Malaysia Airlines to track planes with satellites

Image copyright EPA Malaysia Airlines has become the first carrier to sign up to a new satellite flight tracking system for its fleet. It comes three years after its MH370 flight bound for Beijing disappeared with 239 people on board. Using a soon-to-be-launched satellite network, the airline will be able to monitor its planes in […]

Zuckerberg addresses ‘Facebook killing’

Media captionWATCH: ‘Our hearts go out to the family’ Facebook’s chief has paid his respects to the family of a man whose killing was filmed and posted onto its site. “Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Robert Godwin Sr,” said Mark Zuckerberg near the start of Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference. […]

Google Earth adds Attenborough world tours

Google has refreshed its Earth app and website, adding detailed 3D imagery and new “tours” that give people a guided look at exotic locations. The search giant said it had spent two years developing the new version of the app, which features video content from the BBC and other partners. Google Earth adds Attenborough world […]

Find My iPhone crowd catches Coachella festival ‘thief’

Image copyright Indio Police Image caption More than 100 iPhones were discovered after the search More than 100 iPhones have been found in a single backpack after people at the Coachella music festival in California tracked their missing handsets, local police have said. Revellers had used the Find My iPhone app, which shows the location […]

iRobot sues Hoover and Black & Decker over robo-vacuums

Image copyright iRobot Image caption iRobot says several of the patented technologies used in its Roomba range have been copied without permission Robotic vacuums specialist iRobot is suing Hoover and Black & Decker among others over claims they used its technologies without permission. The Massachusetts-based company cites a variety of patents in its legal filings, […]

E-sports to become a medal event in 2022 Asian Games

Image copyright Yuya Shino/Getty Images E-sports will be included in the official sporting programme of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) said it wanted to reflect “the rapid development and popularity of this new form of sports participation”. Competitive video gaming will also feature as a demonstration sport […]

Mega-constellation satellites will need ‘rapid disposal’

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: The aim is to avoid certain orbits from becoming unusable in the future The operators of proposed satellite mega-constellations can greatly mitigate the risk of future collisions by rapidly de-orbiting their spacecraft at the end of service. On the other hand, doing only the bare minimum required by international […]

Internet pioneer Robert Taylor dies

Image copyright Gardner Campbell/Wikipedia Image caption Robert Taylor helped bring about the creation of the internet One of the founding fathers of the internet, Robert Taylor, has died. While working at the Pentagon in the 1960s, he instigated the creation of Arpanet – a computer network that initially linked together four US research centres, and […]

Google takes Android search blow in Russia

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Google has struck a deal in Russia but is still fighting its case in the EU Google has promised to allow rivals’ search engines and apps to be pre-installed on phones running its versions of Android in Russia. The concession follows an out-of-court deal with the country’s competition watchdog. […]

Microsoft patched ‘NSA hack’ Windows flaws before leak

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The leaks indicate the Swift bank transfer messaging system was compromised via third-party services Microsoft says it had already fixed software flaws linked to an alleged breach of the global banking system before they were exposed last week. On Friday, a group called the Shadow Brokers published details of […]