Robot giant FX-2 is ridden by human pilots

A South Korean start-up has unveiled a huge robot designed to make humans stronger and more mobile. The machine is the work of Rainbow Robotics, a spin-off from South Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Kaist)’s robotics lab. Robot giant FX-2 is ridden by human pilots

Video games: How big is industry’s racial diversity problem?

Media captionWATCH: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is one game to feature a black woman protagonist When Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was released this year, it gained a lot of attention – not because it is the latest instalment for a popular franchise, it stood out for another reason. The game was set in India, had […]

UK homes to get faster broadband by 2020

Image copyright Getty Images Homes and businesses will have a legal right to demand high-speed broadband by 2020, the government has said. It has promised that the whole of the UK will have access to speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020. BT, which is responsible for the infrastructure, had previously offered to carry […]

Elon Musk accidentally tweets his private phone number

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Instead of getting Mr Musk, callers hear a message from the videogame God of War Energy and transport entrepreneur Elon Musk accidentally tweeted his private phone number to his 16.7 million followers on Tuesday. The Telsa and SpaceX CEO divulged the number in what was meant to be a […]

Mobile phone and broadband services need ‘radical improvement’

Mobile phone and broadband services need ‘radical improvement’

The head of the National Infrastructure Commission has called for urgent action to tackle poor mobile phone coverage. Lord Adonis has written to the telecoms regulator Ofcom urging it to take action to deal with the issue. It follows a report that one million homes have poor broadband and large parts of the UK have […]

Nikon v Kodak: 360 cameras go head-to-head

Nikon’s KeyMission 360 and Kodak’s 4KVR360 cameras have been put to the test by the BBC Click team. But which one came out on top? See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick. Nikon v Kodak: 360 cameras go head-to-head

Bitcoin trading starts on the huge CME exchange

Image copyright Getty Images Bitcoin has moved another step towards mainstream investing with the start of trading on the huge Chicago Mercantile Exchange financial futures market. It comes as the value of the digital currency approached $20,000 on Sunday, before drifting below $19,000. Last week, Chicago’s CBOE exchange began Bitcoin futures trading – bets on […]

Million Britons miss out on ‘decent’ broadband speeds

Image copyright AFP Image caption Decent broadband can be hard to find in some rural areas, said Ofcom The UK’s digital divide has narrowed but more than one million homes and offices still struggle to get good broadband, says an Ofcom report. The Connected Nations report found that about 4% of properties cannot get a […]

Vodafone offers thousands early contract exit

Vodafone offers thousands early contract exit

Image copyright Getty Images Thousands of Vodafone customers will be able to end their contracts early after the UK’s communications regulator raised concerns over new charges. In April, Vodafone introduced new international roaming charges for 60 countries outside the European Union, and told customers via text message. Ofcom said it had “intervened” because it had […]

Schools warned over hackable heating systems

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Concerns have been raised that hackers could attack schools’ heating systems during a cold spell Dozens of British schools’ heating systems have been found to be vulnerable to hackers, according to a probe by a security research firm. Pen Test Partners says the problem was caused by the equipment’s […]

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