,”title”:”Philadelphia Union”,”id”:”philadelphia-union”},”real-salt-lake”:{“url”:”/real-salt-lake”,”title”:”Real Salt Lake”,”id”:”real-salt-lake”},”san-jose-earthquakes”:{“url”:”/san-jose-earthquakes”,”title”:”San Jose Earthquakes”,”id”:”san-jose-earthquakes”},”seattle-sounders-fc”:{“url”:”/seattle-sounders-fc”,”title”:”Seattle Sounders”,”id”:”seattle-sounders-fc”},”toronto-fc”:{“url”:”/toronto-fc”,”title”:”Toronto FC”,”id”:”toronto-fc”},”sporting-kansas-city”:{“url”:”/sporting-kansas-city”,”title”:”Sporting Kansas City”,”id”:”sporting-kansas-city”},”portland-timbers”:{“url”:”/portland-timbers”,”title”:”Portland Timbers”,”id”:”portland-timbers”},”vancouver-whitecaps”:{“url”:”/vancouver-whitecaps”,”title”:”Vancouver Whitecaps”,”id”:”vancouver-whitecaps”},”sports-odds”:{“url”:”/sports-odds”,”title”:”Odds”,”id”:”sports-odds”},”mlb”:{“url”:”/mlb”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”mlb”},”fantasy-baseball”:{“url”:”/fantasy-baseball”,”title”:”Fantasy”,”id”:”fantasy-baseball”},”mlb/teams”:{“url”:”/mlb/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”mlb/teams”},”mlb/archives”:{“url”:”/mlb/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”mlb/archives”},”mlb/odds”:{“url”:”/mlb/odds”,”title”:”Odds”,”id”:”mlb/odds”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”baltimore-orioles”:{“url”:”/baltimore-orioles”,”title”:”Baltimore”,”id”:”baltimore-orioles”},”boston-red-sox”:{“url”:”/boston-red-sox”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-red-sox”},”new-york-yankees”:{“url”:”/new-york-yankees”,”title”:”NY Yankees”,”id”:”new-york-yankees”},”tampa-bay-rays”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-rays”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-rays”},”toronto-blue-jays”:{“url”:”/toronto-blue-jays”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-blue-jays”},”chicago-white-sox”:{“url”:”/chicago-white-sox”,”title”:”Chi White Sox”,”id”:”chicago-white-sox”},”cleveland-indians”:{“url”:”/cleveland-indians”,”title”:”Cleveland”,”id”:”cleveland-indians”},”detroit-tigers”:{“url”:”/detroit-tigers”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-tigers”},”kansas-city-royals”:{“url”:”/kansas-city-royals”,”title”:”Kansas City”,”id”:”kansas-city-royals”},”minnesota-twins”:{“url”:”/minnesota-twins”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-twins”},”houston-astros”:{“url”:”/houston-astros”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-astros”},”los-angeles-angels”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-angels”,”title”:”LA Angels”,”id”:”los-angeles-angels”},”oakland-athletics”:{“url”:”/oakland-athletics”,”title”:”Oakland”,”id”:”oakland-athletics”},”seattle-mariners”:{“url”:”/seattle-mariners”,”title”:”Seattle”,”id”:”seattle-mariners”},”texas-rangers”:{“url”:”/texas-rangers”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-rangers”},”atlanta-braves”:{“url”:”/atlanta-braves”,”title”:”Atlanta”,”id”:”atlanta-braves”},”miami-marlins”:{“url”:”/miami-marlins”,”title”:”Miami”,”id”:”miami-marlins”},”new-york-mets”:{“url”:”/new-york-mets”,”title”:”NY Mets”,”id”:”new-york-mets”},”philadelphia-phillies”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-phillies”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-phillies”},”washington-nationals”:{“url”:”/washington-nationals”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-nationals”},”chicago-cubs”:{“url”:”/chicago-cubs”,”title”:”Chi Cubs”,”id”:”chicago-cubs”},”cincinnati-reds”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-reds”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-reds”},”milwaukee-brewers”:{“url”:”/milwaukee-brewers”,”title”:”Milwaukee”,”id”:”milwaukee-brewers”},”pittsburgh-pirates”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-pirates”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-pirates”},”st-louis-cardinals”:{“url”:”/st-louis-cardinals”,”title”:”St Louis”,”id”:”st-louis-cardinals”},”arizona-diamondbacks”:{“url”:”/arizona-diamondbacks”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-diamondbacks”},”colorado-rockies”:{“url”:”/colorado-rockies”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-rockies”},”los-angeles-dodgers”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-dodgers”,”title”:”LA Dodgers”,”id”:”los-angeles-dodgers”},”san-diego-padres”:{“url”:”/san-diego-padres”,”title”:”San Diego”,”id”:”san-diego-padres”},”san-francisco-giants”:{“url”:”/san-francisco-giants”,”title”:”San Francisco”,”id”:”san-francisco-giants”},”nhl”:{“url”:”/nhl”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”nhl”},”nhl-draft”:{“url”:”/nhl-draft”,”title”:”Draft”,”id”:”nhl-draft”},”nhl/teams”:{“url”:”/nhl/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”nhl/teams”},”nhl/archives”:{“url”:”/nhl/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”nhl/archives”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”boston-bruins”:{“url”:”/boston-bruins”,”title”:”Boston”,”id”:”boston-bruins”},”buffalo-sabres”:{“url”:”/buffalo-sabres”,”title”:”Buffalo”,”id”:”buffalo-sabres”},”detroit-red-wings”:{“url”:”/detroit-red-wings”,”title”:”Detroit”,”id”:”detroit-red-wings”},”florida-panthers”:{“url”:”/florida-panthers”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-panthers”},”montreal-canadiens”:{“url”:”/montreal-canadiens”,”title”:”Montreal”,”id”:”montreal-canadiens”},”ottawa-senators”:{“url”:”/ottawa-senators”,”title”:”Ottawa”,”id”:”ottawa-senators”},”tampa-bay-lightning”:{“url”:”/tampa-bay-lightning”,”title”:”Tampa Bay”,”id”:”tampa-bay-lightning”},”toronto-maple-leafs”:{“url”:”/toronto-maple-leafs”,”title”:”Toronto”,”id”:”toronto-maple-leafs”},”chicago-blackhawks”:{“url”:”/chicago-blackhawks”,”title”:”Chicago”,”id”:”chicago-blackhawks”},”colorado-avalanche”:{“url”:”/colorado-avalanche”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-avalanche”},”dallas-stars”:{“url”:”/dallas-stars”,”title”:”Dallas”,”id”:”dallas-stars”},”minnesota-wild”:{“url”:”/minnesota-wild”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-wild”},”nashville-predators”:{“url”:”/nashville-predators”,”title”:”Nashville”,”id”:”nashville-predators”},”st-louis-blues”:{“url”:”/st-louis-blues”,”title”:”St. Louis”,”id”:”st-louis-blues”},”winnipeg-jets”:{“url”:”/winnipeg-jets”,”title”:”Winnipeg”,”id”:”winnipeg-jets”},”anaheim-ducks”:{“url”:”/anaheim-ducks”,”title”:”Anaheim”,”id”:”anaheim-ducks”},”arizona-coyotes”:{“url”:”/arizona-coyotes”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-coyotes”},”calgary-flames”:{“url”:”/calgary-flames”,”title”:”Calgary”,”id”:”calgary-flames”},”edmonton-oilers”:{“url”:”/edmonton-oilers”,”title”:”Edmonton”,”id”:”edmonton-oilers”},”los-angeles-kings”:{“url”:”/los-angeles-kings”,”title”:”Los Angeles”,”id”:”los-angeles-kings”},”san-jose-sharks”:{“url”:”/san-jose-sharks”,”title”:”San Jose”,”id”:”san-jose-sharks”},”vancouver-canucks”:{“url”:”/vancouver-canucks”,”title”:”Vancouver”,”id”:”vancouver-canucks”},”carolina-hurricanes”:{“url”:”/carolina-hurricanes”,”title”:”Carolina”,”id”:”carolina-hurricanes”},”columbus-blue-jackets”:{“url”:”/columbus-blue-jackets”,”title”:”Columbus”,”id”:”columbus-blue-jackets”},”new-jersey-devils”:{“url”:”/new-jersey-devils”,”title”:”New Jersey”,”id”:”new-jersey-devils”},”new-york-islanders”:{“url”:”/new-york-islanders”,”title”:”NY Islanders”,”id”:”new-york-islanders”},”new-york-rangers”:{“url”:”/new-york-rangers”,”title”:”NY Rangers”,”id”:”new-york-rangers”},”philadelphia-flyers”:{“url”:”/philadelphia-flyers”,”title”:”Philadelphia”,”id”:”philadelphia-flyers”},”pittsburgh-penguins”:{“url”:”/pittsburgh-penguins”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pittsburgh-penguins”},”washington-capitals”:{“url”:”/washington-capitals”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-capitals”},”mma”:{“url”:”/mma”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”mma”},”mma/teams”:{“url”:”/mma/teams”,”title”:”Fighters”,”id”:”mma/teams”},”ufc/archives”:{“url”:”/ufc/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”ufc/archives”},”pro-wrestling/teams”:{“url”:”/pro-wrestling/teams”,”title”:”Fighters”,”id”:”pro-wrestling/teams”},”pro-wrestling/archives”:{“url”:”/pro-wrestling/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”pro-wrestling/archives”},”pro-wrestling”:{“url”:”/pro-wrestling”,”title”:”Wrestling Home”,”id”:”pro-wrestling”},”tna-wrestling”:{“url”:”/tna-wrestling”,”title”:”TNA Home”,”id”:”tna-wrestling”},”tna-wrestling/archives”:{“url”:”/tna-wrestling/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”tna-wrestling/archives”},”college-football”:{“url”:”/college-football”,”title”:”Home”,”id”:”college-football”},”recruiting”:{“url”:”/recruiting”,”title”:”Recruiting”,”id”:”recruiting”},”cfb-recruiting-200″:{“url”:”/cfb-recruiting-200″,”title”:”CFB 200″,”id”:”cfb-recruiting-200″},”college-football/teams”:{“url”:”/college-football/teams”,”title”:”Teams”,”id”:”college-football/teams”},”college-football/archives”:{“url”:”/college-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”college-football/archives”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”cincinnati-bearcats-football”:{“url”:”/cincinnati-bearcats-football”,”title”:”Cincinnati”,”id”:”cincinnati-bearcats-football”},”uconn-football”:{“url”:”/uconn-football”,”title”:”Connecticut”,”id”:”uconn-football”},”east-carolina-football”:{“url”:”/east-carolina-football”,”title”:”East Carolina”,”id”:”east-carolina-football”},”houston-cougars-football”:{“url”:”/houston-cougars-football”,”title”:”Houston”,”id”:”houston-cougars-football”},”memphis-tigers-football”:{“url”:”/memphis-tigers-football”,”title”:”Memphis”,”id”:”memphis-tigers-football”},”navy-football”:{“url”:”/navy-football”,”title”:”Navy”,”id”:”navy-football”},”smu-mustangs-football”:{“url”:”/smu-mustangs-football”,”title”:”SMU”,”id”:”smu-mustangs-football”},”south-florida-bulls-football”:{“url”:”/south-florida-bulls-football”,”title”:”South Florida”,”id”:”south-florida-bulls-football”},”temple-football”:{“url”:”/temple-football”,”title”:”Temple”,”id”:”temple-football”},”tulane-football”:{“url”:”/tulane-football”,”title”:”Tulane”,”id”:”tulane-football”},”tulsa-football”:{“url”:”/tulsa-football”,”title”:”Tulsa”,”id”:”tulsa-football”},”ucf-knights-football”:{“url”:”/ucf-knights-football”,”title”:”UCF”,”id”:”ucf-knights-football”},”acc-football”:{“url”:”/acc-football”,”title”:”ACC Home”,”id”:”acc-football”},”acc-football/archives”:{“url”:”/acc-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”acc-football/archives”},”boston-college-football”:{“url”:”/boston-college-football”,”title”:”Boston College”,”id”:”boston-college-football”},”clemson-football”:{“url”:”/clemson-football”,”title”:”Clemson”,”id”:”clemson-football”},”duke-football”:{“url”:”/duke-football”,”title”:”Duke”,”id”:”duke-football”},”florida-state-football”:{“url”:”/florida-state-football”,”title”:”Florida St”,”id”:”florida-state-football”},”georgia-tech-football”:{“url”:”/georgia-tech-football”,”title”:”Georgia Tech”,”id”:”georgia-tech-football”},”louisville-cardinals-football”:{“url”:”/louisville-cardinals-football”,”title”:”Louisville”,”id”:”louisville-cardinals-football”},”miami-hurricanes-football”:{“url”:”/miami-hurricanes-football”,”title”:”Miami (FL)”,”id”:”miami-hurricanes-football”},”unc-football”:{“url”:”/unc-football”,”title”:”North Carolina”,”id”:”unc-football”},”nc-state-football”:{“url”:”/nc-state-football”,”title”:”NC State”,”id”:”nc-state-football”},”pitt-football”:{“url”:”/pitt-football”,”title”:”Pittsburgh”,”id”:”pitt-football”},”syracuse-football”:{“url”:”/syracuse-football”,”title”:”Syracuse”,”id”:”syracuse-football”},”uva-football”:{“url”:”/uva-football”,”title”:”Virginia”,”id”:”uva-football”},”virginia-tech-football”:{“url”:”/virginia-tech-football”,”title”:”Virginia Tech”,”id”:”virginia-tech-football”},”wake-forest-football”:{“url”:”/wake-forest-football”,”title”:”Wake Forest”,”id”:”wake-forest-football”},”big-12-football”:{“url”:”/big-12-football”,”title”:”Big 12 Home”,”id”:”big-12-football”},”big-12-football/archives”:{“url”:”/big-12-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”big-12-football/archives”},”baylor-football”:{“url”:”/baylor-football”,”title”:”Baylor”,”id”:”baylor-football”},”iowa-state-football”:{“url”:”/iowa-state-football”,”title”:”Iowa St”,”id”:”iowa-state-football”},”kansas-jayhawks-football”:{“url”:”/kansas-jayhawks-football”,”title”:”Kansas”,”id”:”kansas-jayhawks-football”},”kansas-state-football”:{“url”:”/kansas-state-football”,”title”:”Kansas St”,”id”:”kansas-state-football”},”oklahoma-sooners-football”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-sooners-football”,”title”:”Oklahoma”,”id”:”oklahoma-sooners-football”},”oklahoma-state-football”:{“url”:”/oklahoma-state-football”,”title”:”Oklahoma St”,”id”:”oklahoma-state-football”},”tcu-football”:{“url”:”/tcu-football”,”title”:”TCU”,”id”:”tcu-football”},”texas-longhorns-football”:{“url”:”/texas-longhorns-football”,”title”:”Texas”,”id”:”texas-longhorns-football”},”texas-tech-football”:{“url”:”/texas-tech-football”,”title”:”Texas Tech”,”id”:”texas-tech-football”},”wvu-football”:{“url”:”/wvu-football”,”title”:”West Virginia”,”id”:”wvu-football”},”big-10-football”:{“url”:”/big-10-football”,”title”:”Big Ten Home”,”id”:”big-10-football”},”big-10-football/archives”:{“url”:”/big-10-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”big-10-football/archives”},”illinois-fighting-illini-football”:{“url”:”/illinois-fighting-illini-football”,”title”:”Illinois”,”id”:”illinois-fighting-illini-football”},”indiana-hoosiers-football”:{“url”:”/indiana-hoosiers-football”,”title”:”Indiana”,”id”:”indiana-hoosiers-football”},”iowa-hawkeyes-football”:{“url”:”/iowa-hawkeyes-football”,”title”:”Iowa”,”id”:”iowa-hawkeyes-football”},”maryland-terrapins-football”:{“url”:”/maryland-terrapins-football”,”title”:”Maryland”,”id”:”maryland-terrapins-football”},”michigan-wolverines-football”:{“url”:”/michigan-wolverines-football”,”title”:”Michigan”,”id”:”michigan-wolverines-football”},”michigan-state-football”:{“url”:”/michigan-state-football”,”title”:”Michigan St”,”id”:”michigan-state-football”},”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”:{“url”:”/minnesota-golden-gophers-football”,”title”:”Minnesota”,”id”:”minnesota-golden-gophers-football”},”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”:{“url”:”/nebraska-cornhuskers-football”,”title”:”Nebraska”,”id”:”nebraska-cornhuskers-football”},”northwestern-football”:{“url”:”/northwestern-football”,”title”:”Northwestern”,”id”:”northwestern-football”},”ohio-state-football”:{“url”:”/ohio-state-football”,”title”:”Ohio St”,”id”:”ohio-state-football”},”penn-state-football”:{“url”:”/penn-state-football”,”title”:”Penn St”,”id”:”penn-state-football”},”purdue-football”:{“url”:”/purdue-football”,”title”:”Purdue”,”id”:”purdue-football”},”rutgers-football”:{“url”:”/rutgers-football”,”title”:”Rutgers”,”id”:”rutgers-football”},”wisconsin-badgers-football”:{“url”:”/wisconsin-badgers-football”,”title”:”Wisconsin”,”id”:”wisconsin-badgers-football”},”pac-12-football”:{“url”:”/pac-12-football”,”title”:”Pac-12 Home”,”id”:”pac-12-football”},”pac-10-football/archives”:{“url”:”/pac-10-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”pac-10-football/archives”},”arizona-wildcats-football”:{“url”:”/arizona-wildcats-football”,”title”:”Arizona”,”id”:”arizona-wildcats-football”},”arizona-state-football”:{“url”:”/arizona-state-football”,”title”:”Arizona St”,”id”:”arizona-state-football”},”cal-bears-football”:{“url”:”/cal-bears-football”,”title”:”California”,”id”:”cal-bears-football”},”colorado-buffaloes-football”:{“url”:”/colorado-buffaloes-football”,”title”:”Colorado”,”id”:”colorado-buffaloes-football”},”oregon-ducks-football”:{“url”:”/oregon-ducks-football”,”title”:”Oregon”,”id”:”oregon-ducks-football”},”oregon-state-football”:{“url”:”/oregon-state-football”,”title”:”Oregon St”,”id”:”oregon-state-football”},”stanford-football”:{“url”:”/stanford-football”,”title”:”Stanford”,”id”:”stanford-football”},”ucla-football”:{“url”:”/ucla-football”,”title”:”UCLA”,”id”:”ucla-football”},”usc-football”:{“url”:”/usc-football”,”title”:”USC”,”id”:”usc-football”},”utah-utes-football”:{“url”:”/utah-utes-football”,”title”:”Utah”,”id”:”utah-utes-football”},”washington-huskies-football”:{“url”:”/washington-huskies-football”,”title”:”Washington”,”id”:”washington-huskies-football”},”washington-state-football”:{“url”:”/washington-state-football”,”title”:”Washington St”,”id”:”washington-state-football”},”sec-football”:{“url”:”/sec-football”,”title”:”SEC Home”,”id”:”sec-football”},”sec-football/archives”:{“url”:”/sec-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”sec-football/archives”},”alabama-crimson-tide-football”:{“url”:”/alabama-crimson-tide-football”,”title”:”Alabama”,”id”:”alabama-crimson-tide-football”},”arkansas-razorbacks-football”:{“url”:”/arkansas-razorbacks-football”,”title”:”Arkansas”,”id”:”arkansas-razorbacks-football”},”auburn-football”:{“url”:”/auburn-football”,”title”:”Auburn”,”id”:”auburn-football”},”florida-gators-football”:{“url”:”/florida-gators-football”,”title”:”Florida”,”id”:”florida-gators-football”},”georgia-bulldogs-football”:{“url”:”/georgia-bulldogs-football”,”title”:”Georgia”,”id”:”georgia-bulldogs-football”},”kentucky-wildcats-football”:{“url”:”/kentucky-wildcats-football”,”title”:”Kentucky”,”id”:”kentucky-wildcats-football”},”lsu-football”:{“url”:”/lsu-football”,”title”:”LSU”,”id”:”lsu-football”},”ole-miss-football”:{“url”:”/ole-miss-football”,”title”:”Mississippi”,”id”:”ole-miss-football”},”mississippi-state-football”:{“url”:”/mississippi-state-football”,”title”:”Mississippi St”,”id”:”mississippi-state-football”},”missouri-tigers-football”:{“url”:”/missouri-tigers-football”,”title”:”Missouri”,”id”:”missouri-tigers-football”},”south-carolina-football”:{“url”:”/south-carolina-football”,”title”:”South Carolina”,”id”:”south-carolina-football”},”tennessee-volunteers-football”:{“url”:”/tennessee-volunteers-football”,”title”:”Tennessee”,”id”:”tennessee-volunteers-football”},”texas-am-football”:{“url”:”/texas-am-football”,”title”:”Texas A&M”,”id”:”texas-am-football”},”vanderbilt-football”:{“url”:”/vanderbilt-football”,”title”:”Vanderbilt”,”id”:”vanderbilt-football”},”independents-football”:{“url”:”/independents-football”,”title”:”Independents Home”,”id”:”independents-football”},”independents-football/archives”:{“url”:”/independents-football/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”independents-football/archives”},”army-football”:{“url”:”/army-football”,”title”:”Army”,”id”:”army-football”},”byu-football”:{“url”:”/byu-football”,”title”:”Brigham Young”,”id”:”byu-football”},”notre-dame-football”:{“url”:”/notre-dame-football”,”title”:”Notre Dame”,”id”:”notre-dame-football”},”nascar”:{“url”:”/nascar”,”title”:”NASCAR”,”id”:”nascar”},”golf”:{“url”:”/golf”,”title”:”Golf”,”id”:”golf”,”subLinks”:[“golf”,”golf/teams”,”golf/archives”]},”golf/teams”:{“url”:”/golf/teams”,”title”:”Golfers”,”id”:”golf/teams”},”golf/archives”:{“url”:”/golf/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”golf/archives”},”tennis”:{“url”:”/tennis”,”title”:”Tennis”,”id”:”tennis”,”subLinks”:[“tennis”,”tennis/teams”,”tennis/archives”]},”tennis/teams”:{“url”:”/tennis/teams”,”title”:”Players”,”id”:”tennis/teams”},”tennis/archives”:{“url”:”/tennis/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”tennis/archives”},”boxing”:{“url”:”/boxing”,”title”:”Boxing”,”id”:”boxing”,”subLinks”:[“boxing”,”boxing/archives”,”sports-odds”]},”boxing/archives”:{“url”:”/boxing/archives”,”title”:”Archives”,”id”:”boxing/archives”},”wwe”:{“url”:”/wwe”,”title”:”WWE”,”id”:”wwe”},”auto-racing”:{“url”:”/auto-racing”,”title”:”All Motorsports”,”id”:”auto-racing”},”formula-1″:{“url”:”/formula-1″,”title”:”F1″,”id”:”formula-1″},”indycar-series”:{“url”:”/indycar-series”,”title”:”IndyCar”,”id”:”indycar-series”},”Action-sports”:{“url”:”/Action-sports”,”title”:”Action sports”,”id”:”Action-sports”},”cycling”:{“url”:”/cycling”,”title”:”Cycling”,”id”:”cycling”},”fishing”:{“url”:”/fishing”,”title”:”Fishing”,”id”:”fishing”},”horse-racing”:{“url”:”/horse-racing”,”title”:”Horse Racing”,”id”:”horse-racing”},”track-and-field”:{“url”:”/track-and-field”,”title”:”Track and Field”,”id”:”track-and-field”},”esports”:{“url”:”/esports”,”title”:”esports”,”id”:”esports”},”cricket”:{“url”:”/cricket”,”title”:”Cricket”,”id”:”cricket”},”rugby”:{“url”:”/rugby”,”title”:”Rugby Union”,”id”:”rugby”},”rugby-league”:{“url”:”/rugby-league”,”title”:”Rugby League”,”id”:”rugby-league”},”wnba”:{“url”:”/wnba”,”title”:”WNBA”,”id”:”wnba”},”united-states-womens-national-team”:{“url”:”/united-states-womens-national-team”,”title”:”USWNT”,”id”:”united-states-womens-national-team”},”cfl”:{“url”:”/cfl”,”title”:”CFL”,”id”:”cfl”},”college-baseball”:{“url”:”/college-baseball”,”title”:”College Baseball”,”id”:”college-baseball”},”lacrosse”:{“url”:”/lacrosse”,”title”:”Lacrosse”,”id”:”lacrosse”},”trending”:{“url”:”/trending”,”title”:”Trending”,”id”:”trending”},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Mag”,”id”:””},””:{“url”:””,”title”:”Tickets”,”id”:””},”mobile”:{“url”:”/mobile”,”title”:”Get The App”,”id”:”mobile”}}},”notification”:{“cookie_notice”:false,”privacy_notice”:false,”smart_banner”:false,”mobile_interstitial”:false},”page”:{“cnn”:false,”embedded”:”false”,”layout”:”default”,”social”:”false”,”zone”:”article”,”writer”:”Dave 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Now, I’m forced to consider the notion of a 1,500-pound Shaquille O’Neal falling on my head…”,”keywords”:”Basketball, NBA, NBA Pacific, Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Los Angeles, Shaquille ONeal, Breaking News, Trending”,”viewport”:”initial-scale=1, user-scalable=no”,”fb:app_id”:”135174055162″,”al:iphone:url”:”teamstream://article/”,”al:iphone:app_store_id”:”418075935″,”al:iphone:app_name”:”Team Stream”,”al:ipad:url”:”teamstream://article/”,”al:ipad:app_store_id”:”484725748″,”al:ipad:app_name”:”Team Stream”,”al:android:url”:””,”al:android:app_name”:”Team Stream”,”al:android:package”:””,”al:web:url”:””,”og:site_name”:”Bleacher Report”,”og:locale”:”en_US”,”p:domain_verify”:”0c768466449ebb550411234d6d4ffc30″,”twitter:app:name:iphone”:”Team Stream by Bleacher Report”,”twitter:app:id:iphone”:”418075935″,”twitter:app:name:ipad”:”Team Stream by Bleacher Report”,”twitter:app:id:ipad”:”484725748″,”twitter:app:name:googleplay”:”Team Stream by Bleacher Report”,”twitter:app:id:googleplay”:””,”twitter:widgets:new-embed-design”:”on”,”twitter:site”:”@bleacherreport”,”article:publisher”:””,”author”:”Dave Schilling”,”og:description”:”When wondering how I might die one day, the image typically involves my body being swallowed up by a mountain of empty pizza boxes or fast food wrappers. Now, I’m forced to consider the notion of a 1,500-pound Shaquille O’Neal falling on my head…”,”og:image”:”″,”og:title”:”Shaq Sculpture Designer: Why the Diesel Is 10 Times Stronger Than Michael Jordan”,”og:type”:”article”,”og:url”:””,”pubdate”:”2017-03-24T10:29:07-04:00″,”twitter:app:url:googleplay”:””,”twitter:app:url:ipad”:”teamstream://article/”,”twitter:app:url:iphone”:”teamstream://article/”,”twitter:card”:”summary_large_image”,”twitter:description”:”When wondering how I might die one day, the image typically involves my body being swallowed up by a mountain of empty pizza boxes or fast food wrappers. Now, I’m forced to consider the notion of a 1,500-pound Shaquille O’Neal falling on my head…”,”twitter:image”:”″,”twitter:title”:”Shaq Sculpture Designer: Why the Diesel Is 10 Times Stronger Than Michael Jordan”,”twitter:url”:””},”scripts”:[{“key”:”analytics-chartbeat-top”,”content”:”\n\tvar _sf_startpt = (new Date()).getTime()\n\tvar _sf_async_config = _sf_async_config || {};\n\t_sf_async_config.domain = \”\”;\n\t_sf_async_config.uid = 45648;\n\t_sf_async_config.useCanonical = true;\n\tvar _cbm = _cbm || [];\n\t_cbm.push([\”readyForTesting\”, false]);\n\tdocument.addEventListener(\”afterHydrate\”, function() {\n\t\t_cbm.push([\”readyForTesting\”, true]);\n\t});\n”},{“key”:””,”content”:”{\”@context\”:\”\”,\”@type\”:\”NewsArticle\”,\”keywords\”:\”Basketball,NBA,NBA_Pacific,Los_Angeles_Lakers,Michael_Jordan,Wilt_Chamberlain,Los_Angeles,Shaquille_ONeal,Breaking_News,Trending\”,\”isFamilyFriendly\”:true,\”inLanguage\”:\”English\”,\”mainEntityOfPage\”:\”When wondering how I might die one day, the image typically involves my body being swallowed up by a mountain of empty pizza boxes or fast food wrappers. 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Now, I’m forced to consider the notion of a 1,500-pound Shaquille O’Neal falling on my head…\”,\”about\”:\”When wondering how I might die one day, the image typically involves my body being swallowed up by a mountain of empty pizza boxes or fast food wrappers. 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Los Angeles Lakers logoLos Angeles Lakers

LOS ANGELES - 2004:  Shaquille O'Neal #34 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks against the Phoenix Suns during an NBA game circa 2004 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2004 NBAE (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Dave SchillingWriter-at-LargeMarch 24, 2017

When wondering how I might die one day, the image typically involves my body being swallowed up by a mountain of empty pizza boxes or fast food wrappers. Now, I’m forced to consider the notion of a 1,500-pound Shaquille O’Neal falling on my head.

Today, the Los Angeles Lakers and AEG will officially christen a statue commemorating the legacy of the Hall of Fame center in a ceremony in front of the Staples Center. The bronze recreation of O’Neal, designed by Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt Amrany, joins statues of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Oscar de la Hoya and Lakers announcer Chick Hearn in the arena courtyard across from the L.A. Live entertainment complex.

What sets the Shaq statue apart from the rest is its placement. Technically, it’s not even in said courtyard. It’s high above it, affixed to a ceiling and next to a window, with the Big Aristotle hanging post-dunk and wearing a grimace that Twitter has likened to the face of WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

So you can understand my trepidation about walking underneath a massive bronze Shaquille O’Neal in earthquake-prone Los Angeles.

Omri Amrany came up with the idea for suspending a statue above arena-goers 25 years ago, and Shaq ended up being the perfect person to make his vision come to life.

“When I talked to the Lakers’ management, the discussion was … people want to touch Shaquille,” Amrany tells Bleacher Report over the phone from his home in Illinois. “I said, ‘Yes, people want to touch Shaquille—but wouldn’t it be stronger to have the quest to touch instead of (actually) touching?'”

Amrany also designed all the other statues at Staples, plus the Wilt Chamberlain piece in Philadelphia, and, most famously, the iconic Michael Jordan statue in front of the United Center. His aim in all of these projects was to capture the essence of the player and to preserve it for all time.

“Kareem is known for the hook shot, Jerry [West] is known for the moves and Magic was known for the coordination and capability. Michael Jordan was known for the spread eagle,” he says. “When we did Wilt Chamberlain in Philadelphia, we emphasized the dunking. Everybody had their niche. Shaquille is very well known for the slam and hanging by the rim. How do you do it without touching the ground? That was the question from the beginning.”

Martha Irvine/Associated Press

The bronze Shaq is nine feet tall, and according to Amrany, 1,500 pounds, though the official Lakers press release lists it as 1,200. But what’s 300 pounds? To me, that says that if the bronze Diesel fell on me, I might die a little slower.

It will sit 10 feet off the ground, which means unless you are as tall as Shaq, or at least have something resembling an NBA vertical leap, you’ll never be able to touch it. This is a drastic departure from the Chick Hearn piece—a recreation of the play-by-play man at the announcer’s table calling a game. There’s even a second seat for you to sit down and pose for photos.

“Julie and I worked to create Chick Hearn, knowing that the Lakers would have to routinely maintain the table and the chair. It’s like the nose of Lincoln or some pieces of bronze of a sculpture in Europe, because people always touch it for luck. So here, the chair and the table and part of the shoulders are always abused by people—and I would say ‘abused’ in a positive way—who want to take photographs.”

For Amrany, Shaq had to be different. He had to be unattainable.

“I feel [with the Shaq statue] that instead of the touching and hugging, it’s the desire,” he says. “I wouldn’t be surprised if people spent their time jumping, trying to touch it, which is OK, you know? It’s part of how people use contemporary art today—the interaction with the public.”

Richard Vogel/Associated Press

But, quite frankly, I’m more concerned with it interacting with my head. I have to ask him, is it safe?

“We worked with three different engineers to engineer this piece that will be safe and sound and strong. Second, we’re working with a group of very good California welders from Burbank who are working with AEG behind the scenes to make sure everything is strong.”

I’m not aware of Burbank welders having an international reputation for craftsmanship, but I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

“I requested a payload of 10,000 pounds strength. That’s 10 times more than other pieces,” he continues.

That’s better. Nothing calms me down like math.

The Shaq statue is Amrany’s most ambitious, most nerve-racking piece yet, but he’s hard at work on his next project—a 50-foot tall likeness of Johnny Cash to be erected in Folsom, California.

“We did Napoleon Dynamite for 20th Century Fox [in 2014],” he says. “We’re working with cities like Folsom. We’re working with memorial organizations, tributes for different cases, and, of course, with the sport.”

Dan Steinberg/Associated Press

Part of why Amrany is so in-demand is the vaunted place statues hold in the cultural psyche. Sure, the dangling Shaq statue is terrifying to me, but for most fans, these works of art inspire awe and respect. It’s, as Amrany suggested, an opportunity for average people to reach out and interact with something they deem greater than themselves. Sure, it’s also a bit of idol worship, but that’s just part of the human condition. We crave heroes, figures of esteem responsible for feats beyond our wildest dreams.

Some people might disagree, but the sports statue is an intrinsic part of a franchise’s identity and means something to the average fan who throws down hundreds of dollars to be a part of the action. When the real people are gone, like Chick Hearn, these statues give us the chance to remember what we loved about them.

In a way, my own nervous feelings about Shaq squashing me are how I will choose to remember his playing days. He was a fearsome, unstoppable scoring machine whose size and speed were unmatched. Amrany’s job is to sort out how to make a statue as memorable as the subject it’s based on.

“I think that what makes something memorable is if in 200 years, people look back and say it was the right thing to do for its time.”

If you’re reading this 200 years in the future, shoot us a tweet and let us know.

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    Both of Murphy’s homers came off Nationals starter Jordan Zimmermann (12-6), whom the Mets chased in the seventh inning. Zimmermann, who entered with a 3.01 ERA, allowed five runs on six hits and three walks. He ended the day with a 3.19 ERA. “It really started with Mejia,” said Murphy. “He threw the ball so well today. To come up the first time this year, the biggest thing was to just throw strikes, and he was really pounding the zone and got some big ground balls.”
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    Steve Connor is the Science Editor of The Independent. He has won many awards for his journalism, including five-times winner of the prestigious British science writers’ award; the David Perlman Award of the American Geophysical Union; twice commended as specialist journalist of the year in the UK Press Awards; UK health journalist of the year and a special merit award of the European School of Oncology for his investigative journalism. He has a degree in zoology from the University of Oxford and has a special interest in genetics and medical science, human evolution and origins, climate change and the environment.
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    He said Caesar’s had refinanced $4.5 billion in debt and had raised $200 million worth of equity, some of which would be used to service the remaining debt. “As we’ve done over the last several years, we’ll continue to work on that as the conditions are appropriate.” Dr. Jodean Elliott-Blakeslee was hiking in Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve with her friend, Amelia Linkert, and the par was last seen on Sept. 19 at a campground in the park. Linkert was found days later, but officials were stymied in the hunt for Blakeslee, 63, who practiced medicine in Boise. But the search ended Tuesday night when a helicopter team spotted the body in the lava fields north and west of the Tree Molds Trail.
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    ketosis cookbook australia Hodgman went on to reveal his personal animosity for Bezos, primarily based on the fact that he just purchased his own Washington-based newspaper, to be renamed the “Washington Postier,” for $900 million. Mocking the new trend of billionaires buying newspapers, Hodgman said, “I’m going to disrupt the paradigm… You see, newspapers thought that people want to pay money for information. But we now know from the internet that what they really want is is their own opinions fed back to to them for free.”
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    The Dow Jones is considered the “Main Street” view of how well the stock market is performing, but is less significant than the broader Standard & Poor's 500, which institutions use as a benchmark. Since then, assurances have been obtained from the South Africans that Mr Dewani will be kept in a hospital. The businessman has been receiving treatment for depression and post – traumatic stress disorder.
    atorvastatina 40 mg precio mexico Ten-year cash German yields fell 2 basispoints to 1.77 percent, after comments from European CentralBank officials this week that the ECB stood ready to pumpanother round of money into banking markets if need be. anmeldelse Chris Carter, co-manager of the $521 million Buffalo GrowthFund, advised by Kornitzer Capital Management in ShawneeMission, Kansas, said a “back-of-the-envelope” analysis ofTwitter’s IPO filing showed a fair market valuation for Twittermight be $10 billion. It is the first consumer product made by OMG, an Oxford-based firm whose technology involves tracking human movement, and has built a solid business in motion-capture and other special effects for the film industry.

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    “Our method, in contrast, has the potential to actually grow new follicles using a patient’s own cells. This could greatly expand the utility of hair restoration surgery to women and to younger patients – now it is largely restricted to the treatment of male-pattern baldness in patients with stable disease.” In August, the Model S won a five-star safety rating from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in every testing category. The Model S also has the highest rating given by influential magazine Consumer Reports, with a score of 99 out of 100 points.
    arcoxia 120 precio mexico The victims aren’t always beautiful women, but it often seems that way as you watch yet another semi-naked babe being stalked and ogled prior to being horribly done to death. Dario Argento once famously said, “If they have a good face or figure I would much prefer to watch them being murdered than an ugly girl or man.”
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    zoloft or lexapro for anxiety CNBC reporter Melissa Lee brings a healthy note of skepticism and concern as she travels around talking with engineers and entrepreneurs and bureaucrats who are developing the machines that will drive our cars, monitor our vital signs and watch pretty much every move we make outside our homes. He was very close to his family, even bringing them on his recruiting trip to College Station and constantly checking on them while on his official visit. He was proud to be an Aggie, and Moore said he never complained when he was redshirted last season and toiled through months on the scout team.

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    The BBC News Channel's chief political correspondent Norman Smith said Mr Osborne's underlying message was that austerity would continue after the next election despite the return to growth.

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    lamictal uses and side effects He declined to name the manufacturer of the device, but saidhe was working with that company to figure out how to preventmalicious attacks on heart patients. (Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by John Wallace and VickiAllen)
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    lek fluconazole cena Yusuf Amir is the clownish playboy son of a real estate magnate from Dubai. Throughout his life he seeks to impress his father, a highly conservative businessman who frowns upon Yusuf’s life as “a reckless orgy of sex, drugs and spending”. Yusuf provides some of The Ballad of Gay Tony’s biggest laughs. He is addicted to dancing to Busta Rhymes’ song “Arab Money” (sometimes in his underwear) and cluelessly using the “n-word” – something that does not endear him to Luis Lopez, who he manages to drag into some of his schemes. Despite his faults, he falls into the honored tradition of other GTA affable losers like Brucie and Phil Cassidy, who we can’t help but love against our better judgment.
    resep pil kb yasmine Under the “change of control” clause, Elop, who has stepped down from his role as CEO to avoid a conflict of interest, is entitled to 18 months of his base salary plus a short-term management cash incentive, equivalent to a total of around 4.2 million euros.
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  55. Cedrick   July 7, 2018 at 7:33 pm

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    Vallejo’s plight, so soon after bankruptcy, is an object lesson for three U.S. cities going through that process today – Detroit, Stockton and San Bernardino, California – because it shows the importance of dealing with pension obligations as part of a financial restructuring, experts say.

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    In Twitter’s initial public offering prospectus, which was made public last week, there was only an oblique mention of protecting speech. The company said its corporate mission was to facilitate the dissemination of “ideas and information instantly without barriers,” and that “our business and revenue will always follow that mission in ways that improve – and do not detract from – a free and global conversation.”
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    imuran 50 mg price in india Jeremiah Gaines fumbled after a reception on the first play of SMU’s next drive, and Everett scooped it up and returned it for the score. Sumlin had seen enough of Bertolet and brought in Josh Lambo to attempt the PAT. But holder Drew Kaser fumbled the snap, and the kick was blocked.
    super anadrol price “Each year, you are hungry for it,” Manning said Friday. “And yeah, I am hungry for my third. And as a team, I’m hungry for each player. You want everybody to have that experience . . . That feeling is contagious, it is something that you desire each year.” After learning more about dyspareunia, Madsen partnered with the pharmaceutical company Shionigi Inc., which helped to set up the Finding the Words campaign.  She said it was important to her to help women feel comfortable about such a significant issue.
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  60. Palmer   July 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm

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  61. Jada   July 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm

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    biosil liquid drops reviews Meghan Graham, a convenience store worker from Brookline, Mass., has purchased nearly a dozen Powerball tickets in recent months thanks to the huge jackpots, and the third largest-ever pot was enough reason to buy again.

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    Last week, Murray warned that if the jury ruled against his measures, meant to make the AC72s more manageable, he would have to tell the Coast Guard that the races are no longer safe – an action that could potentially scuttle the event altogether.
    anadrol pills buy The lender was singled out as the weakest of 18 major banksin the Federal Reserve’s stress test in March as being the mostweakly capitalized. The Fed objected to Ally’s capital plan”both on quantitative and qualitative grounds,” and it was theonly bank that failed to meet the minimum threshold of a 5percent capital buffer in a scenario where unemployment rose to12.1 percent and share prices fell 50 percent.
    amitriptyline 10mg and weight gain The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 rose 0.9 percentto 1,120.38, its highest level in a month and a half, after BenBernanke said that a “highly accommodative policy is needed forthe foreseeable future” in response to questions on Wednesdayevening.
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  64. Jerry   July 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm

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    dioscorea villosa homeopathic The Dollar Menu & More that was tested had three price points —$1, $2, and $5 or ‘‘shareable’’ items such as 20-piece McNuggets. Another version that was tested had prices of $1, $1.79, and $4.99. The menu included more chicken items, as well as versions of its burgers that had an extra beef patty or toppings like bacon.
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    viagra from lloyds chemists In-app purchases are of course available too, with additional game modes – Manager, Tournament andKick Off. But be wary– if you’re already struggling to find memory space on a jam-packed device,this one may cause a problem. A hefty 1.17 GB download is needed, but for thosewho really cannot wait for Friday, it’s certainly an option. 
    can i get mifepristone and misoprostol in india The Treasuries market earned 0.7 percent in total returns inSeptember, its first monthly gain since April. The recovery lastmonth helped lift the market’s third-quarter performance intopositive territory, also generating a 0.7 percent return. Inturn, this reduced its year-to-date loss to 2.01 percent. Theloss was tied to a sharp summer sell-off due to fears that theFederal Reserve might reduce its stimulus later this year,according to an index compiled by Barclays.

  66. Dogkill   July 7, 2018 at 7:37 pm

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  67. Sean   July 7, 2018 at 7:38 pm

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  68. Daniel   July 7, 2018 at 7:38 pm

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  74. Coleman   July 7, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    I stay at home and look after the children In his time atop the Treasury in the Clinton years and in the White House economic-policy circle more recently, Mr. Summers largely avoided public commentary on the Fed, as is the custom. Since returning in 2011 as a professor to Harvard University, where he was formerly president, he has occasionally spoken and written about the central bank.
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    “For long term conditions, telehealth has been promoted to reduce healthcare costs while improving health related quality of life by facilitating self-monitoring with remote surveillance by healthcare professionals,” the report states.
    I first observed the family of Arnold Bolata, a 38-year-old father of four who works as a driver of a motorcycle taxi or tricycle and his 33-year-old wife Nancy, a street food vendor and a part-time cook at a small soft drinks company. They own a two-bedroom shanty at a squatter colony in suburban Quezon city, north of the capital Manila. Arnold and Nancy met in the same neighborhood 11 years ago. All their four children study at a public school, where they pay only 100 pesos ($2.3) for each child annually as a required school contribution. Arnold works 16 hours a day with only Sunday as his rest day, and plies the streets even during rainy days. Nancy sells sweet banana snack which she herself cooks. They earn a combined income of about 20,000 pesos a month ($462), just enough to put food on the table three times a day and pay for their household expenses. About 2,000 Mississippi residents lost money because of the Morgan Keegan case, Hosemann said. Among them is Betty Kilgore of Bolton, who’s a plaintiff in the lawsuit. The lawsuit says Kilgore had two accounts with Morgan Keegan and lost $33,949.

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    Clinton, who has kept busy traveling the country discussing healthcare, voting rights and other policy issues, has acknowledged that she is considering running for president, most recently in a New York Magazine interview published online on Sunday.
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    The video was shown on the same day the nation’s largest meat producer, Tyson Foods Inc, declared it would no longer accept cattle that had been fed the most popular brand of the feed additive, called Zilmax, a powerful and fast-selling product from pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. Tyson, in a letter to its cattle suppliers, said the decision resulted not from food-safety questions but its concerns over the behavior of animals that animal health experts said could be connected to the use of Zilmax.
    blopress 16 preis U.S. stock index futures pointed to Wall Street joining inthe rebound later although weekly jobless claims data at 1230GMT could reignite speculation on when the Fed will begin totrim its $85 billion monthly bond purchases. Boeing’s F-15 Silent Eagle, the only bid within budget, hadbeen poised to win the 8.3 trillion won ($7.7 billion) tender.But former military top brass and ruling party legislators hadcriticised the aircraft for lacking stealth capabilities.
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  78. Donnie   July 7, 2018 at 7:56 pm

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  81. Dominique   July 7, 2018 at 8:01 pm

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    President Barack Obama praised the firefighters as “heroes” who “selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives and property of fellow citizens they would never meet” and pledged that the federal government would remain in contact with local officials to lend support.
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    Critics have blasted the administration for the scope of the surveillance and blamed Congress for not carrying out proper oversight. Some lawmakers have vowed to push legislation calling for more accountability for the programs.

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    “I really wasn’t that invested in all of the schools I applied to,” Strobelt says. “There were really only a handful that I was seriously considering. If I were to do it again, I would at least narrow my list down to five.” 
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    That financials are “finally doing well in a convincing wayis a major bullish indicator. We believe the economy is gettingbetter, so they should be doing well,” said Nicholas Colas,chief market strategist at the ConvergEx Group in New York. “I’mimpressed by the rally today.” Government health officials fear those numbers, which are conservative estimates, could worsen as overuse and misuse of antibiotics cause more bacteria to develop resistance to the drugs. Without a major effort to preserve the current supply of antibiotics and to develop new ones, they say future generations will be ill-equipped to fight off the deadly superbugs.
    generic pharmacy cubao Charles Mount, chief executive of business file-sharing service OneHub, told Reuters that an automated system that asks customers why they have dropped the OneHub service elicited this reply from an unspecified Bertelsmann unit in Austria: Solid pre-impairment profitability provides an additional defence, and has ensured that capital is built up through retained earnings. NPLs – currently a low 2.8% – tend to be well provisioned, which leaves the banks with considerable profit and capital cushions against potential losses.

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    Heavier isotopes are usually rarer in nature than lighter ones, but Mars is showing a higher ratio than what you would see on Earth. The higher the ratio, the more atmospheric loss that is occurring. “When you look at the physics of how atoms escape from an atmosphere, the lighter atoms can escape a little easier,” said Mahaffy. “It’s not a big effect, but if the molecules are lost over billions of years, you start to build up more of the heavy isotopes.”
    flomax otc uk Across the corridor, 500 young men and women regularly organise themselves to form patrols to make it safe for the tiger. They have had few dramatic encounters with armed poachers – the last major incident was ‘five or six’ years ago when they caught a group of Indian men with traps and tools, and a dog they planned to poison and use as tiger bait. But the CBAPUs transmit a powerful message to the wider community: No pasarán!, to borrow a slogan of military defiance. Those who wish to plunder our forests for firewood, to fish our rivers or to poach the wildlife we protect, shall not pass. ‘This is the power. Rather than the gun,’ Tilak Dhakal, the WWF’s field manager in the region, said.
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    “The malaise we have seen in the category didn’t let up thisquarter,” Brinker Chief Executive Wyman Roberts said on aconference call with analysts. “Our primary focus for theremainder of fiscal 2014 is growing sales.”

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    The offence resulting from the ‘confusion’ aroused passions in La Paz, towards the US and EU countries. Washington is determined to get Snowden after he leaked secrets while working as a National Security Agency contractor.

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    The negative list for the Shanghai FTZ is composed of hundreds of line-item restrictions in 16 major industrial categories, ranging from culture to hydropower to telecommunications, many of which trade partners argue China committed to opening up long ago when it was allowed to join the World Trade Organization.
    methotrexate injection price uk Anyone who has neurotoxins injected into themselves to kill off nerves and muscles in order to try to appear younger (which, by the way, research shows doesn’t actually work) is outright insane. But hey, it’s like tatoos or piercings or any other self-mutilating body modification – free country, do what you want, but there’s something seriously psychologically wrong with these people, and the FDA should not be approving insanity like this.  Then again, since corporations are poisoning our food, air, and water supply for profit, it really doesn’t matter, we’re all being poisoned anyway.  
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    One problem with that? Neither of those local guys has done anything relevant, musically, in more than a decade. And, for those who think Bon Jovi would represent New Jersey well in front of the rest of the world, the guy who best represents the state’s musical prowess – Bruce Springsteen – already did the Super Bowl, four years ago. In Tampa – not exactly the city that inspired him to write the song “My Hometown.”
    arginmax order When it comes to the character I play, one of the reasons I took this particular part is that there are parts of Allen Ginsberg that I can relate to. The character we’re showing in this film is universal because we see him at a time in his life that we all can identify with. It’s somebody finding out who he is, and everyone had some variant of that experience around the age that Allen is in the film. It’s about young love and all that goes with it.
    cheapest viagra canada Murphy said the report needs to be placed in the context of “a recovery that continues to be very sluggish.” Last week, the Commerce Department reported a downward revision for first quarter GDP growth of 1.8 percent and a consensus growth forecast of 2.5 to 2.8 percent over the rest of this year. Murphy said those figures are not high enough to sustain job gains consistent with a decline in the unemployment rate toward the 7 percent marker that Bernanke has indicated for ending the asset purchase program, provided inflation doesn’t spike.
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  102. Wesley   July 7, 2018 at 8:24 pm

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    This is getting a little ridiculous, right “Star Wars” fans? It’s been almost a year since Lucasfilm and Disney announced plans for a new trilogy, and what do we have to show for it? A bunch of small news items about who has read for roles. The original cast members haven’t been publicly announced as returning. There isn’t even a title yet. Hell, when Marvel cast their main villain a year and a half out from the release date, it was just a press release on their website. No leaks, no rumors. They just announced it.
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    Already European market leader with 2 gigawatts of offshore wind power installed in Denmark, Britain and Germany, DONG wants to more than triple that to 6.5 gigawatt by 2020, its CEO told Reuters in August. But most clowns aren’t trying to be odd. They’re trying to be silly and sweet, fun personified. So the question is, when did the clown, supposedly a jolly figure of innocuous, kid-friendly entertainment, become so weighed down by fear and sadness? When did clowns become so dark?
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    buy prozac for dogs uk Things felt much better this second Saturday in October for the Longhorns, evident by the early-exiting crowd from the crimson side of the stadium that missed Grissom reaching up in front of McCoy for the pick.
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  106. Josiah   July 7, 2018 at 8:25 pm

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    Reacting to the news that he was one of this year’s Nobel winners, Shiller explained the importance of the research, saying: “It is so fundamental to human activity and it follows precise mathematical relations – but there is an element of imprecision in it that reflects human nature.”

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    Said the Yankee of Braun: “I don’t think he handled that the right way. He adamantly denied it, and it turns out he was lying. It’s going to haunt him through his whole career. That’s something he’s going to have to deal with the rest of his life. If it turns out to be the same with Alex, they’ll both be in the same boat.”
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  112. Mervin   July 7, 2018 at 8:34 pm

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    And Jones, who is Miss Florida, will be wearing a knee brace after tearing a knee ligament Thursday while rehearsing her baton-twirling act. A pageant spokeswoman said Jones will compete while wearing the brace Sunday night if she is one of the 15 semifinalists.
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    viagra ucuz fiyat The choice of Yellen, who is vice chair of the Fed andwidely perceived as a policy dove, boosted expectations that theFed will continue its asset-buying program, generally seen asdollar-negative. Amid the uncertainty spurred by an ongoingbudget impasse in Washington, the news brought some relief toinvestors. “So far, I plan to volunteer in Coffee County and Nancy Silvertooth plans to volunteer in Franklin County,” she said, “and I believe there are several more who plan to complete the training for it.”
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    “In Singapore you have a large number of entities such assovereign wealth funds that invest directly, own businesses andhave been users of advice,” Evercore President and ChiefExecutive Ralph Schlosstein told Reuters from New York.
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    Karzai is in Islamabad for a one-day visit and is due tomeet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to discuss the landscape forAfghanistan after 2014, when the U.S. plans to withdraw themajority of its combat troops, Pakistani Foreign Officespokesman Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary told reporters earlier thismonth.
    The surplus in June also highlighted how much an improvingeconomy and existing legislation have helped improve the fiscaloutlook. That has made overhauling public pension and healthcaresystems a little less pressing.
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    Bank of Queensland Ltd jumped 7 percent to athree-year high of A$11.18, after approving a final fullyfranked dividend of A$0.30 per share, with full year revenuefrom ordinary activities up 6 percent at A$855.9 million.

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    Britain said it would close its embassy in Yemen on Sunday and Monday. “We are particularly concerned about the security situation in the final days of Ramadan and into Eid,” Britain’s Foreign Office said in a statement, referring to the Muslim holy month which ends on Wednesday.
    cialis daily and viagra together Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight broke their public silence in the 3-minute, 30-second video posted Monday night on YouTube. They said the support and prayers of family, friends and the public is allowing them to rebuild their lives after what Berry called “this entire ordeal.”
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  134. Frank   July 7, 2018 at 9:46 pm

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  135. Arianna   July 7, 2018 at 9:47 pm

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  136. Elijah   July 7, 2018 at 9:54 pm

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    An investigation by European Rugby Cup concluded that Richards had been the “directorial mind” behind the sinister Bloodgate deception, in which club doctor Wendy Chapman was found to have cut the wing’s lip deliberately to make it look more plausible. He acknowledges, solemnly: “The person who put them in that position, who allowed it to go on, was me.”
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    Al-Azhar, a highly respected institution, has had some success at unifying different political forces since the 2011 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, reports the BBC's Yolande Knell in Cairo.
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    cheap online buy autoject epinephrine The high-level contact came amid intense diplomatic wrangling over Snowden, who has been holed up in a transit area at a Moscow airport since arriving from Hong Kong on June 23. He is seeking asylum in either Russia or in one of three countries in Latin American that have offered to take him, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.
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    “We live in a small rock in the north Atlantic, and we wouldbe under water were it not for very clever people in governmentand the revenue who made tax competitiveness a central part ofIrish economic life.”

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    prostin half life The suspects, both 17-year-old students at Vista Murrieta High School, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, were arrested Thursday and made first appearances in Riverside County juvenile court Tuesday.
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    Although the Jets have the second-ranked total defense (that only accounts for yards, not points) and eighth-ranked pass defense (203.8 yards per game) through four games, Ryan’s team is rated 25th in pass coverage by Pro Football Focus.
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    It is the name that gives it away. Death Valley is one of the most forbidding places on earth, a desolate, thirsty land, where 100 years ago today, the highest temperature ever was recorded – a sizzling 56.7C (134F) in the aptly named Furnace Creek.
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    Young said he never feared his career was over. He kept in touch with NFL teams and even showed up at the Longhorns’ on-campus pro day earlier this year to let people know he was still in shape and wanted to play.
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    “The NSA has trillions of telephone calls and emails in their databases that they have collected over the last several years,” he said. “And what these programs are, are very simple screens like the ones that supermarket clerks or shipping and receiving clerks use where all an analyst has to do is enter an email address or an IP address and it does two things — it searches that database and let’s them listen to the calls or read the emails of everything that the NSA has stored, or look at the browsing histories or Google search terms that you’ve entered.” 

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    In this Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013 photo, Tracy Smith visits the Duke Cancer Center in Durham, N.C. Smith was treated at Duke in 2011 for breast cancer that had spread to more than a dozen lymph nodes. Doctors gave her full chemo doses based on her weight. Three times, high fevers put her in the hospital, and one infusion was cut short because doctors thought it was causing wheezing and possible lung damage. But she resumed and finished the intended treatment and has been cancer-free since then. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)
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    Horses in a field gallop away from the sound of motorcycles competing in the 9th stage of the 2013 Dakar Rally from Tucuman to Cordoba, Argentina, Monday, Jan. 14, 2013. The race finishes in Santiago, Chile, on Jan. 20. (Victor R. Caivano, AP)

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    Stone found Jorgensen at his bike shop in Glendale, Ariz., late last year and told him that Bezos was his son. The 69-year-old had no idea who Bezos was. Stone had to pull up photos from the Web on his phone to explain.
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    U.S. President Barack Obama makes a light reference to old movie special effects while speaking about award recipient George Lucas who created ”Star Wars” during the National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal ceremony at the White House in Washington July 10, 2013.
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    Istomin, kitted out now in new fluorescent lemon shirt, matching shoes and headband, but still wearing his wraparound glasses, did not play like the super-hero of his appearance. He looked entirely mortal, in fact, as Murray slayed him for the good of tennis if not Gotham. He might be ranked No 3 in the world, but he is No 1 for entertainment.

  186. Winford   July 8, 2018 at 1:41 am

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    mylan bupropion xl 150 side effects It’s a little less clear how Google’s other proposed dotless domains might have functioned — .app, .blog, and .cloud — given the more generic applicability of those gTLDs. Presumably, they would also function as shortcuts of-sorts, directing a user to his or her preferred bogging platform, app store, or cloud service.
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    The Wild pulled within 3-2 when Spurgeon scored his first this season on a power play with a wrister past Rinne at 7:26, and his goal came with 1 second left on the man advantage after Forsberg went to the box for hooking.
    when can i drink alcohol after taking lamisil Schettino has protested his innocence. He insists that his skillful steering of the liner to just outside the port saved thousands of lives. He also contends the ship’s navigational charts didn’t indicate the reef was in its path as it cruised near the island on part of a weeklong Mediterranean tour.

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    Other amount m drive testosterone reviews “Iberdrola will continue to face challenging earningsmomentum, given the pending reform on renewables, and thistogether with the new dividend profile will weigh on the shareprice in the short term,” Barclays analysts said in a note. Artemis skipper Iain Percy described getting back on the boat and into the race as bittersweet. Simpson and Percy had been friends since they were 10 years old, and went through Britain’s youth sailing program and then on the Olympics together. “The Europeans are now also on board; they, too, are pushing for a peaceful resolution,” he said during an interview with the Council on Foreign Relations. “That said, we should always remember that there are many forces in Iran, in the United States, and in the region that have profited from this stalemate between Tehran and Washington. They will do everything they can to sabotage any rapprochement. I wouldn’t be surprised if a year from now we are exactly where we are today.” Plenty of “Star Trek” fans attended a speech Friday at the National Press Club given by gay rights activist and actor George Takei, where dessert was cookies frosted to look like a rainbow gay pride flag, a Starfleet insignia and a picture of Takei’s face promoting his book “Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet.”
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  191. Lazaro   July 8, 2018 at 2:03 am

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    dr channings blood pressure protocol pdf Unite Scottish regional secretary Pat Rafferty said: “This overwhelming result reflects the genuine ill-feeling held by the Grangemouth workforce, because of the grossly unfair treatment of Stephen Deans, who has 24 years of loyal service at the site.
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    Twenty-five test subject canines watched their owner and a stranger both actually yawn, and then mimic a yawn — their behavioral reactions and their heart rates in most of the dogs were then observed and analyzed.
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  202. Victor   July 8, 2018 at 2:41 am

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    The Tea Party Express, one of the anti-tax groups in theconservative Tea Party that has led the fight against Obamacare,sent an email to supporters on Wednesday evening saying that asmany as 12 Republicans had indicated they were willing to “giveup on the fight” and join Democrats in voting for a funding billwithout conditions.
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    can you take prilosec otc after eating “If there’s a weakness in the Abbott story, it’s establishedpharmaceuticals,” said Joanne Wuensch, an analyst with BMOCapital Markets. She noted the company is making managementchanges in hopes of revitalizing the business segment.
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  205. Julia   July 8, 2018 at 2:55 am

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    “For the most part it’s just something I’m excited about and happy about,” Neal said. “Especially talking to coach Drew and ownership, it’s something that has me excited. I kind of wish we could start tomorrow.”
    cuverro antimicrobial While she will most likely remain chancellor, herconservatives would be forced to enter difficult coalitionnegotiations with the Social Democrats (SPD), in which theywould have to cede key ministerial posts to their centre-leftrival and accept SPD demands on tax and wage policy. “Well first of all we got there. I mean, this is something we all hoped when we started on this 40 years ago, that this would happen,” said Voyager project scientist Ed Stone. “None of us knew anything could last as long as the two Voyager spacecraft.” Airlines aren’t required by the government to honor fares when mistakes happen, and many cancel tickets if there has been a big blunder. But some offer vouchers to travelers as a consolation prize.

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    can ciprofloxacin cure gonorrhea and chlamydia (Bebeto Matthews/ Associated Press ) – NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, left, smiles as NBA Commissioner David Stern shows a bobblehead doll in his likeness, during a press conference after a meeting of the NBA board of governors, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013 in New York. Stern will formally step aside Feb. 1, 2014, after 30 years and Silver will become the new NBA commissioner.
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    I don’t have the slightest sympathy that the state should crack down on them now although it’s amazing that it took them so long and a high profile murder to do it. Perhaps when Greece gets some order into its political affairs and an air of normality returns it might be less dysfunctional.
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    They may seem innocent enough on TV, but the stars of ‘Glee’ show that even good students can be bad. Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith have stripped down to spice up the November issue of GQ magazine. Michele and Agron, who play Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray, don racy schoolgirl outfits and dish on everything from body image to dropping out of high school.

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    Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said JetBlue Flight 1117 was diverted to Raleigh-Durham International Airport and landed shortly before 7 p.m. Friday. The crew reported an indication of smoke in a compartment that holds the instrumentation and electronics.
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    These schemes include Funding for Lending, under which banks and building societies are able to borrow money cheaply from the Bank of England, as long as they lend it out to individuals and businesses.

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    Brown, who is Cherokee, is charged with custodial interference involving his 3-year-old daughter, Veronica. A South Carolina couple has been trying to adopt Veronica since her birth in 2009; they raised her for two years.
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    But GAA chiefs said it would enhance west Belfast socially and economically creating an estimated 1,400 jobs in the construction industry and would bring “significant GAA events back to Belfast for the first time since the 1970s”.
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    “We’re professional around here, and some of us have been in this position before,” McCann said before the game. “We’re just down one game. They threw Kershaw at us; he took it to us. Tip your hat and move on.”

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    dermalife spa jet Post said he was confident his concept can be scaled up to offer a viable alternative to animal meat production, but said it may be another 20 years before lab-grown meat appears on supermarket shelves. CBeebies was praised by parents for its “high-quality content and its focus on learning and development” while CBBC was hailed for its “distinctive content and the balance it provides between education and entertainment”.

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    So how lovable has Mercedes made the S-class? As befits its status as wheels for the well-heeled, there are some bizarre cabin trim and colour combinations, all the way from perforated black leather seats to psychedelically swirling grey onyx.
    irwin naturals prosta strong reviews Bonet, whose rap sheet includes arrests for marijuana possession, selling drugs and harassment, has been paying just $436.71 a month in rent while throwing late-night parties, threatening residents and allowing a pit bull puppy named Blue to roam the halls, neighbors said.
    benzocaine menthol lozenges In a further overture to women voters, Labour also pledged yesterday that it would provide universal childcare for primary-school pupils between 8am and 6pm, although parents would still have to pay for the cover. Using a technique called energetic neutral atom imaging, IBEX is able is able to measure neutral particles created by collisions at the heliosphere’s boundaries to observe far away structures and chart the shape of our solar bubble’s tail. The mapping relies on the fact that the paths of neutral particles aren’t affected by the heliosphere’s magnetic fields.

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    Of course, any decent dwelling has plenty of room for storage and the BMW i3 Concept Coupé doesn’t disappoint. The steeply angled rear roof pillars are designed to maximise boot space and further capacity can be created by folding down the rear seats. Tango is sexy — and it’s also a bit S&M-y, what with men and women pushing each other away, then pulling each other close. Love is a battlefield, and here it’s littered with fedoras and stilettos.
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    That’s too harsh, said Thomas Gorman, a former SEC lawyer who runs the SEC Actions Blog. The verdict bolsters the agency’s recent efforts to get tougher on financial fraud, he said, citing the case brought last month against SAC Capital Advisors chief Steven Cohen.

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    muscletech cell tech pro series price in india But people in that sports bar made the case for Puig without even realizing it. That they could not look away from a muted TV says the 22-year-old right fielder is the brightest, most polarizing star in baseball. The Midsummer Classic is a game for the fans. If it were a high school popularity contest, Puig would be the new kid in town who all the girls fawn over and all the guys look at with suspicion. Either way, everyone is paying attention. With unprecedented heavy rain in Moscow in recent weeks, repair work on the playing surface at the Khimki Arena has been minimal and Pellegrini claims that Uefa should have insisted that the game be staged elsewhere.
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    He was prepared for the issue, reading from notes that made it clear he believes single-sex clubs do little harm to the game and have largely been targeted by the media, politicians and interest groups.

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  231. Kaylee   July 8, 2018 at 3:45 am

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  232. Aurelio   July 8, 2018 at 3:46 am

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    Eaton, a power services company, said in its annual report that Ohio had only 28 blackouts last year due to equipment failures or human error. While the state still ranks seventh in the United States for power outages, it was second only to California in 2009, when it had 42.
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    Now Robinson will join five other current players — two from the Pac-12, two from the Big Ten and one from the SEC — in the fight against the NCAA’s model of amateurism, which holds that no matter how much revenue their teams bring in or how much that revenue increases over a period of years, athletes are entitled only to tuition, room and board as payment for their services. Robinson isn’t ungrateful. He’s thrilled to have a scholarship, but he has spent three years inside the machine, and he has learned a little about how the sausage is made for your Saturday enjoyment. “This is definitely something that I would love to get involved in,” Robinson said, “because I really do believe in it.”

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    viagrowth iv review At the cathedral gates, along with flowers and candles commemorating the dead, some people left walking sticks from their journeys and others placed shells, the symbol of St. James and badge of honor for the pilgrims who complete the journey.
    600 mg primobolan Yahoo and Microsoft began a 10-year search partnership in2010, before Mayer took over as Yahoo’s CEO. The two companieshoped their combined efforts could mount a more competitivechallenge to Google, the world’s No. 1 search engine. Mr Tyrie said: “There appears to be a yawning gulf between the evidence the Committee heard today from Mr Richardson and the evidence we heard previously from Mr Bailey. The Committee will be investigating this a good deal further.”

  234. Brent   July 8, 2018 at 3:46 am

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    Areva, which has been mining Niger uranium for four decades,has a 63.6 percent stake in Somair and 34 percent in Cominak.But Arlit residents complain they have benefited little from thelocal mining industry. Numerous studies show that medical cannabis has a beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s patients. In one of the most extensive studies conducted so far, Sikorin and Klein followed the progress of 60 dementia patients over three years. News Corp., meanwhile, is in a position to make its ownnewspaper acquisitions following its spinoff from the rest ofRupert Murdoch’s media empire. The publishing company, whichretained the News Corp. name, was given a war chest of $2.6billion in cash at the time of the split last month to helpfoster the business.
    The former CIA analyst had traveled to Russia to give Snowden an award for “Integrity in Intelligence.” The other Americans who went with him were Coleen Rowley, a former FBI agent; Jesselyn Radack, a former Justice Department official; and Thomas Drake, a former NSA official who the U.S. government had prosecuted for allegedly leaking secrets about an NSA project called “Trailblazer.”
    “That wasn’t said to me,” Cavalea said. “I’m sure a lot of people will think that, but when I look at our club, it wasn’t repetitive muscle strains or anything like that. It was broken bones or issues that needed surgery.”

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    Harding had left the train unattended overnight to sleep at a local inn shortly before it barreled into town, devastating the downtown bar area and forcing a third of the 6,000 residents to flee. Officials said Tuesday that another body had been recovered, for a total of 38, and 12 have not been identified. The search continued for 12 bodies amid hazardous conditions.
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    “The emails between Kevin Chang and the hedge funds reveal this cozy culture which illustrates again that there are two types of customers; big ones and retail customers who often dont’ receive this information,” Galvin said in a telephone interview.

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    Turkish media wrote earlier this year that the Ankaraprosecutor is conducting a separate probe under an article ofpenal law which says a person who commits a crime abroad whilein the service of the Turkish state can be tried in Turkey, evenif he is already found guilty abroad and/or has served time. A member of the militant group who gave his name as Sheik Abu Mohammed told the AP that Hammami was killed in an ambush along with two other fighters, including a Briton of Somali descent. Mohammed said his associates were responsible for the bloodshed.
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    State inspectors and OSHA found 547 violations, including 250 serious ones, at craft breweries from 2003 through 2011, according Reuters’ analysis of the data. Officials fined the small brewers an aggregate $220,000 for violations ranging from failing to enclose sprockets and chains to not ensuring machinery was disabled when an employee was inside.
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    Bartel said the second quarter was the ninth straight quarter of declining same-store sales, “and we’re putting a flag in the ground, and saying that that is the end … for quite some time, as we see growth from this point forward.”
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    Mississippi’s hospitals are also in a precarious position. The 2010 health reform law was designed to reduce payments to safety-net hospitals that serve a disproportionate share of poor patients. It was based on the premise that more people would soon gain coverage through Medicaid expansion.
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    “We are simply asking the government of Spain and the other governments to clarify and explain where that version of Mr Snowden being on the presidential plane came from,” said Bolivian Communications Minister Amanda Davila.
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    buying prescription drugs online canadian pharmacies One of the most tradition-laden tasks for new parents Kate and William after the baby is born will be to name their child’s godparents. It’s something the soon-to-be parents likely began thinking about as soon as they found out Kate was pregnant, and they may have already decided. rabattkode Cineworld has responded to the Competition Commission's decision about its acquisition of Picturehouse. It is going to sell its Picturehouse cinemas in Aberdeen and Bury St Edmunds. It's still deciding whether to sell the local Picturehouse or Cineworld cinema in Cambridge.

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    In addition the Accelerator provides strategic advice to its entrepreneurs via a team of experienced business people that coordinate the workspace. Richard Celm, who manages the Accelerator, also explained that he sometimes facilitates access to finance.
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    The images of the Ghouta massacre are intolerable in every sense: a terrible indictment of Assad’s despotism and a vile mockery of his youthful calling as a doctor; but also a question mark painted in blood, aimed at the international community. To be fair to Cameron, he has been warning of precisely such an outcome for many months, pressing for joint action as host of the G8 summit at Lough Erne in June and in his many conversations with Presidents Obama and Putin.
    aleve select kopen The signing of Oden comes at a low risk high reward for the Heat. Oden fits exactly what the Heat are missing, a big man that can rebound and defend the paint. If Oden were to have another devastating injury, the Heat wouldn’t be paying him much anyway.

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    The S&P 500 has fallen for five of the past six sessions,and last week posted its worst week since June. Those declinescame as investors found few reasons to buy with major indexesnear record highs and earnings season winding down.
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    The Israelis and Palestinians have held 13 meetings since the talks got going after a nearly three-year hiatus, including three meetings in the last four days, Kerry said at a joint news conference with Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah.

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    “I’m not here to preach to anyone or lecture to anyone, especially not on television,” she said. “I’m 28 years old. I’m still trying to figure out everything in the world, and most people who are in their 20s, teen years and maybe in their 30s” are doing that too, she said.
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    lopressor xl generic names Starter Dillon Gee was brilliant — seven-plus innings, one earned run, three hits and two walks with four strikeouts — and was in position for the win when his team headed to the ninth leading 2-1. But with closer Bobby Parnell day-to-day with a stiff neck, the Mets were forced to turn to David Aardsma to shut the door. Kansas City loaded the bases against him, then tied the game on a sac fly by Lorenzo Cain. Pedro Feliciano, who was called up earlier in the day and arrived at the stadium in the fourth inning, relieved Aardsma and collected the final out of the inning in his first major league appearance since 2010. Carlos Torres (2-2), who was originally slated to start Saturday, ending up getting the win in relief. Jeremy Hefner will move up and start in Torres’ place. Scots are more skilled, and perhaps more resourceful. Having given up on supporting old industries, government has made a difference through building infrastructure for new ones. People have become much more mobile around the country.
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    pawtree dog food review Asked if Goodwillie returns to Scotland with a point to prove, Houston – his boss at United previously – said: “The only reason he has a point to prove is because he wasn’t picked in the position he was bought for. In the two years before he signed for Blackburn, he was scoring almost every week in the SPL.
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    Obama is directly engaging in the promotional campaign for the health care law. Tuesday, he and former President Bill Clinton talked health care during a session sponsored by Clinton’s foundation. And Obama is planning a speech on the law on Thursday. 
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    While no signs of the disease caused by the fungus have been detected, white nose syndrome is devastating to bat populations. Depending on the species, up to 90 percent of the mammals can die within two years of the first case.
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    d2l pharma research solutions private limited “I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government,” Miller continued. “The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systemically denied their basic right to live and love openly.”
    arrow pharmacy uconn health The former Open champion’s 68 was as eye-catching as his red, black and yellow trousers – which he described as “ketchup and mustard” – given that it was his first competitive round since July. The authors suggest this may be because this group of patients was more proficient at sticking to their medical regime. It could also be a by-product of better blood pressure control, or even a result of improved blood flow to the brain.
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    Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West, said: “I am appalled that any organisation purporting to support animal welfare could say something like this, especially about such a popular and endangered animal.”

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    Murdoch, bowing to investor pressure, last month split hispublishing business from the entertainment operations, nowcalled 21st Century Fox. The publishing group includes the WallStreet Journal, the London-based Times and Sun newspapers andAustralian businesses including REA Group, an online real estatelistings service.
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    “I had the sense not to attempt a ‘Pinter play’, but in other respects, as the years went by, he became and remained a model for the kind of fearless integrity which PEN exists to defend among writers, and most of us had occasion to feel humbled by his example.’’ Yes there are a number of options available, you can set your browser either to reject all cookies, to allow only “trusted” sites to set them, or to only accept them from the site you are currently on.

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    apexatropin 100 risk free the single most powerful male “Felt like the first day of school, to be honest,” Garnett said, of his inaugural game in Brooklyn, a 99-88 exhibition loss to Detroit Saturday night. “Some good energy in there. The city has embraced us and we’re trying to give it back with hard work.” Rowe said Dr. Klein and Jackson’s plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Hoefflin were “competing” for favor at this time, and she claimed she was at Jackson’s Century City residence on one occasion when she had to confiscate a prescription of Dilaudid, a powerful narcotic.
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    The Republicans and specifically the Tea Party (yes you Ted Cruz) set themselves up for failure. Obama had the upper hand in this fight from the start. He has the Constitution on his side. Republicans single out the ACA as the centerpiece of the debt. Which is asinine as any current costs or increase of the debt by ACA is nominal. They didn’t offer a bill with specific spending cuts. Their sole goal was to take away something that the President fought for. In other words…Obama was right. Tea Publicans tried to hold the country and the Constitution hostage over ideological disagreements. The President didn’t ask Republicans for concessions to sign a debt deal. The Republicans did. And they are deservingly taking a beating for it. However, there is a spending problem in this country. The right thing to do is to take this fight to the budget process. The left and the right need to find common ground to reduce government expenditures.
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    The verbal sparring Wednesday night turned physical and a man, Jonathan Denver, was fatally stabbed hours after the Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Giants in San Francisco. Denver’s father, Robert Preece, worked security on game days at Dodger Stadium, the team said.
    snafi pills side effects And, Mr Dromgoole adds, with many battle sites being popular with local historical and re-enactment societies, taking Henry Vl out of the theatre and into the field was a chance to add a different quality to these productions of Shakespeare.
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    Google's YouTube video service has long been a magnet for vicious comments left by anonymous viewers, so Google is now allowing some video uploaders to moderate the comments section on their videos using Google tools. Both offers came in below the A$2 billion ($1.8billion)reserve price set for the auction and SingTel willdecide at a board meeting next week whether to divest thebusiness through an initial public offering (IPO) or ask suitorsto improve their bids, the sources said.
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    ver online power primera temporada Throughout the preseason, Ryan has maintained that this will be a fair competition between the two quarterbacks. As of Tuesday, he had not decided who will start the second preseason game, against Jacksonville on Saturday. Should he go with Sanchez, the coach is going to have to answer a boatload of questions about the fairness of starting the incumbent for each of the first two preseason games.

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    All too familiar with the hot-headed species to which Kenneth Olivo and Faysal Himon belong, many a New Yorker would not have responded with the charity shown by Green’s mother and father had a loved one been similarly victimized.

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    ABC’s promotions department accidentally pulled the White Rabbit out of the wrong hat during Sunday night’s episode of “Once Upon a Time,” with an awkward promo that featured an animated version of the storybook character drawing a hole that lined up perfectly with Snow White’s crotch. Texas state Senator Dan Patrick, a Republican from Houston who was a sponsor of the abortion bill, criticized the lawsuit. “Every time the Democrats lose in the legislature, they go to court and sue,” Patrick said.
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    MLS has sent letters to all three Red Bulls supporters sections and other organized fan groups threatening to revoke special privileges such as the rights to flags, smoke bombs, drums and banners, as well as parking passes and additional credentials.
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    Here at the MLB Power Rankings home office, we are known far and wide throughout the baseball world for championing the underdog. OK, sometimes we front-run, too, but who among us is not guilty of that at times? You know who you are.
    captain blankenship golden waves sea salt shimmer spray review While an anticipated handshake between Rouhani and Obama at United Nations headquarters failed to materialize, they held a 15-minute call on Friday at the end of the moderate new Iranian president’s trip for the U.N. General Assembly. opiniones Your performance is always being reviewed – whether it is discussed or not. Strategic employees make it easy for management to give information that is critical to continued improvement. With this performance review strategy, you have control over this feedback and can make changes as needed.

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    seroquel 300 mg side effects This may cause concern as to how the Act can be implemented in the absence of guidelines for health professionals, as it is possible that the Act may be implemented before the guidelines are published.
    10 natural ways to lose weight His interviewees included such diverse figures as Joan Collins, Peter Sellers, the Sultan of Brunei and the former Haitian president Papa Doc Duvalier. He received the Richard Dimbleby Award in 1978 for his contribution to broadcasting and was made a CBE in 2005. After a decade of currency controls set up by late socialist leader Hugo Chavez in 2003, the disparity between the official and black-market rates for the local bolivar currency is higher than ever. Greenbacks now sell on the illegal market at about seven times the government price of 6.3 to the dollar.

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    Folks used to dream about Valdespin’s offensive potential, especially after he’d slug a dramatic pinch-hit homer. Of course, the excitement faded when he struggled when given a chance. Or threw a tantrum. Or butted heads with, well, everyone.
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    E-40 is a white woman who works as a safety officer and recently moved to Seminole County from Iowa. She describes herself as a football fan. During jury selection, she said she had been the victim of a nonviolent crime.

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    Rational public debate about genes and intelligence (or educational achievement) has proved impossible in Britain and America, partly because of the appalling legacy of the Nazis and eugenics (leading to understandable fears and caution) and partly because of the constant mangling of statistics and technical terms such as heritability.
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    Their work was not easy. “In some areas, people thought that telegrams were bringing bad news and they would pelt the messengers with stones. In one instance, some people threw a glass bottle at us,” he says. But once again, it’s turning out sweet and fragrant creations, as a wine bar (with great brews, too) under the guidance of Christopher and LaVine. The decor is reclaimed industrial, much of it salvaged from demo sites and city landmarks.
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    The co-ed is stealing the spotlight from her younger brother Dante, whose afro hairstyle became a campaign staple and was even featured in a social media effort that encouraged de Blasio faithfuls to “go with the FRO.”
    nature made glow skin moisture reviews Following Smith’s suicide, Prime Minister David Cameron said Internet users should boycott “vile” websites that allow cyber bullying to avoid any more deaths, while some schools urged parents to get their children off the site.
    jp Although most analysts expect the dollar to resume gainstowards the end of the year, uncertainty about when the Fed mayreduce its $85 billion per month bong buying program should keepthe currency under pressure.

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    Egyptian security forces have been clashing with Islamic militants in the northern Sinai Desert for the past two years. The fighting has increased since the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on July 3.
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    drugstore online mexico U.S. equity markets saw their biggest fall since late Juneon Thursday in the wake of disappointing results from Wal-Martand Cisco, and on fears positive economic data may set the stagefor the Fed to scale back its stimulus soon.

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    Berra was 38, still batting .293 but no longer an All-Star, when he parted ways with the Yankees. He made a brief, aborted comeback with the Mets two years later, but retired for good after a game on May 9, 1965, when he struck out three times against the Braves.
    maxx test 300 and nitrox review A coach in Brazil who shows similar characteristics is Cristovao Borges, currently in charge of Bahia. A midfielder in the 1980s, he spent years as an assistant, only launching his coaching career just over two years ago at Vasco da Gama when his boss, Ricardo Gomes, suffered a stroke.
    basilea pharmaceutica pipeline On the sidelines is Buenos Aires’ popular governor, DanielScioli. He is officially allied with Fernandez but could step upto represent the FPV and run for president if her candidates dobadly this year.

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    The Obama administration, in a recent proposed rule, said most members and staff should get their coverage through the exchanges, but also declared that they could continue to receive their taxpayer funded subsidies to help defray the cost of the coverage.
    walmart south bend pharmacy It follows the introduction of annual tuition fees of up to £9,000-a-year for students entering higher education for the first time last year – often leading to debts of more than £40,000 when living expenses are added. Mount Rokatenda in East Nusa Tenggara province erupted early Saturday morning, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. Nearly 3,000 people were evacuated from the area on Palue island. The volcano has been rumbling since October 2012.
    what is zytenz serum And Manning’s prediction that Chris Clark would be a seamless replacement for injured Ryan Clady as his blindside protector didn’t exactly pan out. Lamarr Houston beat Denver’s new starting left tackle badly in the third quarter for a sack and strip that halted a drive that had reached the Raiders 13. Our Classified websites (Photos, Motors, Jobs and Property Today) use cookies to ensure you get the correct local newspaper branding and content when you visit them. These cookies store no personally identifiable information.

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    white front pharmacy costa mesa hours ‘‘Her body was dumped at a madrassah with some of her hair ripped out,’’ said Dawlat Khan Zadran, Paktika’s police chief. ‘‘It seems the killers were angry with the book and the film.’’
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    prescription drugs interactions side effects “Well the website is, to some extent, no different than the media reporting on it,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the Daily News at the United Way of New York City’s Hometown Huddle event in the Bronx. Goodell said that explanation stemmed from a competition committee report from before the rule was in place, and that ultimately it was decided that a push should be banned on field goal block attempts regardless of where a player is lined up.

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    When the reality of how money really works comes crashing into their world, it can be rather traumatic. It can also be a powerful time for parents to teach their children an important lesson about the world.
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    FILE – In this March 22, 2013 file photo, Miami’s Shane Larkin (0) shoots between Pacific’s Tony Gill (33) and Lorenzo McCloud (11) during the first half of a second-round game of the NCAA college basketball tournament in Austin, Texas. Larkin is a possible first-round pick in the NBA Draft on June 27. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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    Christie, who is seeking re-election this year, argued that his main priority was helping New Jersey residents, and he was appreciative of the White House’s support. He added later that the safety and health of New Jersey residents “are more important than any kind of politics at all.”
    what is the difference between motrin advil and aleve The train was parked in nearby Nantes, Quebec, on Friday night when one of its engines, which had been left running to ensure the air brakes had enough pressure, caught fire. Local firemen turned off the engine, put out the fire and went home. “These are amazing, amazing gifted, talented, great prospects with a lot of talent that are coming over here,” West Valley Christian School administrator Derek Swales told today. “It’s just devastating to think that superstar kid in the classroom with all that potential was just taken.”

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    lexapro pill color American Airlines, which sought Chapter 11 protection in late 2011, is one of the largest private employers in Miami-Dade County. The carrier operates around 70 percent of the flights at the Miami airport, making it a dominant hub for flights to and from Latin America. Local officials have long promoted Miami as the “Gateway to the Americas.”
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    juno therapeutics clinical trials As a book lover with over 4500 books in my library I’m proud to say that I haven’t got any Booker winners, nor even any from the long-lists of the entire history of the award. Why not? Because I view the Booker choices as having been made by a group of snobs who think they know what they aught to like. They’re said to be “literary” as if some books aren’t. It’s “the Emperor’s new clothes” again.
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    Evidence in the case included emails from Apple’s lateco-founder Steve Jobs to News Corp executive James Murdoch thatthe government said reflected Jobs’ desire to boost prices and”create a real mainstream e-books market at $12.99 and $14.99.” review
    A sale of all or parts of Telecom Italia’s unit in Brazil,TIM Participacoes, which competes directly with Telefonica inthe South American country, or of its Telecom Argentina unitcould be options to raise badly needed cash, analysts have said.
    what mail order pharmacy does humana use Naidoo, who was repeatedly arrested and later drivenunderground for his role in the struggle against apartheid inhis native South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, said he wasprepared to “share the fate” of the Greenpeace activists. Theyface prison terms of up to 15 years if convicted. butternut squash Nearly four months after welcoming baby Rainbow Aurora, Holly Madison has more good news to share — she’s engaged. The former Playboy Playmate’s boyfriend Pasquale Rotella popped the question at the 17th annual Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 23, 2013. “My fiancé was so wonderful in creating such a romantic night!” Madison wrote on her blog. The 33-year-old also happily posed for photos showing off her massive 18-carat, cushion-cut yellow diamond rock that is surrounded by pink and yellow diamond flowers, according to People.
    buy clindamycin phosphate gel Health privacy expert McGraw said “the worst case scenario” of not meeting the IT security deadline is that the government will not be able to bring the data hub online on October 1. In that case, people will be able to apply for insurance starting on that date but will not be told if they have been accepted or whether they are eligible for government subsidies to pay their premiums.

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    buy online amoxicillin uk “Francis was all for starting Christianity over — that is why his followers and others consciously rejected the term Christendom,” writes Fox. “They chose to reject the imperial church of Constantine and the privileges of the monastic/feudal establishment that owned so much property and controlled so much of the wealth and decision making of the era.”
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