‘I was suicidal and the NHS didn’t know what to do’

‘I was suicidal and the NHS didn’t know what to do’

Image caption Sherry is now back home with her family and making plans for the future It was the ninth time in the space of 10 days that Sherry Denness had tried to kill herself. “It felt like checkmate – there were no open doors or other ways for my life to turn, I just […]

Hawking: Did he change views on disability?

Image copyright Getty Images Stephen Hawking was both one of the world’s most famous scientists and most famous disabled people. His life was a juxtaposition of sparkling intellect and failing body. Prof Hawking was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease when he was 22. The nerves that controlled his muscles were failing […]

Thousands more women with heavy periods to be offered test

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Around a quarter of women of reproductive age are affected by heavy bleeding Women with heavy periods should be offered a hysteroscopy to find out the cause, says new guidance from health officials. This could lead to 10,000 more women in England having the test, which examines the […]

Women missing from breast implant register

Image copyright SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY About one in three NHS clinics and one in four private ones offering breast implant surgery in England have not submitted any patient data to a national safety registry. NHS Digital set up the service in 2016 after the PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) breast implants scandal. Poor record-keeping […]

First steps taken for vaccine pills

Image copyright Getty Images UK scientists have taken the first steps towards creating new vaccine treatments in pill form. The Cardiff team has made a prototype oral flu vaccine, which unlike standard inoculations does not need to be stored in a fridge or freezer. They hope it could pave the way for needle-free inoculations for […]

Chinese takeaway can bust your salt allowance

Image copyright Getty Images Chinese takeaway meals from restaurants and supermarkets should carry health warnings because they are often high in salt, a campaign group says. Action on Salt analysed more than 150 dishes and found some contained half an adult’s recommended 6g (0.2oz) daily allowance of salt. Main courses, such as beef in black […]

NHS homeopathy ending in London

NHS homeopathy ending in London

Image copyright Getty Images A major centre of homeopathy will no longer be able to spend NHS money on the controversial practice. The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine – formerly the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital – will stop providing NHS-funded homeopathic remedies in April. Homeopathy is based on the idea that “like cures like”, […]

Mesh surgeon removed ovaries without prior consent

A surgeon under NHS investigation removed a patient’s ovaries without prior consent as they were “in the way”. Tony Dixon helped to pioneer the use of mesh in bowel surgery to fix prolapses and relieve constipation. Lucinda Methuen Campbell, who recently died, said she had not consented to the removal before the operation in 2014. […]

Girls’ guide to what a ‘normal’ vulva looks like

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Teenage girls are being directed to a new online reference tool that helps them check if their vulva looks normal. Available on the sexual health charity Brook website, the resource gives visual examples and advice on how female genitals change in puberty. The health experts who designed it say they […]

Minimum alcohol price law’s first stage debated by AMs

Media captionAlcohol Concern Cymru director Andrew Misell says the alcohol price law will tackle “cheap, strong alcohol” A decision on whether a plan to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol should go to the next stage is to be made by politicians in Wales later. AMs will debate the proposal which has been suggested as a […]

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