Budget is out of touch, says Jeremy Corbyn

Media captionJeremy Corbyn attacks the government over Budget ‘complacency’

The government’s Budget is one of “utter complacency” about the state of the UK economy, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The Labour leader said the budget was “entirely out of touch with reality” of life for millions and did not address the “crisis” facing public services.

He said there were millions of workers who knew their next pay packet would not be enough.

But Chancellor Philip Hammond said the UK economy “continued to confound the commentators with robust growth”.

Mr Corbyn said: “This budget has done nothing to tackle low pay… and nothing to make a fair economy that truly works for everyone.”

“It is built on unfairness,” he said.

Mr Corbyn accused the government of “cutting living standards for the many and raising taxes for the few”, and he calculated there would be a £70bn tax giveaway for “those who need it the least”.

As an example, he said that instead of using £10m to set up a children’s funeral fund, the government was cutting support for bereaved families.

He said there was a “crisis in job security” and “many people don’t know if they will be working day to day”, criticising the chancellor for failing to ban zero hour contracts.

Budget is out of touch, says Jeremy Corbyn}