10 FATTEST People In The World

Top 10 fattest people in the world
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Description: From the world’s fattest and heaviest woman and man to the fattest and heaviest child in the world, we countdown the top 10 fattest people in the world. Terri Smith from Ohio is one of the fattest women to ever exist. She is 700 pounds and is unable to stand, roll, or even move without the help of someone else. Her husband, Myron and her daughter, Najah have to do everything for her. She was recently told by doctors that she had to loose a lot of weight, or she could die. Dzhambik Khatokhov from Russia is the world’s fattest child. Doctors are incredibly concerned for his well-being, however Dzhambik and his mother Neyla don’t share the doctor’s concern. His mother says that he is just growing and that there is nothing she can do. Dzhambik sees his weight as a good thing as he wishes to be an olympic champion at weightlifting and feels his weight could give him a competitive edge. Kenneth Brumley from Houston, Texas is one of the heaviest ever recorded. He rose to fame after having a British documentary based around him called “The Half Ton Dad”. He weighs over 1000 pounds and his a father of 4 kids. He weighs almost 350 pounds. Unlike some of the other people on this list, Donna Simpson from Ohio actually wants to be the heaviest woman in the world. She started her mission to reach 1000 pounds in 2008 and set up a website where people would pay her to eat. She spent over 750 dollars per day on food that was funded by people on her website. The site was a success and she reached her goal of 1000 pounds by 2010. This 31 year old woman from Texas is one of the world’s fattest women, weighing over 1000 pounds. In 2008, her weight actually killed. She was helping her daughter Jaime babysit a 2 year old boy from Texas, who was killed when Mayra fell on him by accident. The court suspected that the death was intentional and caused by Mayra striking the child. However, Mayra’s defence was able to prove that this would be impossible, as her arm is so heavy, she is unable to lift it. Robert Earl Hughes was the heaviest human being ever when he was alive. He was a mind-blowing 1070 pounds at his peak weight. He used his massive size as a means of income, appearing at carnivals and fairs throughout America. He died from uraemia in his home of Illinois at just 34 years of age. This man from New York is one of the heaviest people in the world. After reaching a peak weight of 910 pounds, he decided to hire diet and exercise coach Richard Simmons. After 19 months he was reduced from almost 1000 pounds to just 200 pounds with the help of Richard. He now holds the record for having the highest recorded weight loss without surgery. Manuel Uribe is known as one of the fattest people ever recorded in Mexico. He weighs a staggering 1320 pounds and has been bed-ridden since 2001. Jon Brower Minnoch from Washington weighed more than 1400 pounds when he was alive. His weight was mostly fluids as he suffered from edema. Jon was so heavy that it took 13 people to roll him over in bed. Paul Mason from England used to be England’s heaviest man. His weight was 980 pounds, but has since dropped to 560 pounds after gastric band surgery. Prior to the surgery he would eat 20 thousand calories per day which is 10 times the average.

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