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A conversation often reserved for mid-October when there’s an idea of who’s hot and who’s not by the midseason point, it’s never too early to handicap potential head coaching futures across FBS college football.

Hot seat buzz is all the rage when trajectories begin trending south and CBS Sports senior analyst Dennis Dodd recently revealed his job security list, on a 0 to 5 scale, ahead of the 2019 season.

The Hot Seat has long been an accurate predictor in terms of job security. Over the last four years, 12 of the 18 coaches rated 4 or worse (67 percent) eventually lost their jobs. (Colorado’s Mike MacIntyre and Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury were listed in multiple years.) Going into 2019, there are only nine coaches on the proverbial hot seat (rating of 4 or higher). Something tells me that, in the end, there will be more than nine coaching changes — mostly because it seems that the coaching carousel is always spinning.

CBS Sports separated its 2019 hot seat rankings by tiers, five categories — 0 being untouchable, 5 representing scorching — used to gauge the temperatures for every FBS head coach. Most were labeled “safe and secure” with a 1 rating while three received the “win or be fired” moniker.

Here’s a look at college football’s coaches whose jobs could be in jeopardy this season and others who are extremely safe:

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