Have Passport, Can’t Travel – The New York Times

You had a return ticket, sure, but return tickets are changeable, and airline agents don’t have crystal balls. Let’s imagine that you fell so hard for Amsterdam’s rijsttafel and canal houses that you decided to stay in town for 90 days: exactly what you’re allowed to do without a visa. After one month and a […]

10 Places to Travel In 2020—Before Everyone Else Does – The Wall Street Journal

Dominica One of the wilder Caribbean islands, Dominica has been working to recover from the devastating storms that swept across it in 2015 and 2017. The rainforest is green again, classic resorts have rebuilt and upgraded, and posh new ones are springing up. Longtime favorite Jungle Bay reopened this summer in a new spot overlooking […]

A guide to the best credit cards for shoulder season travel – Bankrate.com

biletskiy/Shutterstock Summer vacation and holiday getaways are great, but sometimes the best way to score a deal is by taking vacation time during the off-season. “There are two times a year when flights are at their most affordable: the start of the year (January and February) and what is known colloquially as ‘shoulder season’ (September […]

New Jersey megamall adds travel challenges to crowded region – Star Tribune

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The success of the long-delayed American Dream megamall and entertainment complex is tied directly to an existential question residents here face daily: How do you get there from here with the least strain on your wallet and blood pressure? The mall’s official opening on Friday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, just […]

9 Travel Tips That Will Protect Your Mental Health – Self

When Meredith R., 28, prepared to go on her meticulously planned vacation to Paris, she wasn’t thinking too much about her mental health. In fact, she kind of hoped her depression and anxiety would take a vacation of their own while she was living out a lifelong dream. How could I be anything but happy […]

Take A Guess What Holiday Travel Will Cost You This Year – Forbes

If you plan to fly to a destination during the holidays, consider that the average airfare cost for each household is expected to be about $800 for a Thanksgiving trip and more than $1,000 for a December holiday excursion.  Those findings in a new CreditCards.com survey are, of course, just the beginning of the money […]

My parents love to travel. How do I get them to stop? – Grist

Dear Umbra: My parents fly and go on cruises multiple times a year. How do I persuade them to stop enjoying a pastime they feel they’ve earned? — Keep It Domestic? Dear KID, You’re in a position that many adult children of now- or soon-to-be retired parents will find hand-wringingly relatable. As with most aspects […]

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