General election 2017: Council housing increase promised by Tories

Image copyright PA The Conservatives are promising a “new generation” of social housing will be built in England if they win the general election. They say they would make it easier for councils to purchase derelict land for new rented housing projects. Their plans involve offering “fixed term” council houses to be sold off after […]

NHS ‘dangerously short of nurses’

Image copyright Science Photo Library The NHS in England is drastically short of the nurses it needs, with 40,000 posts unfilled, figures suggest. The total is double what it was in 2013 – and means one in nine positions is now vacant, according to the analysis by the Royal College of Nursing. The union said […]

General election 2017: ‘Robin Hood tax’ on City pledged by Labour

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There has been a long-running campaign to introduce a so-called Robin Hood tax around the world Labour says it would raise billions of pounds for public services with a new tax on financial transactions – known as a “Robin Hood” tax. The party said extending the way shares were […]

Gordon Brown accuses Tories of ‘waging war against poor’

Image copyright PA Theresa May is “waging a war against the poor” and risks leaving the country more divided than at any time in 50 years, former PM Gordon Brown has said. Addressing Labour activists in Fife, he said poverty levels were set to eclipse those last seen in the early 1990s. He acknowledged the […]

NHS ‘robust’ after cyber-attack

Media captionHome Secretary Amber Rudd said most of the NHS was now “working normally” A total of 48 NHS trusts were hit by Friday’s cyber-attack, of which all but six are now back to normal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said. Speaking after an emergency Cobra meeting, Ms Rudd said “there’s always more” that could […]

Decriminalise prostitution, Green Party urges

Image copyright PA The Green Party of England and Wales says it would decriminalise the sale and purchase of sex as part of its manifesto for women. It said the measure, following UN and Amnesty International recommendations, would keep sex workers safe. It is also promising to end asylum detention, starting with the release of […]

General Election 2017: Watson warns of ‘Thatcher-style landslide’

Image caption Tom Watson says the Labour Party has a “mountain to climb” Labour’s deputy leader has warned of a “Margaret Thatcher-style landslide” for the Conservatives if his party fails to turn around current poll numbers. Tom Watson said Labour had a “mountain to climb” to catch up with the Tories before 8 June’s vote. […]

General election 2017: Tory plan to let young erase online past

Image copyright Thinkstock The Conservatives say they want to give people the power to demand social media companies delete any embarrassing content they posted as children. The party has promised to introduce “new protections against internet harms” if they win the election. It wants to work with social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter […]

General election 2017: Corbyn says task is to keep Britain safe

Image copyright PA Image caption The Labour leader said the UN must have a pivotal role in conflict prevention and resolution Jeremy Corbyn has said he will appoint a minister for peace if he wins power, but insisted he was “not a pacifist”. Speaking in London, the Labour leader said he would “reshape” relationships with […]

General election 2017: May says she won’t duck challenges

Image copyright PA Theresa May has said the Conservative manifesto will “not duck” the challenges ahead from Brexit and the “trade-offs” that may be required. Speaking in Tyne and Wear, she said a vote for any other party was “too big a risk to take” as she appealed to Labour voters to put faith in […]

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