Mitt Romney’s secret Twitter account Pierre Delecto revealed

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Pierre Delecto, otherwise known as Mitt Romney, is a Republican senator for Utah US Republican Senator Mitt Romney has revealed he uses a secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto. In an interview with The Atlantic magazine on Sunday, the former presidential candidate admitted he had a “lurker” Twitter […]

Battle of Midway: World War Two Japanese carrier wrecks found

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A Japanese Kaga-class aircraft carrier, similar to the one sunk in the Battle of Midway Deep sea explorers have found two Japanese aircraft carriers that were sunk in battle in World War Two. The carriers were among seven ships that went down in the Battle of Midway, a major […]

Trump abandons plan to host G7 summit at his golf course

Media captionChief of staff announced the plan on Thursday: “That’s not the craziest idea we’ve ever heard” US President Donald Trump has abandoned plans to host next year’s G7 summit at one of his resorts in Florida after bipartisan criticism. In a series of late tweets, Mr Trump said he was reversing the idea because […]

Chile protests: Three dead in supermarket fire as clashes continue

Media captionUnrest sparked by a metro fare hike continues in Santiago Three people have been killed by a fire inside a supermarket in Santiago during a second night of protests in Chile. Two people died at the scene and another died in hospital after the store was looted, Santiago’s regional governor, Karla Rubilar, said. President […]

Turkey and Kurdish forces accuse each other of breaking ceasefire

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Up to 300,000 people are said to have fled the violence in northern Syria Turkey and Syrian Kurdish forces are both accusing each other of violating a temporary ceasefire agreement in northern Syria. The US announced on Thursday it had brokered a five-day pause in fighting to allow Kurdish forces […]

Chile protests: Unrest in Santiago over metro fare increase

Image copyright Reuters A state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital, Santiago, after protests sparked by increased metro ticket prices turned violent. Protesters – many of them high school and university students – jumped turnstiles, attacked several underground stations, started fires and blocked traffic, leaving widespread damage across the city and thousands […]

El Chapo: Mexican police free drug lord’s son as Culiacán battle erupts

Media captionWatch clashes between Mexico’s security forces and drug cartel members Heavy fighting broke out in northern Mexico on Thursday after security forces detained a son of the jailed drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Fighting raged for several hours after Ovidio Guzmán López was found during a routine patrol in the city of Culiacán. […]

Turkey Syria offensive: Trump likens conflict to playground fight

Media captionPresident Trump on Turkish and Kurdish forces: “Sometimes you have to let them fight a little bit” US President Donald Trump has compared the deadly conflict between Turkish forces and Kurds in north-eastern Syria to a fight between children. “Like two kids in a lot, you have got to let them fight and then […]

Dutch farm mystery: Father held as police unpick secret farm ‘sect’

Media captionPolice discovered a hidden room at a remote farmhouse in the Netherlands The 67-year-old father of a family found living in a secret room on an isolated Dutch farm has been arrested. His arrest came hours after an Austrian man who rented the property was remanded in custody. Six grown-up children apparently spent the […]

Nasa astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir in all-women spacewalk

Image copyright NASA Image caption The astronauts getting suited up for the spacewalk Two Nasa astronauts are making the first all-female spacewalk. After suiting up, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir exited the International Space Station’s Quest airlock to replace a failed power control unit. The astronauts will have to venture to one end of the […]