Life as an obstetrician in a war zone

In Aleppo, Syria, Doctor Farida – an obstetrician and gynaecologist – faces a daily battle to deliver babies amid war. In a video diary for the BBC, she performs an emergency caesarean section, partly during one of the city’s many power blackouts. Life as an obstetrician in a war zone

Fireworks light up Rio sky as 2016 Games end

The first Olympic Games to be hosted in a South American country have ended in Rio De Janeiro. At the closing ceremony, Brazil passed the Olympic baton to Japan, whose capital Tokyo will stage the Summer Games of 2020. The BBC’s Tim Allman reports. Fireworks light up Rio sky as 2016 Games end

The church no one may enter

A Ukrainian village church has had its doors locked for the past two years because of a community dispute over the right to worship there. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have also fuelled divisions in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which split into a Moscow-led branch and a Kiev-led branch when Ukraine originally gained independence in […]

Crocodiles let loose in Australian school by vandals

Vandals set three saltwater crocodiles loose in an Australian school office on Sunday. CCTV footage shows the crocodiles being pushed through a broken window at Taminmin College, located in the Northern Territory town of Humpty Doo. A gang of masked intruders then vandalises the office. Wildlife rangers who captured the reptiles said they were in […]

A public proposal that went wrong

Huang Yang asked her girlfriend Wang Xiaoyu to marry her at a graduation ceremony at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China. Same-sex marriage is not recognised in China and soon after the proposal, Xiaoyu was questioned by the University’s party secretary. “Last year, the University held a group wedding ceremony for 50 graduates and […]

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