Scientists solve century-old mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls – CTV News

It’s a mystery that has baffled scientists for more than a century; how salty, blood-red water is able to ooze out from a million-year-old glacier in a region known for its freezing temperatures. When explorer and geoscientist Griffith Taylor discovered a 54-kilometre long glacier in Antarctica that released a deep red liquid in 1911, he […]

Here’s How to Make Bricks Out of Mars Soil (Maybe) – Popular Mechanics

With governments and businesses alike looking towards Martian travel, they’re looking to keep costs as low as people. This means it would be ideal to bring up no construction equipment at all and 3D print everything you need on the planet. Homes are already being built though 3D printing here on Earth, after all. But […]

First Americans claim sparks controversy – BBC News

Image copyright San Diego Natural History Museum Image caption Purported stone tools can be seen alongside broken mastodon bones at the excavation site near San Diego A study that claims humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago – much earlier than previously suggested – has run into controversy. Humans are thought to have arrived in […]

‘Giant Hurricane’ on Saturn: 1st Images Back from Cassini’s Epic Ring Dive –

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft dove between Saturn and its rings yesterday (April 26), snapping the closest-ever views of Saturn’s atmosphere. The raw images, which began to stream back early this morning, indicating the probe had survived its journey, show intricate structures and a dark, swirling storm-like feature (which NASA called a “giant hurricane”). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space […]