Angels’ Torii Hunter Jr.: ‘I’m not crazy enough’ to play football after concussion –

Those who keep up with college football are probably aware that Torii Hunter Jr. left Notre Dame last winter in order to follow his father’s footsteps and pursue baseball with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim organization.

If not, here’s what Hunter Jr.
tweeted at the time of his decision

What Hunter Jr. left out of there is the fact he suffered a concussion last September — a pretty bad one, after which he said:

“It was my first one that I’ve told them about, or that they’ve known about, that I’ve actually lost consciousness and all that,” Hunter said. “So, yeah, it was my first one that I’ve experienced. It was a real experience, but I’m glad to be back.”

As reckless and wild as that quote seems — “the first one that I’ve told them about” — it appears Hunter Jr. is taking a different stance toward concussions and playing football. Take a look at what he told Pedro Moura over the weekend, as he was prepping for his first exposure to big-league camp:

Smart man. 

On a related note, here’s what Hunter Jr. (and his father) had to say after his first big-league spring appearance, in which he pinch-ran for Mike Trout:

Say this much about Hunter Jr. — between Hunter Sr. and Trout, he’s in close contact with some great center fielders.