Dyslexia link to eye spots confusing brain, say scientists

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption People with dyslexia have difficulty learning to read, write or spell French scientists say they may have found a potential cause of dyslexia which could be treatable, hidden in tiny cells in the human eye. In a small study they found that most dyslexics had dominant round spots […]

Hospital targets missed en masse as performance slumps

Image copyright stockvisual The performance of hospitals across the UK has slumped with targets for cancer, A&E and planned operations now being missed en masse, BBC research shows. Nationally England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not hit one of their three key targets for 18 months. Only Scotland has had any success in the past […]

Pre-sex HIV drug ‘no-brainer" for NHS

Image copyright Getty Images A drug to dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection during sex would save the UK around £1bn over the next 80 years, say scientists. The team at University College London says Prep, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a “no-brainer” for the NHS. The study predicts that giving Prep to men who […]

‘Go to the dentist and get fined £100’

Image caption Charlotte Waite says it is distressing when so many wrong fines are being issued Going to the dentist is something that many would want to avoid – but how about if you also faced a penalty fine? More than 40,000 people a year in England are getting fines of £100 – from an […]

Drug therapy ‘restores breathing’ after spinal injury

Image copyright Science Photo Library A drug-based therapy appears to restore breathing in rats paralysed from the neck down by a spinal injury, according to scientists. They hope their “exciting but early” findings could ultimately help free patients from ventilators. The pioneering work, in Cell Reports, suggests the brain may not be needed for respiration […]

Concern over norovirus increase by Betsi Cadwaladr health board

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Norovirus costs the UK economy £15m every year, Bangor University researchers say The largest health board in Wales is urging people to be alert to the symptoms of norovirus, amid concerns over a rise in cases this year. Last November, a major outbreak of the winter vomiting bug hit […]

Restaurant chain ‘cut sugary drink sales’ with price rise

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption 10p or 3% was added to the price of sugar-sweetened drinks and healthier soft drinks were added to the menu An increase in the price of sugary drinks in restaurants and the offer of healthier alternatives could encourage customers to cut back on sugar, a study suggests. In Jamie’s […]

Hip implant patients sue manufacturer

Image copyright Getty Images Hundreds of people who received allegedly faulty hip replacements are suing the manufacturer at the High Court. The hearing is thought to be one of the largest product liability group actions ever heard in the UK. DePuy denies that its metal-on-metal implants were defective and caused some patients to need more […]

Hospitals in England to ban ‘super-size’ chocolate bars

Image copyright Alamy “Super-sized” chocolate bars are to be banished from hospital shops, canteens and vending machines, NHS England says. Sweets and chocolate sold in hospitals should be 250 calories or under, the head of the body says. Under the plans, most “grab bags” will be banned – with hospitals given a cash boost for […]

Why I secretly taped my disability assessment

Image caption Nev Cartwright has been left with complications including chronic infections and emphysema. Every month 60,000 ill and disabled people have their needs assessed for benefits. Some are so worried about the process that they are using mobile phones to secretly record those interviews, critics say. But using that evidence to overturn a decision […]

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