How Sasha Accidentally Betrayed Rick On The Walking Dead –

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 follow.

Negan might be smarter than meets the eye. While many fans of The Walking Dead won’t give the villain credit for being capable of doing much more than bashing skulls and killing to show his power, the leader of the Saviors might actually be more slick, smart, and manipulative than we originally suspected.

In Episode 7×15 (Something They Need), the Saviors had caught Sasha and locked her away in the cell which was once reserved for Daryl. After a couple of encounters with Saviors, Eugene, and Negan, one particular conversation set the stage for an explosive Season 7 finale.

Negan approached Sasha and told her that “a little birdie” told him Rick was up to no good. While there are several credible theories about the surprising characters who may have approached Negan regarding Rick’s new plans, the little birdie may have actually been right there in that cell.

If nobody told Negan about Rick’s plans, Sasha just betrayed everybody.

See, Negan went in with the classic “I already know” line. Sasha didn’t deny his claim. Therefore, she indicated his statements were true and Rick was, in fact, guilty of being up to no good. Rather than say Rick is behaving, Sasha asked for a solution which would keep all parties content.

With a preview showing Negan arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, apparently ready for a fight, Sasha might have actually been the one who revealed Rick’s plans.

Other theories suggest Gregory offered the information, either during his inaudible conversation with Simon in Episode 7×14 (The Other Side) or somewhere along the way of deciding it’s time to go to the Sanctuary. Some claim Eugene ratted Rick out having heard Sasha and Rosita’s claims that they’re going to fight. 

Still, neither of those theories seem firm enough to stand. Unless Jadis or another character betrayed Rick, it seems Negan might be quicker and more cunning than some may have been giving him credit for. Sasha might be a good shot but she doesn’t seem to be the best at keeping secrets.

With only one episode remaining in The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, we will see how costly this potential mistake might be on Sunday night. 

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How Sasha Accidentally Betrayed Rick On The Walking Dead –