Clemson Football: Black Out Uniform concept released for Tigers – Rubbing The Rock

247 Sports released its latest Black Out uniform concepts for several CFB programs around the country, including Clemson football.

It’s that time of the year again.

It’s the time of the year where we see analysts publishing lists, coming up with incredibly outlandish hot takes and, of course, trying to come up with new uniforms for prominent College Football programs.

247 Sports released its latest uniform concept for several of the top CFB programs around the nation and that included Clemson football.

The concept featured ‘black out’ style uniforms for Clemson, Alabama, Texas and Notre Dame.


Call me a traditionalist, but there a very few uniform combinations that I enjoy when talking about these uniform concepts.

Personally, I like how the Tigers have it set up now under Dabo Swinney. Orange jerseys for home games and white jerseys for away games. The Tigers wear white pants for every game that isn’t a championship or postseason game, and once a year they pull out the purple uniforms to honor our military on Military Appreciation Day.

It’s a simpler life under Dabo when you aren’t seeing outlandish combinations like orange jerseys with purple pants, or something of that nature.

It’s one less distraction because the Clemson football captains aren’t having to worry about uniform combinations. Instead, they’re focused on helping lead the team and keeping guys focused week in and week out.

On a different note, I somewhat like the Alabama look with the blackout. Black is a color that goes better with crimson and white, than with orange and purple. I think Notre Dame could also pull off the blackout look if the Irish so chose to go down that road.

Changing uniforms and having different combinations can be fun, but it’s just not something that I see Clemson football doing. Instead, the Tigers are focused on having a classic look and winning football games.

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