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The Power Rangers movie needed an original score to complement its five teenagers with attitude. Enter Brian Tyler, a composer behind Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, and Thor: The Dark World. His latest motion picture soundtrack, released by Varèse Sarabande Records, doesn’t drop until Friday, but ahead of that comes the debut of the visual soundtrack that highlights some of the film’s musical moments.

“The director and I discussed the musical tone of the score from the script phase of the movie,” Tyler said in a statement. “We wanted it to be evocative, thematic, memorable, and emotional. The sonic palette remained as we planned which was a score played by orchestra, a soundscape of guitars, vintage synths, and drums.”

The visual album features the “Morphing Grid,” “Let’s Ride” (with an orchestral play on the original 1990s TV theme song), and “It’s Morphing Time!,” utilizing footage from Power Rangers as accompaniment.

“The Power Rangers themselves have a central theme that applies to the five of them,” Tyler explained. “I would describe the music as aspirational in that it always reaches for something just out of reach emotionally. It is not blatantly heroic, it is more of a theme of the heart.”

Power Rangers, directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), brings a Chronicle feel to the mighty morphin’ heroes of Angel Grove. Five disparate high schoolers stumble upon power coins that lead them to an alien named Zordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston), who warns of Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and her world-ending plot. To stop her, they learn to wield their newfound abilities, armor, and robotic zords.

The film hits theaters this weekend. See the album art and full track list below.

1. “Power Rangers Theme” (4:21)
2. “Seek Those Who Are Worthy” (2:48)
3. “Zordon Awakes” (2:13)
4. “It’s Morphing Time!” (3:19)
5. “Destiny” (2:18)
6. “Confessions” (4:20)
7. “Megazord” (4:190)
8. “United” (2:456)
9. “Birth Of A Legend” (4:10)
10. “Metamorphosis” (2:39)
11. “Goldar” (2:01)
12. “The Morphing Grid” (3:58)
13. “The Zords” (2:33)
14. “Let’s Ride” (2:19)
15. “You Were Born For This” (2:03)
16. “Reflection” (2:13)
17. “The Lost Ship” (2:59)
18. “Be Who You Want To Be” (2:06)
19. “Hold The Line” (3:36)
20. “This Is What Matters” (2:04)
21. “Trespassing” (1:03)
22. “Rita” (2:28)
23. “Square One” (1:11)
24. “Power On” (2:33)
25. “Together We Stand” (2:19)
26. “The Final Stand” (2:45)
27. “Go Go Power Rangers – End Titles” (2:59)
28. “Give It All,” performed by With You featuring Santigold and Vince Staples (3:14)

Power Rangers visual soundtrack goes behind the mighty morphin’ score – EW.com