WPIAL sets football eligibility hearings for sons of Mike Tomlin, Joey Porter – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Players who transferred from Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic, who are relatives of Steelers coaches and a former Steelers player, have had their eligibility settled by the WPIAL.

But the league decided it wants a hearing to determine the eligibility for one of Mike Tomlin’s sons and the son and nephew of Steelers assistant Joey Porter.

The WPIAL board of directors met Monday and reviewed transfer paperwork and reports from Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic on seven athletes who transferred from North Catholic after former Steelers linebacker Jason Gildon was fired as football coach in December. The league’s rulings were:

• The WPIAL will have a hearing May 4 with Michael Tomlin, a sophomore and oldest son of Mike Tomlin who transferred from North Catholic to Shady Side Academy. Tomlin played football at North Catholic, and the league will try to determine if athletic intent was involved in the transfer.

Freshman Mason Tomlin, Michael’s brother, is eligible to compete in football at Shady Side Academy.

“The board made Mason eligible because he did not play football at North Catholic,” WPIAL executive director Tim O’Malley said. “We are bringing Michael Tomlin and two others in for a hearing because the board just has some questions to clear up about the transfer and the timing of the transfer after the coaching change was made.””

• The WPIAL will have hearings May 4 to determine the eligibility of sophomore Joey Porter Jr., son of Steelers assistant Joey Porter, and freshman Amosis Porter, nephew of Joey. Both Porters transferred to North Allegheny. The family lives in the North Allegheny district.

• Sophomore Will Rogers, nephew of Joey Porter, also transferred to North Allegheny and has been granted football eligibility because, O’Malley said, he did not play football at North Catholic.

• Jason Gildon’s sons, freshman Justis and junior King, also transferred to North Allegheny and the WPIAL granted both football eligibility. The Gildons live in North Allegheny’s district.

“The board felt that the circumstances involved were understandable as they related to the Gildons transfer,” O’Malley said.

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