Kevin Durant cleared to travel with the Warriors on their upcoming road trip –

It’s been almost three weeks now since Kevin Durant went down with a sprained MCL and bruised tibia against the Washington Wizards, but it appears the Warriors forward is making solid progress on his return. According to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, Durant has been cleared to travel with the team on the road for the first time since his injury. 

While Durant of course has no plans to return to the court during this mini-road trip, it’s still a good sign that the Golden State medical staff has decided that the healing has progressed far enough for Durant to handle the rigors of going on the road. (Yes, the Warriors surely have luxurious travel accommodations, but still, a road trip will put far more stress on his knee than sitting at home and going to the facility for treatment.)


Durant appears to be making good progress with his recovery.

In addition to making enough progress in his recovery to go on the road, it seems Durant has also made enough progress to start taking jumpers again. More from Haynes’ report:

“I’ve watched him today shooting jump shots,” Kerr said before the Warriors’ 117-92 win against Milwaukee on Saturday night. “I’ve watched him go from sitting in a chair shooting to standstill shooting and now jump-shooting, so he’s clearly making progress. It’s great.”

After Durant’s injury, he was due to be re-evaluated in four weeks, which means we should know more about the recovery sat some point next week. While the team certainly has no plans to rush Durant back to action, the fact that he’s traveling with the team and shooting jumpers again are welcome signs for a Warriors team that has been struggling with Durant out of the lineup, going just 5-5 since he went down.

Kevin Durant cleared to travel with the Warriors on their upcoming road trip –

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