Will Sony’s Long-Gestating Barbie Movie Ever Get Made? – Vanity Fair

Amy Schumer has officially ditched a life in plastic. The actress is exiting the upcoming Barbie movie, according to Variety, due to a scheduling conflict.

“Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to Barbie due to scheduling conflicts,” the actress said in a statement to Variety. “The film has so much promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great partners. I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing Barbie on the big screen.”

Schumer has instead boarded the independent dramedy She Came to Me, starring Steve Carell and Nicole Kidman, Variety reports. The film, written and directed by Rebecca Miller, is about “two intertwining love stories, set in the world of contemporary opera and tug boats.” You know, that classic crossover world.

It was just last December that Schumer was tapped to play Barbie in Sony’s long, long-gestating live-action endeavor to bring the famous Mattel doll to the big screen. The film, which Schumer was also going to rewrite with her sister, Kim Caramele, was supposed to be a modern and unconventional retelling, revolving around a Barbie who realizes she’s the odd one out in a land of flawless dolls. She’s banished from perfectville and journeys out into the real world, only to realize that being different is what makes her special.

The film was reportedly going to start production this summer. It’s set for a June 29, 2018 release date, which Variety reports it must stick to because Mattel is already preparing tie-in merchandise—though high-profile projects featuring internationally-recognized cultural icons have certainly been pushed from their planned release dates before.

“We respect and support Amy’s decision,” a Sony spokesperson told Variety in a statement. “We look forward to bringing Barbie to the world and sharing updates on casting and filmmakers soon.”

Schumer was one of many people ushered in to tweak the project, which Sony began developing it in 2014. The studio has brought on numerous writers to pen scripts for the film, including Jenny Bicks (What a Girl Wants, Sex and the City) and Oscar-winner Diablo Cody. Sony ultimately rejected their approaches, though, instead asking three writers to write brand-new scripts and eventually settling on one by Hilary Winston (Happy Endings). Now, Barbie herself is officially out. Who will Sony try to pull in next?

Will Sony’s Long-Gestating Barbie Movie Ever Get Made? – Vanity Fair