Amanda Seyfried Gives Birth To A Baby Girl & She’s Obviously Going To Be A Cool Mom, Not A Regular Mom – Bustle

In news so wondrous that it could probably make the word “fetch” happen, Amanda Seyfried has reportedly given birth to a baby girl. According to E! Online, a rep for the Mean Girls and Mamma Mia actor confirmed that Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski have welcomed their first child to the world. While on The Late Late Show just a week before the arrival of their child, Sadoski revealed that he and Seyfried recently eloped and enjoyed a wedding ceremony at the beginning of March, which makes this whole segment of their romance just unbearably dreamy. It’s a total fairy tale, and I think my heart is about to burst right now.

All heart-eye emojis aside for their relationship, though, it’s also evident that Seyfried is destined to become an absolute “cool mom.” Obviously, I’m talking about her becoming less of a matching velour tracksuit, Mrs. George-style cool mom, and more of just a low key, chill, and doting mother. Apparently Seyfried has wanted to become a mom for some time now, even telling Marie Claire back in 2015,  “I want to be a mother, badly. That’s what I feel. I’ve been feeling it for like, two years,” so this sounds like a dream come true for the star. And I’ve no doubt that she’ll be super proud of her little girl, but also utterly laid back about that fact too.

That’s because Seyfried is a pretty chill actor. As a woman in the public eye, she has always appeared to conduct herself in a low-key manner, including opting for a private, seemingly spur-of-the-moment wedding, rather than a gigantic, fancy, public one. So, it’s easy to imagine that she would likely protect her daughter from the pressures of public scrutiny, while still introducing her to all the fun and culture of the entertainment industry and the world beyond.

But if you need any further proof that Seyfried has a pretty unique and well thought-out approach to motherhood, then you need only look back to an interview from April 2015. Speaking to Nylon, Seyfried openly discussed some of the complex feelings many women have toward becoming a mom. She said,

And I basically wish I could draw little hearts around that quote for you all, but never mind. (Just know that they’re there.) Seyfried is definitely going to be a cool mom, there’s no doubt about that. But her daughter? She’s going to become next-level cool, or grool, as I believe the kids are calling it these days. Right? Right.

Amanda Seyfried Gives Birth To A Baby Girl & She’s Obviously Going To Be A Cool Mom, Not A Regular Mom – Bustle