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It took three weeks and about 30 resumes (kidding .. or am I?), but the Jets finally addressed their quarterback position. 

No, not with their first… second… third… or fourth option for the job, but with soon-to-be 38-year-old Josh McCown. He’ll be thrown into an open competition with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. The best man will start Week 1. 

But does signing McCown mean the Jets are done addressing the position? What should you make of the Jets’ latest signing? Here are a few thoughts: 

I like the signing. No really. I do. Considering what was left on the open market, I feel McCown was the best fit for the Jets. He’s a more talented player than Case Keenum and Matt McGloin, and he’s a better mentor than Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler

The thing most need to realize, and I feel they’re not, is McCown wasn’t the top goal for the Jets. Heck, he wasn’t their second, third or fourth, either. They wanted Mike Glennon, but the Bears compensated him out of the Jets’ price range. They wanted Brian Hoyer, but he chose to reunite with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. They were interested in Tyrod Taylor, but he redid his deal with the Bills. They liked Ryan Mallett, but he returned to the Ravens. 

This is how things panned out. And it’s not the worst thing to happen to the Jets. He can come in, provide some stability, and insurance in case Petty and Hackenberg don’t progress as hoped. 

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I do feel Chase Daniel was a better fit. It seems like the Jets quarterback decision came down to McCown, or Daniel. They had McCown in for a visit over the weekend, then Daniel on Monday. After presumably meeting with both, general manager Mike Maccagnan picked McCown. 

OK. That’s fine. But, in my personal opinion, I thought Daniel was the better fit. Maybe money prevented this from happening? Maybe Daniel wanted a promised starting job? A million things could have lured the Jets away. But the pros of Daniel, in my opinion, are a bit more than McCown. Mostly because of his background.

Daniel spent serious time with Sean Payton in New Orleans (2009-2012) — one of offensive coordinator John Morton’s mentors. He worked in a West Coast offense — Morton is expected to run — in both Kansas City (2013-2015) and Philadelphia (2016).

He played a big, big role in the development of Carson Wentz last year. Both in helping him learn to be a pro, and in day-to-day game planning.

But, Maccagnan felt McCown was a better fit. He’s the GM, and I’m the reporter. So you should trust him … for now (kidding). 

This is going to be a wide-open competition, but… I fully expect McCown to be the Jets’ Week 1 starter. He’s just not going to be handed this job, C.C. Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’ll be a wide-open, 3-man competition in training camp. Whoever plays the best will earn the gig. 

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If that’s Bryce Petty, then it’s Bryce Petty. If it’s Christian Hackenberg, it’s Christian Hackenberg. If it’s McCown, it’s McCown. McCown will likely begin the offseason taking first-team reps, but there’s no guarantee it will end that way.

It doesn’t rule out the Jets draft Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during Maccagnan’s two-year run as the Jets’ GM, it’s no one knows what or how he really feels. Well, maybe his wife Betty, but that’s it. He doesn’t leak things to the media, nor is he an open book during his few press conferences. He’s an incredibly nice guy … but doesn’t say anything. 

So the idea anyone thinks they know how Maccagnan feels about Petty or Hackenberg is silly. Same goes for Watson or Trubisky. Maccagnan, and Maccagnan alone, know his true evaluations of those four. 

And those evaluations will determine what he does in the NFL Draft. 

If Maccagnan falls in love with Trubisky (a private workout is schedule, with a visit expected) or Watson, I could see either being selected at No. 6. Hackenberg or Petty would then be put on the trade block, and the Jets go into 2017 with McCown, Watson/Trubisky, Petty/Hackenberg. If Maccagnan doesn’t fall in love, however, he won’t draft either. 

The truth? No one will know how Maccagnan truly feels until April 27. 


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Does Jets signing Josh McCown rule out Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky? | QB thoughts –