Ethiopia’s rubbish landslide kills many in Addis Ababa

Media captionPolice and rescuers at the site of the rubbish landslide

Thirty-five people have been killed in a landslide at a vast rubbish dump on the outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, officials say.

They say dozens of people are still missing since the landslide on Saturday night at the Koshe landfill. A resident said 150 people were there at the time.

A number of makeshift houses are now buried under tonnes of waste.

The area has been a dumping ground for Addis Ababa’s rubbish for more than five decades.

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Grieving residents gathered near the site waiting news about their loved ones

Local resident Tebeju Asres told the AP news agency that the family’s house had been swallowed by the landslide.

“My mother and three of my sisters were there when the landslide happened. Now I don’t know the fate of all of them.”

Many people had been scavenging at the site to make a living, and some even resided there permanently.

There are fears that the death toll will rise further.

The authorities have been building Africa’s first waste-to-energy plant near the landfill.

They plan to burn rubbish generated by the capital’s estimated four million people and convert it into electricity.

Ethiopia’s rubbish landslide kills many in Addis Ababa