Germany votes for 50m euro social media fines

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook risks large fines unless its community managers handle extremist content quickly enough Social media companies in Germany face fines of up to 50m euros ($57.1; £43.9m) if they fail to remove “obviously illegal” content in time. From October, Facebook, YouTube, and other sites with more that two million […]

Facebook drone in successful test flight

Image copyright Facebook Image caption The drone flew at an altitude of 3,000ft, much lower than Facebook eventually wants its fleet to fly Facebook has completed a second test of a solar-powered drone designed to bring internet access to remote parts of the world. The drone – dubbed Aquila – flew for one hour and […]

UK PlayStation Network fans using PayPal have their accounts suspended by Sony

UK PlayStation Network fans using PayPal have their accounts suspended by Sony

PlayStation Network (PSN) users in the UK who’ve paid via PayPal have had their accounts suspended. Some users received an automatic refund for purchases they made with the US money transfer service. But their accounts have been automatically suspended because Sony hasn’t received the money – which means they can’t play online. Affected members in […]

Caversham florists besieged with calls in phone scam

Media captionShop manager Denika Potter said some of those ringing her business had been abusive A family-run florist says it is being besieged with up to 120 calls a day in a phone cloning scam. Fraudsters posing as TalkTalk workers have switched their caller ID – the incoming number which appears on mobile phone screens […]

Citizens Advice warning over ‘phantom goods’ scams

Image copyright Getty Images A rising number of people are being caught out by “phantom goods” scams – when items are bought online but are never delivered, Citizens Advice says. Cars, flights, furniture and insurance are among the goods and services which buyers think they are getting at a bargain, but which do not exist. […]

Cyber-attack was about data and not money, say experts

Image copyright PashaIgnatov Image caption Companies and organisations in Ukraine were hit hard by the Petya variant The Petya malware variant that hit businesses around the world may not have been an attempt to make money, suspect security experts. The malicious program demanded a payment to unlock files it scrambled on infected machines. However, a […]

The one law of robotics: Humans must flourish

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Could robots harm humans? The science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote about controlling intelligent machines with the three laws of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm A robot must obey orders given to it by human […]

Ocado trials driverless delivery van in London

Media captionOcado tests driverless deliveries in London Ocado has shown off a prototype driverless van designed to deliver goods at short distances. The vehicle, a cross between a small milk float and a large tuk-tuk, spent two weeks completing autonomous loops of a two-mile (3km) semi-pedestrianised area of Greenwich, south-east London. The electric CargoPod has […]

Future Energy: LA crystals turn cars into energy source

Future Energy: LA crystals turn cars into energy source

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Los Angeles is a city designed for cars and gridlock is a growing issue but can California turn traffic into good vibrations? Los Angeles is the car capital of the world with traffic a part of daily conversation as people estimate how many hours they will be stuck in […]

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