North Dakota students work with NASA to improve 3D printing – The News Tribune

Students at North Dakota State University in Fargo are working with NASA scientists to develop a better technique for 3D printing in space exploration. The 11 students working with a NASA field center in California called Jet Propulsion Laboratory range from freshmen to graduate students, the Wahpeton Daily News reported. They’re pursuing majors in mechanical […]

Saturn Moon Titan Has Molecules That Could Help Make Cell Membranes –

Saturn’s huge moon Titan harbors yet another possible key ingredient for life, a new study reports. Titan’s thick atmosphere contains large quantities of vinyl cyanide molecules, which could conceivably form membranes around cells in the liquid-hydrocarbon seas that dot the frigid moon’s surface, according to the study. Many […]

Astronomers Might Have Found the First Alien Moon – National Geographic

If the results bear fruit, the moon would be the latest in a remarkable string of discoveries for Kepler. Launched in 2009, the space-based observatory has found more than 2,000 alien worlds and about 4,000 candidate planets, and astronomers are not yet done mining its riches. In June, astronomers using Kepler data identified 219 more […]

Scientists Take to the Sea to Study a Lost Land: Zealandia – New York Times

Photo The researchers’ ship, the Joides Resolution, contains drilling equipment to help geologists answer lingering questions about Zealandia — such as how and when it formed and what has happened in the area over time. Credit The Australian National University SYDNEY, Australia — It’s about half the size of the United States, and it’s been […]

The DNA of ancient Canaanites lives on in modern-day Lebanese, genetic analysis shows – Los Angeles Times

The Canaanites lived at the crossroads of the ancient world. They experienced wars, conquests and occupations for millennia, and as a result evolutionary geneticists expected that their DNA would become substantially mixed with incoming populations. Astonishingly, new genetic analysis shows that scientists were wrong. According to a new study in the American Journal of Human […]

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